Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy

For ultra light solo pursuits in the backcountry,
the Backcountry Bivy by Sierra Designs provides full protection at a minimal weight and a
very small pack size. Let’s take a look at all of its features. So taking a look at the materials used for
the Backcountry Bivy, it is a fully waterproof, breathable bivy. The floor is 30 D nylon and
the fly is a 20 D nylon. So all of them are super light, super packable, but really durable
materials that provide the light weight and compact build of the Backcountry Bivy. The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy has a
generous, but tapered cut. It was designed for the award winning Backcountry Bed from
Sierra Designs and the Sleeping Pad, but it can work with other sleeping bags and sleeping
pads as well. So you definitely have enough space on the inside for a bag and a pack to
keep you comfortable throughout the night. There is a fully waterproof breathable construction
as I mentioned, so you have got full protection from your head down to your toes, no worries
there. Going to keep you dry all night long. On the nights where it is not very rainy and
it is nice and dry, you do have a mesh win-dow here with a zipper, so you can fold that back
and a have a nice wide opening in front of your face. It helps, you know, keep it open,
reduces the claustrophobia that you may feel in a bivy situation. And what is nice about
this, too, is that you can roll it down and kind of tuck it away with this tab here. So
you can actually keep that nice and secure so it is not going to flap around if the wind
picks up, so some nice features in play with the construction of the Backcountry Bivy. To access the Backcountry Bivy there is a
large U shaped zipper around the top. It takes up about a third of the Bivy. So you can unzip
that and kind of fold it back and that will allow you to easily set up your sleeping pad
and sleeping bag. You can slide those down right into the bottom of the Bivy. Once you
are inside you have got zippers on either side and they are two sided so our can zip
it from the inside or the outside depending on what is comfortable. And that will allow
you to close it up and get the proper amount of pro-tection for the evening. At a trail weight of just 14 and a half ounces,
this is going to be a great option for some-one who wants to go super fast and super light
and excess shelter space isn’t a necessity. It packs down super small, is extra lightweight
and doesn’t really have any poles or any-thing like that to go with it. So it is just a nice,
waterproof, breathable bivy sack. And that is it. It is the Sierra Designs Backcountry

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2 thoughts on “Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy

  1. I just purchased this for use as an emergency shelter. I am a day hiker, but venture far in to the mountains and if bad weather moves in or for some other reason I end up spending an unplanned night in the wild, I wanted something completely enclosed, simple, but not a complete tent (for emergencies only). This is the best solution on the market.

  2. is it big enough to fit the large thermarest neoair and a 15 degree down bag in there without compressing the down bag considerably

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