Salad Fingers 3: Nettles

Hello Hello Today I’ve been enjoying the pleasures of nettles. Oh? What’s this rather queer looking contraption? You can be called a nettle carrier. There you go. *growling* *screaming and growling* *a questioning growl* Oh! Oh! It seems nettles have made the milk drop out from inside my teat. Ah. *angry growling* *screaming and growling* The nettles make me think happy times. *humming machine sound* Oh bubble trumps! *moaning in pain* Oh, hello! You’ve picked a rather late hour to be visiting me. Have you got a name? I think you’re called Milford Cubicle. Why don’t you come in? You can have a sit down and rest those weary legs. I’ll give you a little hand if you’re feeling rather fatigued, Milford Cubicle. Is that comfortable? *music played with a flute* I say, would you like a warm glass of milk? Milford Cubicle.

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100 thoughts on “Salad Fingers 3: Nettles


    Salad Fingers Store.

  2. Wth “ what’s this queer looking contraption “ 😂 is salad fingers a boy or girl and is he/she gay lesbian bisexual or straight

  3. You did research on nettles or already knew about the plant when you made this video didn’t ya? (Since tone is not heard in text I want to let ya know I mean this in a good way)

  4. Every time I come back to watch this the milk part still disturbs me. Like there's probably just teat milk in the fridge.

  5. Salad fingers: beetles have made the milk drop out of my tit

    BBQ dude: wee men for gord sake

  6. isnt anyone gonna ask what was that no arm creature?

    i think that was a market worker becuase of his clothes and his real name is harry

  7. This is my first time seeing salad fingers bc my friend said it is creepy wen I finally see it
    I laugh so hard for some reason

  8. Just follow a strict vegan diet regiment and throw in a couple of rusty metal objects and BAM! you too can have a body like salad fingers!

  9. Last time I watched salad fingers, I had an existential crisis and cried.
    Something tells me we’re heading down that road again
    Goodbye everyone I’ll remember you all in therapy

  10. This is a representation of salad fingers masturbating, u mean white stuff comes out of him after he pleasures himself with "nettles".

  11. Salad Fingers. A man of many talents. He can play the flute, be polite to guests, and be creative. Though, he is green.

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