Rail Rider – Minecraft Map Trailer

Rail Rider, A creation by WhoAteMyButter An Adventure-Platformer, Like no other! With 9 stages… It’s sure to give you endless entertainment! Navigate your cart… Through 23 levels! Traverse from either 3 lanes… Or to five! Try not to tumble into the traps though… Take care in avoiding them! Get all of the advancements! Try to reach the last one! Decorate yourself… With a multitude of customizations! Hats! Particles! Themes! Or reset it all… RAIL RIDER. AVAILABLE NOW.
Get it today, at: https://whoatemybutter.privatedns.org/downloads/railrider

Or, read the PMC page: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/1-12-2-rail-rider-a-map-by-whoatemybutter/

Or, read the MCMaps page: http://www.minecraftmaps.com/adventure-maps/rail-rider

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6 thoughts on “Rail Rider – Minecraft Map Trailer

  1. The v1.1 update is out! https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/1-12-2-rail-rider-a-map-by-whoatemybutter/
    Added Options
    Changed Atomic Age Pipes
    Improved Control Scheme (Now changeable in options if you liked the old one)
    Added sign in Hats Room
    Fixed the ROAR! advancement not being granted
    Fixed the ZOOM! advancement not being granted
    Added two more advancements, to join the ROAR! advancement
    Fixed compression not working on some Windows applications
    Fixed credits saying a wrong filename

  2. That map is incredible man! I really enjoyed it but you can hack the last part. If you get levitation and get to the Golden building you're gonna miss the barier and you can jump all the way down to the chest and the end of the level

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