Remote Controlled Alligator Prank 2018 – Boat Cops Called!

Hey guys what’s up? It’s Jay Karl here. And back by popular demand, I have my remote
control alligator prank. Let’s just get right to it.>>Yo, behind you.>>F****** [bleep]!>>It’s alright.>>What is that thing? Is that a gator?>>Alligator.>>It’s head of –
a headless alligator.>>a head of an alligator.>>Oh my God. You got me. That’s good stuff.>>Oh shit.>>Hey, damn.>>Yo! Yo there’s a gator man. There’s is a gator in the water.>>Tow.>>Yo.>>Tow.>>Oh.>>Yo! Go faster!>>Hey, come back. Come here.>>Faster man! It’s catching up behind you!>>[Growling noise]>>Oh my God [bleep]>>I’m getting the f*** [bleep] away from
that. I am too handsome. I’m getting out of here.>>Run!>>Come on. Run!>>Dude, I know alligators and what the…>>[bleep] is that?>>Yo, what the hell! Oh, it’s fake. I think it’s [bleep] good.>>Yeah, check it out man.>>I was like f***.>>Yo, can I put you on my YouTube channel?>>Yeah, sure. I don’t care.
>>Cool man. I’m Jay.>>I’m Adam.>>I knew that.>>Look at the guy and his head.>>Oh my God!>>Just don’t let it go too fast or he’s
gonna leave you.>>He’s gonna throw something…>>He let go of the rope.>>So, where did he go?>>He’s going up the hill. He’s going up the hill. You see him running?>>There’s a snake going by them. Turtle’s going after the snake. You seen that? Yo, that turtle went after the snake. It’s over there. It’s chasing him.>>That is so…>>And we’re from Florida.>>How are you?>>We go wakeboarding
with them in the water.>>See?>>What is that?>>It’s on remote control.
>>Oh.>>Okay, let me call you right back. I got to take a video of that.>>That scared the f*** out of me.>>Yeah, a real crocodile. Don’t go too close. Is it active? It’s like the Florida Everglades. That’s not funny. [siren] [Music]>>That’s pretty cool.>>Thanks. It’s just a remote-controlled boat.>>The only gig is
just be careful with it. ‘Cause if somebody starts to call in, and get f***** out about it, it can kind of get you into a jam.>>Oh yeah.>>Is it like to scare people?>>Yeah. No, it’s cool.>>I know it’s funny, but we actually just ran
into somebody who’s behind the trees and same thing, it would probably be a
litte better…>>Oh really?>>So it’s all good. But you know, just be cautious. That’s all I’m saying, alright?>>Sure. Sure.>>All right.>>Have fun guys. Keep it safe out there. Thanks. [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Remote Controlled Alligator Prank 2018 – Boat Cops Called!

  1. 1:43,,,appalauds for his valour and bravery who jumped on the allegator,,,,,for rescuing his friend…..plaudits for his unimpeacheability friendshipness……

  2. If in India obviously u have face the apex court consequences …….dare truth,,,,,,will suck out ur money and varieties of incrimination allegation will be alloted on u,,,,,,hats off for ur country cops they had revealed tenderness upon u……….

  3. Represión de esos pinches gringos cagalares porque no hay una ley que diga que hacer eso es delito solo es una broma y lo que siento que quieren dar a entender es que si viene alguien con dinero y los compra entonces si eso se convierte en delito y así cambian la ley a su conveniencia eso es de un gobierno cagada como el gringo de mierda

  4. its a good thing I wasn't out there .the gator would be so full of bullet holes it would look like Swiss  cheese

  5. Yep… let's really scare people to death… big pranks, huh??? Got nothing better to do with your life, right???

  6. Alligators are found south of Virginia, and the bottom half of all the southern states from North Carolina down to south Texas. They do occupy about 3/4 of Mississippi. Nowhere else in the US. Crocodiles are only found in the Everglades, nowhere else. But seeing that head coming at you even in a lake in Canada would make you more than nervous.

  7. 10% of people talking about what you should do for the next video, how good the video looks, etc.
    the rest of the people: 1:40

  8. I don't like Gators ever because they're like Shark's only they roam around swamps and have legs. Also they almost killed the main protagonist of Battlefield Hardline.

  9. 1:44 En serio, mi más sincera admiración a este hombre, que creyendo que es un cocodrilo de verdad se lanza para intentar repelerlo cuando su compañero está en aparente situación de peligro.

  10. Jay: It would be sad if these were real emotions expended and you're not giving the perplexed and petrified participants a portion of your YouTube earnings.

  11. Bahaha!!! That was awesome. It's nice that the 'victims' had a good sense of humor. I need one of those alligator heads.

  12. who says true friend doesn't exist. That guy in 1:42 is just amazing. He literally jumped to save.. Wow!! he reminds me the story of the bear and two friends.
    This guy is a living example of what a true friendship is. A real treasure..

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