Polymer Clay “Beetle Wing” Earrings

so I thought I’d show a little video on beetle wing earrings I’ve been playing
around with the chameleon powders from Born Pretty and the holographic powders
also these ones are not from Born Pretty but they’re in the nail section
and I bought them all on Amazon. and so the powder I’m going to be working with
is the one from Born Pretty is GRB 20 and the holographic one came in a set of
8 and I just kind of tested them all out on a little piece of black clay and this
one has a bit of blue so just to get you a little history a lot of people are
playing with these holographic and and chameleon nail powders and they’re
amazing on black clay whether it’s Premo or Kato or Souffle, they’re just
gorgeous, so I think they looked like beetles and so I’ve been doing a lot of
beetle pots and stuff like that. and I love beetle wing jewelry and if you get
a chance to Google it, it’s amazing! now, this is not as realistic as real beetle
wing jewelry, but you know what so I just cut some little football shape – flame
shape or whatever, and it was rather time consuming to do them all. I did some in a
matte sort of finish. I ran it through my pasta machine with a green
sponge material – foam material, and some I left plain. and put them all on jump
rings and assembled them in the necklace and I wear this necklace all the time – I
love it and did the earrings again just a bunch
of the little disks but I thought I’d try to make this a little more realistic
like real beetle wing jewelry and then if you get a chance, Google Images for
beetle wing jewelry, and it’s it’s quite amazing .so this is what I came up with,
and I just love it it’s gorgeous! you can do it with pearl X
I haven’t found a nice green, the true blue is is beautiful so that works quite
well. my green is a spring green, and so it’s not as vibrant I don’t know if they
make an emerald green, if they do, that would be the green to pick. but this one
is done with the pearl X but the holographic ones are are just amazing. so
I’ve ran out or – on my pasta machine I’ve run a piece of this is souffle, you
could use Premo, you could use Kato, Fimo doesn’t matter any of them will work. you
need a strong clay. and I baked -when I finished them I baked them for hour and
a half. so that’s about half an hour longer than I normally baked them. and I
do tend to do that when I’m doing really really thin pieces like these ones, were
baked the same for an hour and a half and I did that because I don’t want them
to break. so as you can see, you know you can just kind of squeeze that in half, if
you want to and it’s not going to break. so that longer baking actually makes
things stronger. so that that was the intent. so for these I’m just going to
just freehand the shape. so I’m going to start off with a little bit of a curve
on the top, and you’re going to want either a round dish to bake on, or you could
bake on a cardboard. and also when I did these I did both sides because they
will flip around quite a bit and I wanted them to look nice whichever way
they fell so I’m just gonna freehand a shape and
maybe make it a little smaller than you want it to be, because it’s going to grow so for earrings I’m thinking I had done
eight but it really was too much, and I took took two off. I think three is
plenty but you can do whatever you want you can make earrings out of this, you
can make a necklace. It would look lovely on a big open weave chain so it’s just kind of a teardrop shape I
just flattened a bit on the top and my clay – this is souffle igloo, not
igloo sorry it’s poppyseed, and it’s on a three which is probably about a one
millimeter in size. so what have you got there we need one more, I’ll just freehand one
more and you’ll be able to adjust the shape and everything of it. so I’m going to
just take one put it on the glass so it will little stick in place a little bit
better, and just adjust the shape a wee bit and I’ll clean it up more when I put it
on the glass. so the next thing I’m gonna do is start with my powders. so I’ve got
my holographic color in the blue, and it’s impossible to tell what
colors these are, – the holographic ones the chameleon ones are a little easier
to tell, but these they all look like white powder, so that’s why you’re going
to want to mark them in some way. I just stuck a piece of raw clay on this with
black on it and it’s been on for probably a week there doesn’t seem to be
any reaction with this plastic, I would imagine with this one there would
be, but at the top it seems to be made out of a different kind of plastic. but
you know I just took a chance on that. but that works really well. so I’m just
gonna take a little bit on my finger and I want that blue on the edges, move it
across the top and then I’ll do the same with the green, which I have very little
left of, but I’ve got more on order because this is my favorite color. it’s
green with under certain lights there’s a purple in it, but it’s a gorgeous green.
I’m gonna have a look in pearl X and see if they have like an emerald green the
green that I have is just not really good. so just blend that out a little bit
you can use your fingers you could use a brush whatever, and then I take a
toothbrush put those guys away so they don’t break and just lightly drag over the
surface so it gives you some little striations and really adds to the realism
of it. then I’ll pick this up now, this will be the underside and I’m gonna put
it on my bowl. now because it’s got mica powder on it, it’s not gonna want to
stick. so you sort of have to encourage it a little bit. I’m really hot today so
it’s gonna it’s going to be interesting getting it on but you can use a piece of paper just sort
of pat it down, pat down those edges – that will help, so as you can see for the
curve that I wanted in here I’m putting them around the the widest part of this
bowl running in this direction. if you run them this way you’ll get much more
of a cup on it and I didn’t want that, I just wanted a convex sort of shape. so
now you can adjust the shape of them and keep it in mind, it’s an organic
shape, so it doesn’t have to be precise. okay we’ll leave that like that, and I’m
gonna put some powder on that now, so again, I’ll start with the blue on the
sides see my focus here here we go a little bit across the top, get some green
on there and then when you’re happy with the
color just brush very lightly over over the surface and if you have anything you
need to clean up, you can use your rubber tool. okay and then you’re going to make
six just like that another five so well I’ll stop this so probably fast-forward
this because it’s pretty much self-explanatory and I will be back okay so I’m back I have I have seven of
these actually on here, but just because I always like to make a little one extra in case something goes wrong with one of
them, and that’s how many fit on here. so now I’m going to put a hole in there. so
I’ve got one of these Bootlace Ferrule, I buy these on Ebay, they’re electrical connectors type things, and I’m just going to remove a little hole I like to do about three of them before I
clean it out, just use one of my etch and pearl, for – to do that little job so if it doesn’t come out, sometimes I
find if I do another one and that one comes out then I can come back and
pull that one out too okay so that’s the holes, so now I’m
going to bake this in the oven. I’m going to start with a cold oven and I want it
to reach 275 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the temperature for Souffle, and I’m
going to put a baking tin over top of there, to keep it from scorching or
anything like that. and bake it for an hour and a half. so and then I’m gonna
let it cool in the oven, because you don’t want to shock the glass. and then
when it’s cool, I’ll be back and we’ll assemble these little earrings, and
we’ll be done this project. so I’ll see you later so here they are out of the oven and
it’s cooled down quite a bit I took a minute to spray them with
preserve your memories ( PYMII) -preserve your memory spray, just a quick spray on the
top surface. I didn’t spray the underside of these ones
but, boy I’ll tell you, that’s baked in really really good. so I’m not concerned
about it it coming off at all. so in my estimation I don’t think it’s really
necessary. but anyways, these should just pop right off now I sprayed the Preserve your Memories
(PYMII) right over the the jar so I’m gonna take a scrubby afterwards and clean that up okay so here they are and yeah that
that’s on there pretty good if you got any rough edges now would be good time
to file them off or scrape them off or whatever you feel like you need to do
these are not bad. but okay so let’s just assemble them. so I’ve got some jump
rings, I’ve got little tiny five millimeter ones and these ones are seven
millimeters. and I’ve got some – just some chain, and the way I put these on, I took
a section of chain that was three links long, and added a little wing to it and
one that was 2 links long, and one that was one link long, and I kind of liked
that look. so we’ll we’ll do the same thing on this one. so the first piece with the
three links I’ll just cut that with my flush cutters, and open up the jump ring so I’ve got two pairs of chain nose
pliers so that I can twist it to the side to open it. you need to open
it fairly wide to get it through that hole, but it’s a good-sized hole so
it’s not not too too bad. then I’ll put the link of the chain on, and close this again – turn in it to the side jiggle it
back and forth a little bit – makes it work harden a bit. so ideally, though
that’s okay, so that’s the long one – I should have done these in pairs first, okay so that one will match that, these
will match these, okay -so that’s not too bad. so my next one will be two links,so
I’ll cut just above the second link, and another jump ring put through one of the links I’ll just
assemble one pair the other pair is exactly the same and then the last one will have only one
link so I’m gonna take this, cut one off and open up another jump ring take one of the smaller ones and the
single link and then I’m going to open up one more
jump ring and start to assemble so I’m going to put the the longest link on
first, and then the one with the two links next making sure that they’re going to lay
one on top of the other, and then the single link they’re all laying on top of the each
other and then I’ll close that jump ring now to orient these correctly so that all the flat areas are in front of of your face, let’s make sure – I
got that one on there right okay, then you need to add another little jump ring
so that’s where I’m going to use a little five millimeter one and close
that and then I could have left it open and
just add my ear finding to it but I like to- sort of open up the loop on the
finding itself. I’ll pick up the earring make sure that everything is laying the
way I want it to be, so I know that that’s the front, slide the little jump
ring on from the back, and close it up. let’s make sure that all lines up nicely.
so they’ll move around quite a bit, which is why you want to do the backs. and so
I’ll just make sure that’s all arranged the way it’s supposed to be. and that’s
your beetle wing earrings. they’re really really pretty. it is a bit of pain
in the butt to get them to stick to your jar, you could use other domed surfaces,
but this gave me the best result. you know with a little bit
of a concave shape, and everything, so it’s quite worth it. so anyways I
hope you enjoyed that, and if you get your hands on some of this Born Pretty
Chameleon powders- and it comes in lots of different colors, you’ll love it, you’ll
just absolutely love it! and I’ll see you next time, bye

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