PUCH Road Bike Restoration

Hello and welcome to another bike, and another restoration One thing that I love doing with these is finding out the history behind the company of these bikes themselves. But before we do that, what i generally always say if you are not a Subscriber to the channel then please click on Subscribe it is completely free of charge or why not visit the website at bikeituk.club and on there you will find lots of maintenance hints and tips and also some vintage road bike brochures to hopefully help you a long in your own road bike restoration PUCH well who are they? Well I did not know to much about this company I should of done, because it goes back to 1890 would you believe it When a gentleman called Johann Puch formed the company employing just thirty staff sending Bicycles over to England and also France Within five years the guy was employing three hundred people and was producing six thousand bicycles a year Unfortunately he did have a dispute with his partners he then left the company and went on to produce mopeds and the company plant carried on with the Puch name. The company went from strength to strength and per annum was producing sixteen thousand Bicycles Three hundred Mopeds and also Motor cars as well at this stage. So yes this company was growing fast and this was all pre war. During the war like most engineering company’s they then went on to produce arms and also military vehicles for the army which happened a lot. They then gained experience with that and after the war started producing luxury cars for America. and some of you may remember this that in the 1970’s produced the Puch BMX’s in the thousands they’re was lots of BMX’s sold in America maybe you had one yourself leave a comment below if you did, or if you remember any of that so yes the company itself is massive and produced a lot of things on wheels basically Still producing bicycles to this day unfortunately they do not produce any Road Bikes Which brings us nicely on to our Bike here, because this bike was around 1990 I noticed the Bike itself because I thought it was quiet an interesting Bike I have always thought of these Puch Road Bikes being low end It looked a nice Bike, and it also looked a lightweight Bike just on the drop outs here it had no Mudguard eyelets or anything like that so I thought that that looks a nice Bike and also because of the Group set itself I put this on Social media and a lot of people and had it on good authority sometime around the 1990’s Bianchi made Bike’s for Puch. so on here it says Designed by Puch it does not say made by. So this may of been a bicycle made by Bianchi which makes it an interesting Bike indeed. The Group set is the Shimano RX100 err yes its a, is it all original? I’m not to sure up here we have Raleigh Handle Bars we have also got a white bar stem so I think I am going to be looking at changing that the seat it self needs changing that is not original and yes the Bike itself is in pretty good order apart prom a nice rusty chain here and we have all this sticky tape on this back fork, so what we are going to do and as we generally always do we always strip these Bikes down what are we waiting for lets Crack On and get this Bike stripped down Music right brilliant we there is the bike all stripped down it was not any problem at all Just a bit of corrosion here on this bottom bracket the sealed bottom bracket itself does need replacing so we will get on line and order one of them not sure what is going on with this rear stay here, it had a lot of black tape on it and there is some white tape to still go at as well. I have also noticed a little sticker on here which says Made in Italy So Who Knows lets get a move on start cleaning the frame up and start cleaning all of these parts They are down in the box and as I generally always say put them in a box which is a safe place and put all the nuts back on as you take them apart so lets get a move on with that Music Well there is the frame all cleaned up and I am happy with how it has turned out we have used the same process that we always do with these frames a video is available for you to watch in more detail if you are interested basiclly we clean the frame up using a T-Cut solution to rub it down to get rid of any scratches and then we use a K-Rust solution which eats away at any rust itself you should be able to by this stuff from any automobile shop and then I have used an Enamel paint just to touch up any areas to clean the frame up itself if you remember down here this was covered in tape I removed the tape it was fantastic no rust at all so very happy indeed with that and we have also put a chrome sticker chain guard on there so it just finishes it off nice and yes I am very excited at this stage, I would encourage anyone one to get involved if you are doing your first restoration as long as you take your time on these bikes are completely different things compared to a new road bike very simple indeed as long as you take your time take some photographs along the way if you have to, but yes very rewarding indeed. I have bought a couple of items that I wanted to share with you one was the bottom bracket Just a tip on if you are new to restoring bikes to replace them you need to take two measurements one is from the bottom cup of the frame itself the widths of this up on the frame that is your first measurement and the second one is the spindle itself so we have a brand new bottom bracket the other one was very rusty indeed I have a couple of nice new hoods these were all completely worn and white very hard to get white ones back so i have a couple of brand new hoods and we have got a couple of new toe straps, white, just to match the white on the frame some gum wall tyres we always get them and its always a pleasure to clean these wheels up so we have a couple of gum wall tyres there and we have the handle bars all ready to go, so I am going to start taping them up so what are we waiting for….lets Crack-On Music Brilliant well we have arrived, and if you watch these videos you will know this is my favourite part of the restoration this is where you see all of your hard work come together and the bike built back up As we do we have all the parts on the side there, very exciting indeed I have installed the bottom bracket, so that is already to go and if you noticed when I was doing the handle bars, we have replaced the white hoods for black ones and the reason for that is I have got a Black Rolls Saddle so just to tie the handle bars in we have got a nice Rolls saddle Nice fluted saddle and we have changed the handle bars as well, handle bars were white if you remember I did have some alloy handle bars and I think they will go a lot better and tie in with the seat post it self we have put toe straps on ready, and I have also got a replacement bolt here for this seat post clamp if you remember is was a quick release one, so I have just got a standard one that looks a lot more in keeping with how the bike was probably sent out in the first place So yes very exciting indeed, the chain I have a new chain there as well so what I have done is copy the exact length of the old one it was a very rust chain if you remember I just put that on the side copied the exact length and got that all ready to go it just helps a lot with the build itself so what are we waiting for lets get this bike built back together Music Well, what a result compared to when the bike first came in it was it full of rust it now looks like a clean mean racing machine white bar tape and its got the black hoods I really do feel like they compliment this Rolls Saddle and you can not go wrong with one of them it really does look like a really great bike to ride hang around for that because that is coming Gum wall Tyres and and as I said before we generally finish these builds off with a water bottle I have managed to locate one and I feel as though it will compliment this bike completely it is a Cobra one and very in keeping with the age period the colour scheme looks really good, so yes lets pop it in and have a look Fantastic! Brilliant well the Sun is out lets get this Bike out and Try it Out Music Well what a result this has been I thought Puch Bikes was a cheap road Bike how mistaken am I this really rides like any other, if not better! I am really happy that we have brought it back to life We have changed so many things it is running like a new Bike to be Honest we have a new bottom bracket a new chain New tyres all the cables and yes it just looks fantastic and I am really happy that the water bottle matched up as well I hope that this video gives you the inspiration to do that old bike up or to find the Bike that kick started it all off if you enjoy watching the videos then please Subscribe other than that then thanks for watching Bye for Now!

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64 thoughts on “PUCH Road Bike Restoration

  1. Really a nice Bike.
    I like old streetracer and old mtb's. I've got a old Puch Storm with a really nice Oria Frame .
    There are some old bikes in my collection from old companys ( paciclo cycles, peugeot, Teich und many more).
    I like Like the chanal 😉👍
    Best Wishes and support from germany

  2. i be looking at the creme echo doppio looks a nice bike and fillet brazed lugged not made in china one draw back no reynolds or columbus badge on it

  3. Nice did you find out what tubing was used ? That period in time when those fade in two or three colour paint jobs were all the rage for a few seasons… Not sure the purple and white is the best combo . Still could be collectable . ! 🙂

  4. A funny I've been calling it phooo (Poo) for years. I notice you put a tasty campag seatpost instead of the original nice touch. Thanks for the vid.

  5. Great to see another restoration Andy…. got me motivated to restore the one I've purchased about 6 months ago at a garage sale … best regards from US

  6. I love your videos, you are a master of restoration. Can I ask you if you drive a vintage or modern bike in everyday life?

  7. Love the second life you give the bikes. I'm a huge vintage fan. I have a mint '85 Miyata 310 I recued from ebay and slowly and respectfully restomoding it. Keep it up!

  8. Glad to see a new restoration! Do you have any knowledge regarding Giubilato? It is my current resto/daily rider.

  9. I had a Bianchi Rekord 905 that had the same ”made in italy” sticker around the bottom bracket area. It was made of oria tubing, the early models used columbus cromor also. I think it was a entry level road bike, not the lightest but still a nice bike. The lugs of this puch also look’s very similar, so could indeed be a ”bianchi”. One thing on the one I had was the seat tube diameter was something odd, like 28mm.

    Great video!

  10. Good to see you back! great job as always 🙂 Is it just me or is the upper and lower HT race mismatched? or maybe I missed something ^^"

  11. Huge thanks for all the supporting comments, please share and give it a thumbs up it really does help! If you have any ideas for future videos let me know? Happy peddling all the best Andy

  12. GCN started using your “Crack On” catch phrase. While I’m sure it’s a local colloquialism, you may want to TM that s*** and get them to pay you royalties.

  13. Hi Andy, great to see another exciting restoration video, loved the intro and history part of it as usual, i personally had never heard or the brand name. the frame looked real good as was agree w.you on that but it looks so much better after the clean up only that made it look 50% better the new components and tape just complemented it all in a wonderful way, great job as usual thank you for tha passion you show while telling us about the process it;s just inspiring man 🙂 all the best !!

  14. do you paint the frame with a brush? what kind of paint do you use? and isn't that paint being washed off?

  15. Happy to see a new vid from you, keep meaning to restore my 85 Trek 560 but i spend too much time riding it 😁

  16. I'm jealous. I love bicycle restoration projects. I enjoy watching your videos; they're the best. Bike nerds unite!!!

  17. Andy, great video as always. Tend to do the same thing over here in the states, though I’m wondering if I need to get you a Boston Red Sox hat! One question for you…after you take the bikes apart…how do you know how much to torque the old bolts to make sure everything is up to snuff to make these vintage rides safe? It always something I try to figure out depending on the mfr…and wonder how you do it? Thanks again, awesome transformation!

  18. Spot on job mate, the gummies on ambrosio with a victory trumphe seatpost and Rolls. This is almost the setup on my daily commuter awesome!

  19. I have same one but on Columbus tubing and with 105 components. It is fantastic fast bike. I use it for daily commute.

  20. You inspired me to buy and restore an old ciöcc road bike. It needed minimal work: new chain, new 105 5500 deraileur (previous owner had a 7 speed mtb one on it), and 105 5500 cranks (ones on it were sora and the octalink splines were worn out so I did some digging and found matching crankset for the rest of the groupset minus the brakes and shift levers which are both ultegra.

    My parents have been telling at me the entire way "why are you spending so much on a piece of (censored)" it was less than 100 so far that I've spent not including the bike. And it is about to be so worth it.

    Now I have to just have to get some rust remover and matching enamel paint. Even with her rust and chips, she is a beauty

  21. In the mid eighties when I was about 8 I received a Puch Clipper 5spd road bike as a Christmas present. It had steel wheels, full length steel mudguards and steel handlebars. As a result it was a bit of a heavyweight! My mates all had 10 or 12spd lightweight Peugeots with alloy wheels and cool looking short mudguards although these were pretty useless in the wet! My Puch was purchased new from Plungington cycles n Preston for about £80 I think. My dad paid cash so the owner threw in a frame pump I'd been eying up. A few years later we went back there and bought a Diamond Back Topanga mountain bike with 21 indexed gears! Sadly the shop along with several others in Preston closed a few years later when bike superstore Charnock Richard cycles opened and had their annoying advert on local radio station RockFM playing every 10 mins!

  22. I bought a Puch Mistral frameset new in 1990. I still have it. It has Columbus SLX tubes, forks & stays. I built it up with a Campagnolo Original Chorus Groupset and 32 spoke Mavic MA40 wheels built with DT spokes. The bars and stem are Cinelli and the saddle is a Rolls. The bike is still beautiful and still rides like a dream.

  23. Great work and nice video Andy
    I see when you were installing the new bottom bracket that there seemed to be some paint chips around the bottom bracket and near the place on the rear chainstay where you installed the silver sticker. I was under the impression that you normally went around and touched up things like this.

  24. When I was 10 back in 1975 I got a puch pathfinder bike in blue with shiny silver mudguardd it was full size adult bike so i grew into it.unfortunstely early one morning cyvled into the back of a parked ford cortina and ended on the boot with bikes forks bent i did straighten them and rode it up to age of 16 when me and a mate cycled 50 miles camped over night and then cycled home my one and only cycling holiday.

    didn't realise weren't too many about. Can't remember much about it buto know I was chuffed with it

  25. My first full road bike was a Puch, wanted a Raleigh chopper but my dad wouldn't let me have one. That was 47 years ago. My first bike was a a Raleigh Rocket with rod brakes.

  26. Major problems with restoring bikes for more money than a new better bike off Aliexpress. Names dont matter in the cycling world no matter how nostalgic they are. Its all there from chrome moly to titanium. Even Chinese groupsets are better than what was. If you want something old then go ahead, but if you want something good then Aliexpress is loaded. Austrians or any other European country didnt manufacture bikes like the Chinese are in 2019 in terms of quality.

  27. I've got one about 5 years older than this one, my first road bike a few years ago, it wasn't long before I upgraded to a lighter and faster steed but the PUCH will always have a special place in my garage!

  28. Ooh, that's another good one!
    Last christmas, i bought one to my girlfriend, but in petrol color (green-blue metal) to match her eyes. She's a Bianchi fan, but the small size via nirone geometry was too sporty for her, sold it, bougth a very much fitting Trek Lexa, but still dreaming about the Celeste legend. Then i got this beauty… I acted like i buy it for myself, she didn't know a bit about Puch history (some KTM Stradale models made by Bianchi too, if you're interested, or these Puch Mistrals were made by Colombus SLX tubesets too, that's nowhere near entry level), so imagine the level of shock when i started to talk about the bike… Long stroy short, she finally owns a Bianchi and absolutely loves it.
    Keep up the great work you do! Cheers, Drew

  29. Where you been? Great video m8 been looking forward to a other restoration video had been watching all the old videos to get my fix lol Well done love the bike

  30. I had the exact same made in Italy sticker on an old Bianchi frame. So unless other Italian brands used the same sticker, this might indeed be a Bianchi in disguise.

  31. In the late 70's when i was a teenager, the bike to have was the Puch Free Spirit in ten speed, centre pull Weinmann brakes were the 'must have'…

  32. Your videos inspired me to totally restore my Falcon team banana replica. I owned it from new and used it for many years until I got a top spec Peugeot. I then gave the banana away . Two years back I started to look on eBay for a team banana to restore. One day the guy I gave my original banana too came into my place of work. To my amazement he still owned it. I purchased it back from him and have spent the last two years restoring it to as new condition. Used it a few times now and it's not much slower then my modern carbon bike I daily use now. Thank you for posting amazing videos and please keep them coming.

  33. Thanks for yet another fab video!
    The bike looked great after the Tender Loving Care you gave it. The historical details, too, were interesting. I shall check out Puch on Wikipedia.
    Congratulations also on your speculation about the manufacturer possibly being Bianchi: the "Made in Italy" text seemed to confirm your hunch.

  34. Handle bar tape should start with the ends of the bars and work towards the stem. If you don't do this when you are riding on the tops holding the corners you hands will rub the tape off and it will pucker up

  35. Nice work. I've restored a few bikes in the past few years, and it's a thrill to complete and ride. Keep those lovely steel bikes rolling.KB

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