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(upbeat music) – My nickname as a kid was Beetle. One hive became two, two became five, and yeah, the rest, as
they say, is history. I’m Benedict, I’m the Practical Beekeeper. My love of gardening was how
I started as a beekeeper, and it was really great, I
could grow a few things well, but I just could never grow pumpkins. They need pollinators so that it’s fertilized and sets fruit. One of the problems we
have, unfortunately, for all of these pollinators, including the European honey bee, is the threats from climate change, pest and disease, pesticide
use and herbicide use and of course habitat loss. So, yeah, the world needs
lots of backyard beekeepers. – The very first time I
opened my bees on my own was a very strong mix of
excitement and terror. – The first time we
got honey from our bees was really exciting,
’cause it’s really yummy. – If somebody said to me,
they’re gonna get some bees, I’d absolutely encourage ’em to do it, it’s one of the most rewarding
experiences you can have. – I was interested in becoming a bit more directly involved with
the production of food and the environment,
and that seemed like a accessible way to do it
in a suburban backyard. – They gave us the bumper crop of olives. – Yes, and cherries, we had
giant cherries that year. – End of the day, I’d go
down and look at my bees, and the stress would just melt away, working on the hive and working the bees. – Bees are a pretty direct line to the humming organism in your backyard that is supporting your local ecology. – So, one time when we
had bees and they swarmed, but we rang Benedict
up, and we got to put on these suits and go and touch them, and it was all okay. – You feel a lot stronger
in what you’re doing if you’ve got a little bit
of a course behind you, to get you going, and you’ve got mentors and you’ve got other beekeepers around you that can help you be a better beekeeper. – So if you’re not sure about being a backyard beekeeper, we can teach you, we’ve got all the gear,
we’ve got all the skills, and we’ll be running workshops. And it’s so important
for our food security and our local food production
to have backyard beekeepers. – [All] We love bees.

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