Hi, I’m Bob Schmidt with HomeRemodelWorkshop. Several months ago I posted a video about a smell that was coming from my shower, that I was thinking was sewer gas. I
posted a video on how to clean the drain pipe in the drain and I stand by that video, as that is something that needs to be done, but the problem is, that smell slowly
over time started coming back. Even though we were keeping the drain clean and everything else. So that took me back to investigational mode and I’ll let you know what I found out, and I
was able to take care of the problem. Lets get to work. As I showed you in my first video this is the drain type that we’re
working with. It’s a tile shower with a mud pan. Now we took this off and I showed you
the whole process of how to clean it out, and I advise you check out that other video
to see how to do that. With that smell coming back out, that
sewer smell coming back out of this drain I had to do some additional
investigating. It was obvious that there was more to it than just a cleaning of
this pipe. It’s important that you understand
what this drain apparatus looks like and how it works. Basically all you see is this little
plastic thing in this silver tray, but the whole thing all put
together actually looks like this. It’s three pieces. You have the top piece here that holds the drain. then you have this centerpiece here that actually seals the rubber against this, which is cut into the sub-floor. It is real important that you
understand how these pieces work together, and how I decided where the smell is coming
from in this drain. The first piece that’s installed through
the floor is this one right here, it goes right down and gets beveled right into the plywood. Now your drain pipe is hooked to it down
here usually it’s a two inch for a shower drain. Now since concrete base and tile are porous,
which basically means that water can soak in and through it, how do they protect that
plywood. Well what they do is, this will represent
a piece a rubber they cut a piece a rubber and put a
rubber base inside the shower and then what they do
is they take the second piece of the drain apparatus slip it over the rubber, locking it into these grooves
here and what they do is, they tighten these four
bolts up, which creates a watertight seal from plastic to plastic down to this
rubber. Now a real important thing to see in this second apparatus here are these eight holes that are actually built into
it, Now what those holes do is if the water gets
saturated into the base into the concrete base enough that it builds up on this rubber when
the tile man puts his tile around this little drain apparatus here, what he does is, he puts a little bit of
gravel here so that they don’t block these weep holes. Then the water can soak through the mud
pan into these weep holes and then down back into the drain pipe. through this little gap right here, you
can see that on the inside. Now, that all being said, what does this have
to do was sewer gas smell coming out of your your shower. This will represent our
mud base is hand laid in there with a slope to it so
that it goes to the drain. It’s put in something like this. Then the tile is laid right up to this
edge so that you have a nice flush tile, and then of course they grout the
tile. Now, what I believe is happening, is
moisture is soaking through that tile grout and
actually saturating down into the mud base. Now eventually it gets down to the
rubber that’s on the bottom and it drips back into the drain pipe. Now what causes the sewer gas smell is organic
material. and what is organic material. anything
that’s living or was previously living that’s dead. Such as blood, sweat, skin cells, all of these things. Now it’s my belief that
the smell, the sewer gas smell, that I’m getting from my drain,
although my drain is working properly, the trap is holding water and everything else, is actually the smell from the
organic matter that’s dying inside my mud base and then as the water runs into my
drain, it’s drawing that smell through the weep holes and accumulating
the smell inside my drain, which makes this smell exactly like
sewer gas although I know for a fact sewer gas is
not backing up in this pipe. I’ll show you the solution we did to take
care of that. The first thing I did was, I went to my local superstore and I wanted to find a cleaning product
that would kill everything. I wanted it to kill back bacteria, fungus, viruses just about anything.
Well, in going to their cleaning department,
basically I talked to a fellow who said that one of the local hospitals cleaning people come by every week and
they buy this product right here. Now this thing kills just about every
fungus, bacteria or virus under the sun and if this is what my local hospital uses to kill diseases that could possibly
spread in the shower, this is what I wanted, because I wanted
something to get into that mud pan that’s going to kill what’s making that
funky smell. Although just cleaning with this product
once a week I’m sure eventually would have taken care of my problem but I realize that I already have a build up of
nastiness that is already in this mud pan. So what I wanted to do was come up with
something to really soak it and make sure that it gets in there and kills
all the stuff in the mud pan. so what I did was I took the screws out
my cover I wrapped the back side of my cover with
this duct tape and I’m going to use this as a seal to put back down in the drain
temporarily. I punched a couple of holes through the
duct tape and put the screws back down. The next thing I did was mixing it up as
per what the instructions said with this duct tape in place I went
ahead and filled the majority of my shower pan area and put my mixture in on top
of it. Now it’s not draining down because it’s obviously holding water. Now what I did next was really hard to
do, I went to bed. I went to sleep didn’t take this out until
the next morning allowing this fungicide and everything
else to soak well into the mud pan and to kill anything in there
that could be growing and smelling. It’s been about 4 months since our
initial treatment where we actually left the solution soak on it overnight but with regular weekly
cleanings with the same product where you just rinse it down like you normally do we have yet to have one day where we have a sewer gas smell coming from the shower. I love taking a nice hot shower
something about taking a nice hot shower in a place where it smells like a sewer
isn’t quite as attractive to me as it is now. So I hope this will be the solution to
your problem if you have any other questions or any other
tips that you want to take a look at please check out
our home channel. If you like this video please subscribe.

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