Samsung Galaxy Buds hands-on

Hey, it’s Nick Statt with The Verge. We just wrapped up here
at the Galaxy S10 event in San Francisco, and on our way out, we got our hands on a
pair of the Galaxy Buds. Now, these are Samsung’s wireless earphones. They’re designed to be kind
of an answer to the AirPods, so they’re cheaper than
the AirPods by about $30, and they also come with
wireless charging capabilities, something that Apple’s
headphones do not have yet. They kind of look like the Jabra Elites. They have
the earphone here on the end instead of the earphone
here. It’s pretty bulky with the battery and all of
that other stuff inside. They are pretty comfortable. They don’t fit my ears too well, but I can see that being
a personal preference. That said, I’ve gotten to
test the sound a little bit, and they sound pretty decent. I mean, we’re out here, and it’s windy, and there’s lots of traffic,
but they sound pretty good in terms of earphones. Even better, though, is that it has USB-C. Now, the case is going to give you seven hours of additional battery life. As for the Galaxy Buds themselves, they get six hours of battery life when you’re streaming music or around five when you’re
talking on the phone. Now, the Galaxy Buds don’t have noise canceling or anything
that you might find in a fancier pair of headphones, but they do have a dual-mic system. Essentially, when you’re
trying to talk on the phone, it’ll move to a different
mic so they can pick you up — only your voice and not pick up all the ambient noise around you. That’s super critical for
wireless earbuds, in particular. A lot of wireless
earbuds, AirPods excluded, because those are pretty good, are terrible at picking up all of this ambient noise around you. They make talking on the
phone really difficult because they’re picking up sounds of cars, they’re picking up traffic, little children in
playgrounds across the street, things like that. These technically, according to Samsung, don’t have that issue because
of the dual-mic system. We haven’t necessarily been
able to try that right now because we haven’t done a
phone call with them yet, but Samsung claims it will be better than your average wireless earbuds when it comes to picking up sound and picking up your voice when
you’re talking on the phone. In terms of color options, you do get three different options. You have white, you have black, and then you have like
a canary yellow color. They’ll certainly make the
Galaxy Buds harder to lose. It’s a little bit loud, so if you like softer, standard tech product colors, you’ll probably want to go
with the white or the black. We have the white one here. It looks pretty nice. So the Galaxy Buds launch in the US on March 6th for $129.99. They launch in Europe later this month, on March 29th, for €149. But if you preorder the
S10 or the S10 Plus, they’ll come bundled with it. So in terms of pairing,
Samsung has a neat little AirPods-like animation for when you’re using a Galaxy device. I have an iPhone XS here. These can still pair with that, but you just have to open
them up right in front while you’re looking at
the Bluetooth menu here, and they should pop up under
the other devices right there. Took just a second. Tap it, and bam, we’re connected. So it’s super seamless
if you’re an iOS user. You should have no problem using these. If, for some reason, you
don’t want the AirPods or you get these as a gift or something like that. That said, it should work a lot faster and a lot more seamlessly on a Galaxy device where I would just pop up a little overlay that you tap once, and they
should connect automatically. For all the Samsung news
announced here at Unpacked, make sure to read and also check out our hands-on video of the full Galaxy S10
lineup over at YouTube at verge. Thanks for watching.

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