Scary Pranks You Need To Try At 3AM ! Prank Wars!

*Music playing* Wengie: Ah, guys, we just did pranks on each other, now, 3:46am, oh my god, I was awake.. hold on,. hugs! Wengie: That was literally insane, wanting to prank each other, but we didn’t expect what happened, I’m still a bit creeped out now, guys, you gotta keep watching till the end because we thought we were pranking each other, but we weren’t! Wengie: And, like, ugh god, something crazy happened, we both got so freaked out, you guys gotta stay to the end to see it! Wengie: Because guys, seriously, guys, you gotta give us a like for going through this, because it was so scary, filming this, especially at 3am, things just happen at this time! Wengie: 3,2,1, did you guys click it? Ah, that really made me feel better guys, thank you so much! Wengie: And without further ado, let’s get on with the pranks! Let’s go! *Music playing* Wengie: I know, Wendy loves staying up with her phone, so this 3am prank is perfect for her! Wengie: You’ll need a remote control power outlet, and a scary mask! Wengie: To prepare your prank, just swap the victim’s usual power outlet with the remote control one, and then, reconnect the bed side lamp to it! Wengie: And that way, you’ll have full control over their light, and you’ll be able to scare them when they least expect it! Wengie: For best results, wear a scary mask as well! Wengie: Now, you just have to wait until 3am! *Music playing* Wendy: What the? *Music playing* Wendy: What’s happening? Is someone there? *Music playing* Wendy: What the heck is going on? *Music playing* Wendy:Who’s there? *Music playing* Wendy: Ahhhh! *Music playing* Wendy: Hey, Wengie, have you ever played ‘Bloody Mary’? Wengie: What? No way! Are you crazy? Wendy: Wanna try? Here, look, I have a mirror! Wengie: Oh my gosh, no, please stop, it’s like 3:00 am right now! Wendy: Ok, but seriously, I did it once! Wengie: What, no, you’re insane! What happened? Wendy: It was 3:33am, I’ll walk to the bathroom; it was pitch – black, and dead quiet – I looked in the mirror, and repeat it out loud: Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary! Wengie: And then! Wendy: And then, she appeared! Wengie: What, who! *Music playing* Wengie: Who’s trying to take over you? It’s scaring me! *Music playing* Wengie: Ahhhh! *Music playing* Wendy: Hey Wengie, and I know you’ve been having nightmares lately, so I’d thought I make you a bath bomb to help you relax before you go to sleep! Wengie: Aww, thanks! Wendy: You really should stop sleeping at 3am, though! Wengie: Yeah, yeah! (Wengie’s footsteps) Wengie: Oooh! (Footsteps of Wengie’s feet) Wengie: Wengie loves to soak in her bath before she sleeps, so this prank is gonna scare her so much! Wengie: You’re gonna make a blood-bath bomb, using Epsom salts, baking soda, citric acid, essential oils, olive oil, and food colouring! Wengie: First, mix one cup of baking soda, with half citric acid, and half Epsom salts! Wengie: In this bowl, I have three teaspoons of olive oil, and one teaspoon of water! Wengie: Add in a few drops of essential oil, and also add some blood-red food colouring! Wengie: Now, add your red mixture to the dry mixture until it can be moulded, and then, pop it into one of these spherical moles, and put that into the freezer! *Music playing* Wengie: Now, repeat the steps before, but this time, put a nice turquoise mix, or another colour you’d like, and lightly cover your original red bath bomb, with this one! Wengie: Wrap it in cling wrap, and put it in the freezer, and, you’ll be ready to surprise your victim, with this disguised blood-bath bomb! *Music playing* Wengie: Ahhhhh! *Music playing* Wengie: This prank is guaranteed to cause a fright, and it’s so easy! Wengie: Just take any scary face photo from the internet, and print it out; in my case, I used one of my own Halloween DIY looks, last year, and if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely check out the video! Wengie: Cut out your scary face, and you’re basically ready for your prank! Wengie: All you need to do is stick it up on any window from the outside – throw some rocks, or make some scratching noises, so that they go, and look outside! *Music playing* Wendy: Wengie, is that you? (Noise) *Music playing* Wendy: Hello! Ah.. maybe, it’s Mickey! *Music playing* Wendy: Ahhhhhh! (Wengie vanishes from outside the window) *Music playing* Wengie: Hey Wendy, check out what I got! Wendy: You don’t really believe in that stuff, do you? Wengie: This is such a talk with guests; I miss 3:00am, come on, let’s try it! Wendy: Fine, it’s the weekend tomorrow, let’s stay up! Wengie: Yay! (Wengie’s clapping her hands) Wengie: Okay, put your fingers on this mark with me, and focus your energy! Wendy: I hear you’re just gonna remove it yourself! Wengie: No way! Wendy: Okay, fine, let’s just do this! Wengie: Okay, first question: can you hear us? Wendy: Wengie, you’re moving it! Wengie: I swear, I’m not! Wendy: Seriously, I could feel you moving it! Wengie: I promise, I’m not! Wengie: Okay, next question: are you, our friend? Wendy: Wengie, this isn’t funny anymore, I can’t keep moving it! Wengie: Aww, you’re no fun! Wendy: Look, I always tell you, that ghosts aren’t real – you always believe in this hocus-pocus! (Noise) Wengie: Wendy, did you see that? Wendy: Haha, not funny, stop trying to prank me! Wengie: Seriously, I’m not pranking you, I saw it move on its own! (Noise) Wengie: Oh my gosh, I’m not doing this, I swear! Wendy: Wengie, what’s happening? Wengie: Freaking out; I have no idea! (Noise) Wengie: What the heck is going on? Wendy: Get this fricking thing out of here! Wengie: There’s no way, I’m touching that board! Wengie: You get it out of here! (Noise) Wendy: I’m here! Wendy: Wengie, who’s here? Wengie: I don’t know! *Music playing* Wendy & Wengie: Ahhhhh! (Noise)

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