Queenie tries to remove the golden parasite out of her body | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

The evil is among us. Be careful. What did you say? Earthquake.
The earth opened up. The queen crawled out.
In the river. It’s inside the queen. – An earthquake!
– [CHANDELIER SHAKING] Cover your head! – You swam here?
– Just her. This is a great place to swim.
The water is so nice. Momshie, what are we doing here?
Are we looking for drugs? Anti-illegal drugs operations
are still ongoing. No, I’m looking for laxatives.
Help me find some. Laxatives? Why?
Are you constipated? No, I need to push out
the golden leech! Just find some, okay?! Okay, fine. Momshie, I found
some laxatives! That’s a lot. Momshie, wait! Are you
trying to kill yourself?! Princess is still young!
She can’t lose her mother! And how about me?!
I’ll lose my job and my BFF! I beg you! What will
happen to me now?! Why are you trying to
kill yourself, Momshie?! I’m not killing myself! I have
to push out the golden leech! Oh, okay. Momshie?! Momshie! What’s wrong, Auntie?!
What’s happening? She’s been going to
the toilet all day, but this time she still
hasn’t come out, and she’s not responding! – Mommy?!
– Momshie! Hey, what’s happening?! Uncle Jessie, Mommy’s in here
and she’s not responding! What?! – Queenie?!
– Momshie! Mommy! Move aside. – Momshie?! Momshie!
– Queenie! – Queenie!
– Mommy! Mommy, what’s wrong?! Momshie? Uncle Jessie, please
save my mom. Please! [METAL CLANKING] [ENGINE STARTS UP] Nice! We finally fixed
the two boats, Dad. Yeah, but we still need
to add more fuel. We can finally
leave this island. Will she be okay, Doctor? Yes, Jessie. We just have to
continue her rehydration. Anyway, I already ordered
for the fluids. Thank you, Doctor. Get well soon, Queenie. I’m sure you’re aware
of our situation. We’re running out of
food and medicine. Thank you, Doctor. I’ll be going now. Okay, Doctor. Queenie. What happened? It’s nothing serious.
I was just dehydrated a bit, but I’m okay now. By the way, I just got back from
the lake with Miggy and TJ. We fixed the boats
we’ll need to escape. Get well soon. You’ll need the energy
to come with us. Thank you. Anyway, I’ll get going. Mommy, you really
made me worried. You went too far, Momshie.
You used up all the laxatives. What were the laxatives for? I’m feeling weak again.
I’m really hungry. Mommy, I’ll get you some food. Thanks, dear. so we need to go
on a supply run. Take care. You and your big mouth! I’m sorry, Momshie! Did you manage to
get that thing out? I don’t know,
but I definitely pushed out everything in my stomach. But I’m not sure
if I got it out.

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28 thoughts on “Queenie tries to remove the golden parasite out of her body | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

  1. Pumatay ka ng baka o Kaya kalabaw tapos yung dugo non ilagay mo sa planggana don mag swimming swimming ka para maamoy nung linta lumabas😜😜😜😝😝

  2. Thank you direk, for granting my request na purgahin si Queenie. Isali si Queenie sa Kadenang Ginto kasi nasa kanya ang BULATENG GINTO!

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