Sesame Street: Baby Bear and Bees

BEE: Hey, you. BABY BEAR: (GASPS) A bee. Don’t sting me, please. Don’t sting me. BEE: Sting you? Why would I sting you? I don’t sting unless
I’m in danger. CHRIS: Oh, hey, what’d
I tell you? BEE: Oh, now come on, bees. What? Are you on a sugar
water break? Get your abdomens in gear. We got work to do. BABY BEAR: Uh, work? BEE: Yeah, we’re worker
bees, aren’t we? Workers bees work. CHRIS: Uh, uh, actually, the
thing is, we’re not bees. BABY BEAR: No. BEE: (LAUGHS) Very funny. I’m laughing my thorax off. Now listen up. There’s a whole field of flowers
over there, and they ain’t going to pollinate
themselves. So let’s go. Let’s go. CHRIS: Yeah, but,
but, but, but– BEE: Oh, quit your
droning and move. CHRIS: (GROANS) BEE: All right, bees. Let’s get buzz-ay. CHRIS: Hey, listen I keep
telling you, we are not bees. BEE: All right. Enough with the jokes
there, funny-bug. And get to work on
these flowers. CHRIS: OK. But we don’t even know what
we’re supposed to do. BEE: What are you, new here? CHRIS: Uh, yes. BEE: Oh, why do I always
get the newbies? OK. I’ll make this simple. Flowers have two things we bees
want, nectar, which is the sweet liquid inside the
flower, and pollen. CHRIS: Did you just
say pollen? BEE: Yeah. It’s this powdery stuff here. Check it out. CHRIS: Oh, boy. Uh, Baby Bear? I’m allergic to pollen. BABY BEAR: What? CHRIS: Yeah, because
pollen makes me– BABY BEAR: Makes you what? What? What? CHRIS: Sneeze! BABY BEAR: What? CHRIS: (SNEEZES) BEE: A bee allergic to pollen. Some days I wish I were
an earthworm.

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14 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Baby Bear and Bees

  1. I love Chris 🙂 I think he was a great addition to the cast.. He interacts well the muppets 🙂 the kids love him too.. They think his funny.. But at the end if the day the show isn't made for us, it's made for them 🙂

  2. :13 Funny thing is if a worker bee stings it puts itself in danger. When a worker bee stings it loses it's stinger and dies.

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