Sexual Attraction Is Shaped by Gut Bacteria, Infectious Diseases, and Parasites | Kathleen McAuliffe

There’s a few ways in which infectious disease
may impact who we find sexually attractive. So for example, in cultures where infectious
disease is highly prevalent people tend to place more emphasis on beauty. So skin free of any kind of pockmarks, and
also more symmetrical features. Because what happens is that if you have an
infectious disease when you’re young it can derail development and that’s part of the
reason why people’s features may be a little bit more asymmetric if they’re more vulnerable
to infectious disease. There’s also evidence that we’re more attractive
to people whose odors signify that they have very different immune systems from ourselves. And the way it works is this that believe
it or not odor correlates with how your immune system functions. And we all vary individually in how susceptible
we are to different kinds of infection and basically the research suggests that we’re
most attracted to people who are most different from us in terms of how their immune system
functions. So if we mate and have children our children
are going to have very varied genes and as a result if say a terrible infection is spreading
around you might lose one child but you’re not going to lose all your children because
they’re going to have very varied immune systems in terms of what could make them sick and
walk they’re more resistant to. I view gut bacteria as an extension of parasitic
manipulation. Even though I don’t think that most gut bacteria
are parasites, in fact I would call them symbiotic manipulators. And the reason I’m so interested in them is
because they do manipulate behavior in a fashion not totally unlike parasitic manipulators. And the way they’re able to do this is there’s
over a thousand different species of bacteria that inhabit our guts. And there are species that turn out basically
every single neurotransmitter that you have in your brain and they turn out hormones,
so stress hormones and hormones that regulate our appetite and energy levels. So the research suggests that the bacteria
in our gut influence everything from whether you’re energetic or sluggish, happy or sad,
anxious and calm, maybe even whether you’re fat or thin. And there is some research now exploring what
fecal implants, if you transplant feces from one person to another they’re looking to see
what some of the effects are. Some examples would be there have been efforts
to show that by transplanting feces from one person to another that you may even be able
to influence their appetite. So far I don’t think they’ve had too much
success. There are one or two examples though of, for
example, a woman who had was getting the fecal transplant actually to treat a digestive disease. It’s called Clostridium dufficile. They have shown, by the way, the fecal transplant
is very effective in treating some of these digestive disorders. And this particular woman wanted to get the
fecal donor her she wanted it to be her donor daughter who was there in around 15 or 16
years of age and within a short period of time after getting the fecal transplant the
mother suddenly for the first time in her life was starting to become overweight and
she actually eventually became obese and she was convinced it was related to the transplant. And within just a year or two of her daughter
being the donor the daughter became obese. So findings like that make scientists wonder
if fecal transplant might actually, in the future, just as it can cause obesity maybe
if you get the donor from a thin person maybe you can prevent obesity. It’s not very appetizing to contemplate it. You may be happy to hear that scientists are
hoping to just purify the useful strains of bacteria and then concentrate them in a capsule. They call them crapsules. And so they’re hoping that they’ll be able
to use these capsules instead of getting an actual fecal transplant, which they do it
using that instrument that they use to do a colonoscopy. That’s how they insert feces up your intestinal

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100 thoughts on “Sexual Attraction Is Shaped by Gut Bacteria, Infectious Diseases, and Parasites | Kathleen McAuliffe

  1. Hormonal Contraceptives interrupt natural attraction responses. This is why we have lower birth rates in the 1st world vs. birth rates in the 3rd world. If you are a woman and want to allow your body to naturally attract to what its seeking genetically then you need to use Non hormonal contraceptive measures for birth control.

  2. So then doctor you are telling me then that a fat persons shit transplanted into a thin person will make the thin person fat, and so then hopefully a thin persons shit transplanted into a fat person will make the aforementioned fatty thin?????…….
    Question?- Where do we insert the shit?

  3. bullshit both those women ate too much, that is the only way of getting fat. don't eat so much then you won't get fat. evil fucqueen doctors.

  4. just a tip on upping your game "big think":
    if a research is mentioned, make sure its quoted in the description at least.
    Otherwise its more of a big statement, if one cannot track the root of the notion down.

    Other than that its a truly great channel.

  5. How person even agrees to these experiments? Whould you mind sir or madam if we transfer other person's shit to you? Would you agree to make this shit exhange?

  6. She's too awkward in saying fecal transplant—with a scientist standard. She needs to learn from Sheldon Cooper.

  7. Bullshit science to get themselves funding so they can have a bullshit paycheck. Thats like saying magnets attract to certain metals becuase the snozberries berries taste like snozberries. Dipshits..

  8. I can back this 100 percent with personal experience. I have ulcerative colitis therefore signifying my gut bacteria is not in it's optimal state. I gt attracted to different types of girls depending on how my gut feels.

  9. "by transplanting feces from one person to another you may even be able to influence their appetite."
    Uhhh ya think? I'm losing my appetite at the mere mention of fecal transplant.

  10. Hey, wanna be thin like me? Just jam some of my fecal matter up your intestinal track and, voila – you'll never be the same again.

  11. Fecal transplant! Sounds disgusting. Can we isolate the gut bacteria and transplant the bacteria only without the whole thing?

  12. Enteritis caused C. Diff. can cause a significant loss of appetite. Curing the infection could bring a sudden increase of apettite which especially combined with other endocrinological or simply movement disorders (especially a long hospital stay) could easilly explain the sudden weight gain. I would also be very cautious on defining it as the cause since the reason she got the feces from the daughter is the similarity of the bacteria they share which would speak against such a big difference in comparison to the species of bacteria which she had before the Enteritis.

  13. What about the capsules with "good bacteria" you can buy everywhere nowadays? They make them so they withstand the stomach acid and get released in the colon. Why isn't she saying anything about that?

  14. I don't buy it. I don't think us evaluating attraction like this as as prevalent as she is saying.

  15. In 1930s Hitler used fecal microbiota transplant to cure his stomach cramps.
    The good bacteria were harvested from the healthy stools of healthy soldiers and put into capsules which were then swallowed.His stomach problems were cured by it.

  16. The average block head would find this subject and your talk complete bulsit. These blockhead's have no understanding of what's going on in the human body. Of course the bugs manipulate their inviroment, if they did not they would not surive for long. Nice talk.

  17. Fecal transplant WTF why not just eat something like kefyr and otehr pro biotics to improve gut bacteria. Worth a try before getting someone else's feces thta's the most disgusting thign I ever pictured in my mind right beside two girls one cup.

  18. The mother-daughter example doesn't make too much sense or at least is not presented very clearly…can you make an inference by studying only one case of two closely related subjects…and the daughter wasn't even obese at the time of the transplant…they make the transplant and after some time voila they both become obese…idk doesn't seem striking at all to me

  19. Oh, I'm walkin' on sunshine / cuz my gut bacteria combined to produce an agreeable cocktail of neurotransmitters and hormones — and it's startin' to feel good!!

    Pop music will never be the same.

  20. So wait as one of those rare super skinny people who can eat anything an never get fat I could sell my turds to fat people to cure their obesity? And here I have been leaving flaming sacks full of shit on people's doorstep for free all these years. I could have been a millionaire by now!

  21. Does anyone else hear mouth noise like an ASMR video? Anyway, seems like if you give a shit you can help other people give a shit a little faster.

  22. So. We need to mate with other populations, because they smell differently, and their intestinal parasites will enhance the offsprings' biological resistance to patogens.

    Then Kathleen began discussing fecal matter, and I sort of tuned off. Keep experimenting, I guess. Good luck with the research.

    Now. I have to go drink 80 cc of alcoholic brain-bleach, hoping to forget I saw this video.

  23. I recently heard that the symbiotic gut flora will attempt to kill its host if you don't take care of them. They theoretically will raise the blood pressure of the host (by sending signals to a receptor in the kidneys) if they detect their population is dying. If you feed them the fiber they crave, they lower your blood pressure.

  24. We don't rule the world we're just a continent with cities of micro bacteria that actually make all the decisions for us they've been here a lot longer than we have and collectively they have a higher Consciousness in the ability to control it's environment

  25. What's the matter with Fecal Matter? .. and Peace, Love, and Understanding??? … and whatever happened to Poo Poo Platters? How come they're not on the menu anymore?

  26. must be weird Sexual Attraction as i see it.seen them on xhamster and playboy.whole family is like whores

  27. It's been proven, with 90% accuracy. Doctors studying gut flora can now tell who is or who will become obese.
    Another experiment w c section babies ( south American country I cannot recall) and using vaginal swabs from the mother to mimic the flora normally revived via vaginal birth.

  28. 100% guaranteed, that if fecal transplants are proven to help people lose weight, people will overcome their aversion and disgust.

  29. There are studies out there that state that
    asymmetry is not associated with childhood ill-health.

    “Facial fluctuating asymmetry is not associated with childhood ill-health in a large British cohort study”

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