Protect-A-Bed Premium Mattress Protector

A mattress is an expensive investment, and
it’s certainly something you don’t want to replace often. That’s why it’s important
to outfit your mattress with the best protection possible. This is the Protect-A-Bed Premium
Mattress Protector, and it provides a protective shield between your mattress and any potential
stains, microbes, bed bugs, or allergens. The Premium Mattress Protector is made from
a waterproof, yet breathable fabric that covers your mattress without disrupting its feel
or comfort. It keeps bacteria and dust mites from breeding in your mattress, so it can
also help to prevent and treat allergies. It’s also super absorbent and stain resistant,
which makes it a great choice for sleepers battling incontinence. Also, since it is machine
washable, it’s easy to care for and keep fresh. Whether you’re looking for protection
from spills or potential allergens, the Protect-A-Bed Premium Mattress Protector is a great item
to include in your bedding ensemble. We hope this video was helpful. If you have any questions,
feel free to leave us a comment or give us a call at 1-800-455-1052.

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