Queenie continues to terrorize in El Cuerpo | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Are you all ready? No offense, Captain… but are we capable of
killing Queenie? Jessie has a point, Captain. We can’t beat Queenie. We can’t beat all
those leech people. Maybe we can defeat
them if we had guns. We don’t stand a chance
with these sticks. What should we do? We have to find a boat
and go to Manila. Why Manila? Let’s go to the
nearest province and ask for help from
the police and the military. He’s right. Fine.
Let’s go to the pier. Hopefully, we can find
a boat there. – Let’s go!
– Go! Melba, how are you?
What happened? A leech went
inside her body, but Doc and Jessie managed
to remove the leeches before she could become
a leech person. You’re telling me we can save
everyone who was infected? Yes, Uncle. I’m glad you’re safe. Thank you, Warren. Melba, it’s time for you
to take your medicine. I’ll get it for you. Okay, TJ. There might be food here. Okay, scout the area. Let’s go! Take everything
we can use. – Food!
– Here! It looks like other
people got here first. I think someone
was injured here. There’s nobody here. The victim is probably
already a leech person. We have to end this. Uncle Warren, Melba was saved,
but TJ’s father wasn’t so lucky. Why? Did he turn into
a leech person? Yes, and someone
killed him. I’m sorry for your loss. What was your
father’s name? Badong. Badong? I know him.
His name is Badong. I hope you can convince
Queenie to help us so we can remove
all those leeches. He’s right. Too many people
have been injured or killed. Comrades! Comrades!
There’s a body here! Mom? Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Kino, we’re sorry
for your loss. Your mother was
a good woman. That queen leech is evil! I’ll do anything to kill her!
I’ll do anything… for my mother. – Sir Warren!
– Sir! – Please help us
– We’re begging you. – Please save us.
– Please help us. – Help us.
– We need your help, sir. – Have mercy on us.
– Please, sir. Please help us. Hurry. We need to get
to the port. Infect everyone that
we encounter along the way. What I want is a boat that has a small room inside that has a small room inside where I can rest. It’s a long journey. I don’t want to get exhausted. When we arrive at Manila, we will continue infecting
people. We’ll turn everyone into
leech people. We will multiply. No one can stop the plans
of the queen.

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29 thoughts on “Queenie continues to terrorize in El Cuerpo | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

  1. nakakatawa to. yung ibang tao ilang seconds lng nahahawaan na agad pero si melba inabot na ng mahabang oras di padin naging taong linta at naoperahan pa nga.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Isang kacornihan na naman …. bwesit yan. Walang class. Pag nakita ko yan sa manila subong ko kay yorme. Yari yan

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