Republicans FINALLY Stand Up To Trump

>>Last week, Donald Trump announced that
the G7 summit next year will take place in one of his properties, the Doral resort. However he changed course following criticism
from members of his own party. So, he’s trying to sell this off as, I had
to change course because these Democrats they wouldn’t let it go. He doesn’t care what the Democrats think,
he’s never cared what the Democrats think. But when there’s a growing list of Republicans
who are concerned and they find this to be problematic. That’s when Trump is willing to change course. So he has lashed out, both in the form of
tweets and in a press conference. I want to go to the clips first. Here’s Donald Trump talking about the Emoluments
Clause of our Constitution.>>Is willing to do this for free and what
would have been the greatest G7 ever. And I would have said to my family because
they run my business, I don’t run my business. I actually put all these stuffs in trust. They run my and I didn’t have to do that. I was under no obligation to do it. I don’t know if you know it, George Washington,
he ran his business simultaneously while he was president. Many other presidents, there weren’t too many
really rich presidents, but there were a few. They ran their business. George Washington was actually considered
a very, very rich man at the time. But they ran their businesses. George Washington, they say, had two desks. He had a presidential desk and a business
desk. I don’t think you people with this phony Emoluments
Clause.>>So he called the Emoluments Clause phony. It’s literally in the constitution. One thing I just want to know.>>The constitution that George Washington
signed.>>One thing I wanna note is he was not planning
on hosting the event for free. In fact, it was clear because he said it,
they would host it at the Trump Doral at cost. Which means whatever price Donald Trump wants
a slap on it.>>Yeah and he would have gotten paid. Even if he said I’m not taking profits of
it which, same person would believe. He would get paid management fees on top anyway,
he not only owns it, but he charges a management fee. So it’s complicated, how the ownership is
divvied up, etc.>>Mm-hm.>>But and then he says I have a trust. I don’t run it my kids run it. And then so I would have told them to not
make a profit on that. Wait I thought you said your kids run it. Then you just said you would tell them what
to do. Oops, okay. And if you are wondering what George Washington’s
business was, it was a hemp farm. And so if, dude you can make pants out of
it.>>Turns out you could and George Washington
apparently was. But he was not dealing with other countries,
he was selling stuff inside this country. So they’ve wouldn’t have affected the money
Emoluments Clause at all, the Emoluments Clause is about how you can’t get paid by other countries. The G7 countries are other countries.>>Mm-hm.>>They’re not Americans, that’s the whole
point. And so
>>No one would’ve known that.>>Yeah.>>No one would’ve known that the G7 summit
would include other countries.>>And no one knew about George Washington
businesses until I found out about it. Okay, and, and it would have been the best
G7 ever. Come on, I mean.>>He did say that.>>Come on.>>That was amazing. By the way can I just say one thing about.>>I mean, if it was sorry, sorry.>>Yeah.>>If Obama was like I’m putting together
a G7. It’s going to be the best G7 ever.>>Everyone would be like what, did Obama
lose his mind overnight? But we’re used to this guy being a fool and
we all laugh, the president is an idiot.>>Well speaking of him being a fool, I find
it interesting that Donald trump knows anything about George Washington. Or anything about history because he’s not
a man of history.>>Just had a released.>>He doesn’t care, he’s not interested. But for some reason when it comes to wealth
or presidents who were wealthy or had businesses, all of a sudden he’s paying attention. I mean he’s so driven by money. He’s so fascinated by money that’s all he
cares about.>>Yeah, no, look. He calls it the phony Emoluments Clause because
of course he’s never read the constitution, he doesn’t know what it is? And then I’m sure that when he was speaking
at Doral all of his yes men are so afraid of saying no to anything he says. They’re like picking your own property and
violating the constitution, brilliant idea, Mr. Trump, brilliant idea. Now he’s like, okay, who would like to defend
it? And boom, everybody’s got moving, the last
one in the room. He’s like, God damn it. Okay, so then they put together a media of
Republicans in Camp David over the weekend.>>Yes.>>Trump calls in. The majority of the Republicans say no, don’t
do it, the Doral. It’s obviously unconstitutional. We have no way of defending it. And I think that’s the first time a Donald
Trump ever really, I mean, could it be the only time that he’s ever heard of the Emoluments
Clause. Given that people have sued him over it and
a trip but it’s still possible because you because Fox News never talks about the Emoluments
Clause. So he might not have ever heard of it, but
if he did he certainly didn’t understand what it was. And so on that call might be the first time
that anyone ever explained to him why what he’s doing is unconstitutional. So he might be like God dammit this phony
clause it’s gonna make. I swear to you he doesn’t understand why as
president he is suppose to be serving others.>>Yeah.>>He’s suppose to be the representative of
the people and finding and representing you guys. He thinks, no, it’s all about me. He just cannot wrap his mind around something
not being on his own behalf. So he’s thinking, what? I’m supposed to not get rich off of being
President? This doesn’t make any sense.>>So even in his decision to no longer host
the G7 summit at his property, it’s still self serving. And the reason why is because when he jumped
on that call and spoke to those Republicans who were urging him, please don’t do this
is a bad idea. He was concerned about whether they’re gonna
support him in this impeachment inquiry. He needs them in the impeachment in court. So like, at the end of the day, Trump is thinking
about himself if he wasn’t facing this investigation. I guarantee you he would have moved forward.>>Of course. Okay, look, guys, the last thing for people
who say that Donald Trump has a strategy, he’s trying to distract from Ukraine. He’s trying to distract, or he’s going to
do this and that. If it was a strategy to do something as painfully
stupid as doing violating their Emoluments Clause, why did it reverse it two days later? Well, how was that part of the strategy? No, because there is no strategy. He’s an imbecile. He didn’t know that he was doing something
unconstitutional or may probably both didn’t care. He doesn’t care about violating the constitutional
law, never scared. And so he thought, what? I’m not supposed to make money of being president. And so when all the Republicans were no, you
idiot. That’s going to put us in an untenable position
that we will not be able to support you in your impeachment. And then he goes, okay, fine, I won’t do something
unconstitutional. God damn it, what do I get to make money around
here?>>It is amazing. Well, I do want to show you one last clip
because I know you are going to love this one. Here is Donald Trump talking about the financial
sustainability of the Doral resort.>>A great business I have best properties
but between one I lose and in all some properties to Doral as an example. Doral, was setting records when I bought it
because I wanted it for period setting records, it was going there was nothing like that was
making a fortune. And then what happened they announced I am
going to run for office. Right? And all of the sudden and I say we’re going
to build a wall, have borders. We got to have this, we got to have that. All of the sudden some people didn’t like
it, they thought the requisite was too tough. And it went from doing great to doing fine. It does very nicely now. It’s actually coming back I understand, very
strongly. But Doral was setting records. And I knew this would happen. I’m very good at real estate. Very, very good, much better than you even
understand. When you see my financials, which I’ll give
at the right time. You’ll say man, he was much better than we
even thought. This guy knows right here Mnuchin because
he was in the private sector. He does, he knows very much what I have, he
would tell you, someday maybe he’ll tell you.>>Please release your financials.>>I really want to be impressed, come on
Trump don’t you want to impress me?>>That’s right.>>Show me your financials.>>I’m sure they’re very big. So, he sounds like a third-grader I used to
know. No, you would. A helicopter comes out of our house. You wouldn’t believe it. That’s by the way. True story. And my dad is the head of the CIA. And my uncle is the head of the bomb. He looks just like that third graders. He does this with his eyes and make it up
things that are so obviously false.>>Was it? I mean, the Trump Doral was a financial mess.>>Yeah.>>It had bed bug issue, there were all sorts
of problems with it. The occupancy was low, Trump had to commit
fraud, allegedly. And inflate the revenue and the occupancy
of that resort in order to obtain loans.>>I’m really great at real estate. That guy right there would know, the one I
made treasury secretary. Because he was in the private sector. Okay, He didn’t go bankrupt six times by accident. He’s terrible at real estate. So right now there is only two things keeping
Donald Trump afloat financially. One is, he is pretty good, look, we’re fair
at constantly bragging as you see there. I have the best properties. And so what that did was it created, before
his presidency, value in the name Trump so he would get paid licensing fees. So he’d be like, can I run the building? They’d be like, no, no, you cannot run the
building. But we’ll pay you money for your name. And we’ll put Trump tower or suites or whatever,
all across the world and in the country. But you can’t own it because you have no credit,
because you’ve been bankrupt six times. And you are not allowed to run it, because
you suck at running things. But we’ll take your name, because he is good
at marketing. So I’m being fair to him in that sense.>>Mm-hm.>>And then so that’s what he did his and
the only other thing that he makes money off of, kind of, is the golf properties. And wait, how did he get money for the golf
properties with all those bankruptcies? Because the Russians gave them the money. And that’s, I’m not saying that, Donald Trump
Jr. said that, Eric Trump said that. And so his kid said, the Russians gave us
all our money for the golf properties because they really like golf.

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