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oh my god awful hi guys I’m are and today we are going to be recreating cardi B’s Instagram and I would create at Kim Kardashian’s Instagram and there you guys asked me for a whole bunch of different people you want me to recreate their Instagram but cardi B was by far the winner and I was so excited about that because I feel like I know my girl cardi so it was just like so much fun for me to do this but hey guys if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give a big thumbs up and of course subscribe to my channel by clicking down there don’t forget to also tap that little notification bell to join Clark I post new videos every Tuesday and Friday sooo definitely will be subscribed to you don’t miss out and in the new video awesome but I guess I really want to show you how the pictures came out so let’s get started okay so when I thought about recreating cardi B’s Instagram I went on her Instagram I was so confused over Instagram currently is a whole bunch of videos there’s not only a lot of pictures of her so I don’t really know what happened because I remember seeing Instagram pictures of her before so wasn’t Carney what happened she deleted her whole Instagram so I actually had to take to my friend Google to find some of her old Instagram pictures that were floating around the interweb somewhere I actually didn’t find too many I did points them and let me tell you guys cardi these Instagram it might look like it’s easy I mean I feel like her pictures just looked like very chill they don’t look Posey at all because they are like very relaxed they really don’t look like their photo shoots that she did for Instagram which to me seems really cool because from the other videos that I’ve done which was like Kylie I also did Kim I feel like they kind of produced or Instagram a little bit more as to where cardi’s it just felt like a little bit more relatable to me was just like that’s what I do I mean if I’m going somewhere I’ll get a picture but it’s not like I’m just gonna dress up to get Instagram pictures good sense I don’t do that so honestly I thought the pictures were gonna be easier but very very not easy at all just because she’s like so cool and I feel like I’m not really cool at all I just don’t have the same vibes she does she just looks like so fun and that really reflects on her pictures and also the places where she shot her pictures always look like a really nice house and very traditional so when I did like Kim’s I feel like she does like more clean spaces so you can kind of get away with getting the pictures I get close to like a white wall or something like that but with cardi you could tell she was like a nice half house and you’re like oh my god like I don’t have that so for this video I just decided to accept that I’m like okay I’m just gonna be like cardi on the budget I just decided I was gonna be Marty B because I kind of want to be the car D but I could never and I’m the bad version that canceling it all so yeah we’re gonna be doing that and for these pictures that we did I felt that we had to rate them and I always write them from 1 to 10 but for these pictures since it’s car D whenever I feel like I think of cardi I always think oh so we’re gonna be rating them from 1 to okay okay so for the first picture it’s this picture where she’s just kind of like showing off her engagement ring I was like okay I’ll just like use my engagement ring and then I realized oh my god the size of cardies rings it’s crazy her ring is so freakin huge you guys so for sure I was like okay I’m the budget version a hundred percent but I start looking for an outfit and I felt like I found the dress that was good enough like I know I just did my makeup I tried to do it a little bit heavier than usual because I feel like cardi wears a heavy makeup she also wears like really big lashes but honestly guys I really I don’t feel like wearing fake lashes right now it’s super early in the morning still also I’m just like I don’t know it doesn’t feel like a time for fake lashes so I’m just like wearing this I need to change out of my PJs and step into some cardi clothes although I have to check because the clothes I have might be like similar to hers but not exactly like hers because she were some really cool clothes that I don’t exactly faux all right I’m trying to find my cardi dress and that dress is really classy I mean I feel like the cut is kind of similar but it’s not like metallic but I think it’s still cute I mean I’m like the low-budget version of cardi we’re gonna try to get this picture okay guys we’re gonna try we’re gonna try to make this work so I found the dress I found the ring and honestly you guys this ring was delicious sokar you thank you you guys this is her ring and I put like my wedding ring on I was just like okay let me practice no I have ring animals and bees the word because I actually really like my ring I think it’s super cute but it does not look even remotely similar to her ring so I have a solution BAM is here to save the day I feel like this will be more inside okay I feel like this is actually smaller than cardis diamond when you got Kansas mmm strawberry yummy so was I had the ring we could shoot and I don’t even know where this picture was shot to me and looks like she’s about to go on a show or a TV show somewhere and looks like she’s about to go on stage and of course I’m not gonna go on stage I don’t even know where I could go to find the stage so we just shot it in my bathroom and pretended alright sites about embarrassment of a ring that you gave me off I have a better video you have a good one now she was like oh you look better really yes I think cardi wasn’t gonna show or something she was look at it Jimmy Fallon I don’t know where she was it looked like a TV set this is my bathroom there’s our TV set there’s the curtain here it’s not black but there’s a curtain cardies boobs aren’t actually out I don’t know why I thought they were out and your ring is much better my ring is so much better than hers I mean sorry cardi you you can Marty van Mart Marty we won I think she was kind of talking in this picture I mean Marty B is on a budget okay I just think my ring wins so it’s okay being on the budget for the rest of everything whoa I mean to be honest with you guys I feel like the picture turned out like not okay like oh you know it was good it’s obviously not exactly the same but I think it was pretty good I look it was pretty okay the ring season it was a very good race so for the next picture I think Artie was just like at a shoot or something because she had a ring like right behind her but still she was lit looks so beautifully and she was wearing this denim jacket it was super cute and she was just like on her foam but I think she was like talking and there’s something I realized like on all of her pictures it kind of just looks like she’s talking it feels like she just like was kind of caught off guard she doesn’t look like she’s posing and she always look like so cute pretty and just blood I really liked it I mean I love cardi Elif or personality and I feel like her pictures really reflect that but for this picture I mean her hair is like so beautiful and amazing it has so much volume you could tell it’s been like done and it’s done so well and my hair is like oh gosh no it’s a mess so I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to get the hair but he tried to get everything else so I was like okay I got the denim jacket I wasn’t sure which jacket to wear okay guys so for this I have two options either a jacket that has like those little pearls on it or a denim jacket that doesn’t have pearls on it which one should I go for I think the denim jacket oh the denim I was gonna go with the other one all right so we’re going with the denim jacket I do always have issues with I guess like my limbs I don’t know I have like really long limbs which sounds so strange to you guys but that’s not to be true so my jacket didn’t fit me the whole way through but I feel like that was in the most important part of it I’m gonna sit here kind of kardea I’m gonna stick my hair inside the jacket so it kind of looks like a bomb if she has a bob in this picture okay so we had the whole setup here the illusory house like my arms I feel like Hardy’s jacket fits her like the whole way through but I always thought this prom with jackets and it’s like I’m missing pretty much like honestly I think it like a little bit weird because she’s like back way out of the picture but yes I know what we’re working with here and cardies just like holding her phone but okay look at the picture I feel like her phone looks a little bit conformed in that picture I’m pretty sure there’s like some facetune happening there I don’t know what she did to the picture but the phone looks like a little bit it looks like stretched out in the weirdest way I don’t know cardi I don’t know what’s going on there I’m gonna try to call it girl out or anything because I love my girl cardi I’m just saying the phone looked weird so for this picture we kind of just used the light I used to shoot and I don’t have a ring like actually you stammering like four years but I’m sure I felt like we wasn’t doing anything for me so I just got rid of it but I was pretty nervous because I felt like the way it was lit was gonna be a little bit weird so we used flash for it and I just got all these pictures on my iPhone and I was actually really surprised I felt like it turned out good I was like wow this happened just with the flage I think it turned out like okay I wish I had hair like my hair is really sad okay like a look into the side looks very good yeah yeah I just I literally look like my here’s what I need carnies hair person to come and help me I was like wow yeah the video yeah I really liked it again I feel of course not 100% because I’m not like a shoe my hair but here’s the only part that I’m like I really wish I could have Corey he’s here right now but stuff I feel like okay okay so for this next picture I actually love the outfit the cardi is wearing I would have never thought to wear like long camel from head to toe so when I saw her wearing I was like oh I have camel Panta I have a camel jacket so it’ll be perfect like I can actually recreate this picture and she was standing in a bathroom so I was like okay I have a bathroom I can still have like that bathroom I mean look at it you guys seriously I mean I feel like whenever you see a picture on the gurney never like really look at in the detail but I was looking at that bathroom like whoa that’s like a fancy bathroom it looks really big look at that shower house like a little glove those things that you could just move around I don’t kind of have all that I mean I just have like a regular shower so we just shot in my bathroom that used to be TV set or stage or whatever was where she shot that picture was her big gigantic rigging and I put on the camel I changed in my lipstick I changed my lipstick so many times that day well that day is today so I’ve changed it already a million times could actually just put this Clairol on just because I liked it it’s um lady balls with two big stars alright I just changed it to my full-on camo outfit I had you really like this I’m trying to close up my buttons here in this picture you can really see cardi it’s like eye makeup so I feel like this is good I just have to get a really like light pink lip ironically I feel like the nicki minaj matt collab is the perfect color for this though sorry cardi starting the key i know there’s some beef there but this perfect her picture card is like sleek black hair I think cardi wears wigs I’m pretty sure she wears wigs because her hair also changed so much throughout all these pictures just like her lipstick and it changed like the length and volume and everything I have like a bit of a curl down here and I actually like my hair curly like this so I didn’t want Flatiron it just for the picture so I was like okay I’m just gonna leave it after this by I’m gonna try and like do the same post that she’s doing alright so we have transformed our studio into a bathroom look magic guys okay so we put like a little bath mat that kind of looks like or her fancy bathroom I told you guys we’re on the budget here so her hair’s also really straight and -9 straight today but so we got the picture with the pose and actually I love this picture I think it’s a great pose I haven’t already gotten a picture like that with that angle that she was doing we had a little bit of technical difficulties because I feel like it was hard to get the picture from like high up because I’m like Paul and I think car D is not asked all at least from what I could tell from the pictures but I’m not really sure so I feel like I always have that problem but yeah a picture from really high up just not stepping on though oh she’s not stepping on the thing yeah but her bathrooms way bigger her I’m like not in frame anymore good thing in this guy’s I feel she’s a whole lot shorter than I am you always have this problem every time oh you know every every time when we did Kylie we have this modeling thing Kim we have this problem and now look are you you’re having this problem again oh oh yeah I’m good looks just like it looks like we said it wrong I think it’s you know where I meant you know where I’ll be Marty B but this one I pictured turned out like I’m really happy I feel like again it’s not exactly the same just because the backgrounds were so hard to get honestly if you could have gotten me to go to a house that looked just like Hardee’s it would have been so much easier for me and that you guys will be able to see in the next picture but I really love this picture just because I’ve never done the picture it didn’t like that one I think it made your makeup look cute that’s actually the picture I based my makeup that I’m wearing off from I really like that pink lipstick especially appear with a camel I just like that whole look of that whole vibe it was really happy with so that what am I talking to give it oh yeah we’re sure like I have one they go yeah anyway for my next picture guys oh my god just thinking of this picture makes me ache and be mad inside and I hate it and they bake my kitchen and cardis kitchen as well so cardis our adult pictures her outfit was really in to me it was something that I would never really wear she was wearing like a bustier I think that’s what it’s called with jeans and it was like burgundy color and then she was wearing burgundy boobs and her hair was short and it was like really lots of volume and she was wearing also like burgundy lives it looks so good on her and I was like oh I’m gonna try that out but I really didn’t have a top exactly like that one so I was like okay I’m just gonna get a similar top but what I found was like a similar color I didn’t find a similar cut all right guys this is like the only top I had similar to like that color and material of cardis see what I’m saying look at the sleeves I wear those like around the holiday time and I paired it with jeans I’m wearing fashion no bomb you know cuz that fashionable fit I don’t know I always feel like it when I think of fashion away I think of card evening it’s like yes she did like it was one out with fashion it was everywhere but she’s also wearing like this burgundy lip colors this is looking vampy you guys mmm I like it it’s cute I think it’s cute but I still thought it would work but it was lost leave I’m right now it’s summer you guys and that was the worst decision of my life it was awful I struggled through it so much I suffered it was so bad so also cardis picture was shot in her kitchen and cardies kitchen is beautiful I mean it’s really big I think her fridge basically my fridge is half the size of her fridge all right guys so this is our kitchen literally nothing like cardis kitchen what we have a fridge and cardi has a fridge that’s like twice the size but this what we got to work with a little Oh myself and it’s also I feel like the vibe of my kitchen is a little bit more like modern it’s like all white and hers is more Brown so it was completely different but I was like okay I also actually bought burgundy boots just for this cuz I really felt like the boots and made that outfit like it pulled it all together so I was like this is necessary okay we gotta do this right so I actually bought these boots just for this video because I didn’t have any like wine colored boots I feel like these are cute I I don’t know I would usually not wear them but I feel like this would go with this outfit my little booties I mean I think it’s similar enough the outfit Bacardi’s I need to get my hair blown again I wish honestly the hardest part was the hair cuz she had all of the hair on her face it was literally coming half of her face I look so bad I look like that girl from the ring that has all on her face no it was so bad it was such a struggle like this I know who’s not working for me I feel like I’m back to my female days is she smiling I felt like sneezing it was it’s still kind of itchy you guys I feel like just really uh and then also since that thing was long-sleeve and haven’t know if it’s the material or what but I was burning up I mean I was dying inside that thing I was like what is happening it was so hot in there not a good idea to wear this in the summertime I think I just got stuck with whatever picture it is my god because they’re so bad I’m really frustrated and then we couldn’t get the pose right I mean I don’t know Gordo like tried to even like moved my foot like the tiniest bit oh my goodness it was awful all of my face itches but we just couldn’t get it I mean we’re trying we’re trying were trying were trying we were there for so long also I was starving and I get so angry when I’m starving I mean it’s bad I think yeah I need to improve without but I was so hungry I would say this was not the best picture I feel like I look really bad in a – so just like me I would give this one and maybe other sounds you make like with the ones like I’ll start cardi doing it here I know it’s technically not part of our scale for rainy things but it was just like I felt like it was really bad I feel like maybe the picture wasn’t even like that that which is the experience I was like no more but I feel like the gods smiled because the next picture was actually the most important picture for me and it was the picture that I really wanted to make sure I got right because it was the picture from her album cover and this I mean that was on her Instagram but I feel like it’s technically not an Instagram pictures I was like I don’t know but I just really want to get it because I love that picture of her I feel like she looks so cool so I bought like this um yellow wig and it’s not exactly like cardies because Chris is like styled and everything but at first I put the yellow wig on and I was like all right guys so I got like the cheapest yellow away from Amazon that I could buy I think it’s a super hot bangs but of course it’s not like cardi’s hair on her album cover oh it’s starting to come together okay I ended up like kind of making it work I couldn’t really like the way it looked on me like the short hair I really like short hair I don’t know I feel like I want to go for the short hair but then I feel like immediately after I’m gonna want a long hair so she’s like oh what should I do I’m not the best with wigs guys I feel like oh it’s like I’m uh I feel like it’s not so bad maybe I should go short should I go short and extra yellow who’s not even blonde this is straight-up yellow I put this shirt on which I mean it’s not what she’s wearing but I feel like it kind of has the same pattern because what she’s wearing is like this fantasy outfit that I wasn’t gonna have but it’s like the same vibe it has like the checkers white so I felt like was gonna work and then I was just like I’m gonna shoot it and from the white wall and then I’ll just edit the background after because I’m pretty sure that’s what she did to do you don’t just take a picture for an album cover there’s a lot of a lot I is the vibe I like it so we’re just gonna I just Photoshop her background here because yeah I mean I think which that’s what she did anyway so we actually set everything up I was wearing the wrong pants for a minute there but I changed I’m still wearing the right pants I’m wearing black I don’t know I don’t know what I did at the gym but my legs really getting so much pain I need to pack those my my face all the way you can kind of see her pants I have to change my nose into like black cats out because I’m literally were like we just wearing my pyjama pants of course the outfit is not exactly the same but I feel like this is similar enough where it’s like the same kind of value anyway we shot I wanna say like week three pictures and it was done I mean it came out I feel like so good I was so happy with the result I was like oh my god I felt like the truth like chill Rd be okay yeah it’s great not similarly the same good karma with you a picture that was be ready I’m dumping my next album was called invasion of radiation of privacy Marty B martini bad songs because it was amazing songs I really loved the way the picture came out I was like oh my god hardy Marty we are basically one I only wish I had the music skills or any sort of skills similar it’s a cardi but yeah I mean I was so happy I would for sure to give this one an oak like yeah we’re sure this last one was my favorite element this one I won’t say like the camel one I really liked it was so simple but I loved it anyway you guys let me know which other picture you like let me know if you want me to recreate another Instagram I’m good I always have fun with creating Instagram account so they I really like to do I recruited Kim Productions Instagram account and that was really difficult I mean it was crazy you guys have to go watch that video I mean I had to photoshop my head into my body just just think about that for a moment yeah I had to do that for that yeah hey guys thank you so much for watching I won’t even look for you guys but are we creating Kim Kardashian’s Instagram and I will also leave a link for you guys to my previous video so you can go check it out thank you guys so much for watching I’ll see you next time

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