Rodents – Las Vegas Pest Control Tip Of The Week

Time for your pest control tip of the week
brought to you by our friends from Mountain View Pest Control. Now you may never see one of these guys cause mainly they come out at night. But, rodents can live
anywhere. That includes all around the valley. They live in your yard, under your
BBQ it can happen. Many in fact living garages and attics. Those places provide the perfect environment for a rat or roof rat rather, to raise their babies.
Oh boy. That picture is so nasty it’s disgusting. Rodents love to chew on electrical wires and plumbing pipes which when damaged can potentially cause a fire or flooding. Plus
they can carry many diseases including deadly ones. Be proactive, keep rodents
from invading your house by installing bait stations strategically placed
around your home. Bate stations are well stocked with snacks designed for rodents. They are safe for your children and pets. And if you’re having a pest problem, scream then call Mountain View Pest
Control. They specialize in providing high-quality exterminating services to
residential and commercial properties throughout the Greater Las Vegas area.
For more information call the number on your screen or visit their website Pest Control typical week brought to you by
Mountain View Pest Control

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