Skincare l Ways to Treat Dark Spots on LEGS l Mosquito Bites – Hyperpigmentation 2017 -Dermatologist

Good morning guys! how are you all doing this
Wednesday morning? Today, I wanna quickly talk about ways to
get rid of dark spots got them from mosquito bites. In other words, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. OUR AGENDA TODAY, includes going over your
routine, essential products, hydroquinone and non hydroquinone products, and creative
concealment whilst you treat your dark spots.First, lets talk about basic principles of treating
post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Without an understanding and an application
of these, um.. your results won’t be forthcoming and that could lead to frustration and I know
how that feels that can be discouraging. So lets get this out the way before we start. The first thing is you have to manage the
underlying skin condition that’s causing the inflammation. if it’s mosquito bites then
you probably have to get mosquito repellents. If it’s that you bruise easily, then you have
to be more careful. if you have some possible allergies or anything
that could be causing the inflammation then you have to get at to the root cause of it
before you start treating the resulting hyperpigmentation. For me I know, when I was leaving in Nigeria
and I had mosquito bites, it wasn’t just that I was getting bitten by mosquitos, it was
that I would scratch them. You have to stop all potential irritants whatever
they maybe. For example, fragrances, other cosmeceutical,
herbal preparations, toners, astringents, witch hazel, or alcohol. the next one is sunscreen. This should be the first thing because if
you’r trying to treat hyperpigmentation, you have to protect your skin from the rays of
the sun. the rays from the sun darken the hyperpigmented
area, they could interact with the medication on your skin, and render them ineffective. And they just age your skin. The sun is good but at a certain time of the
day, especially between 10am and 2pm, just stay inside. the next and last one is patience. Treating hyperpigmentation is not a one day
thing. it doesn’t happen in a week, especially the
hyperpigmentation on the body. The face is more lenient. The dark spots, on the body, those take a
while. So you have to be very very patient. The next on is your routine. If you for some reason miss your morning application,
don’t miss the one at night. Devise an application that suits your schedule. i know people are tired when they come back
from work or school at night. So you have to be more creative in the way
you choose to apply your medication. Just make sure you’re doing that twice daily
so that a month rom now, two months from now, your results will show. the next thing is consistency. Essential products. When you’re treating post inflammatory hyperpigmentation,
sunscreen is a must. But not just any kind of sunscreen, but a
sunscreen that contain zinc oxide.Sunscreen (zinc oxide>titanium dioxide)
Skin lightener Exfoliant/Penetration enhancer (chemical peel
{randomized & controlled clinical trial} /retinoid). Alright lets talk about hydroquinone. This such a controversial subject. Some people think hydroquinone causes cancer. That’s not true. Over the counter hydroquinone products
Nadinola Ambi
Clear essence Success… etc Prescription Strength
Over 4% Compound: 8%, 10%. If your hyperpigmentation is so severe you
can suggest your dermatologist prescribes a hydroquinone of 8% concentration. If your dark skinned, they will really really
struggle with prescribing anything above 8% because they think you’re turn to Micheal
Jackson. So if they prescribe 8% you can’t get that
in tube, you’d have to got to a chemist who compounds it for you. It’s very very effective. If you’ve been struggling with hyperpigmentation,
and you have access to a dermatologist, do this! Don’t sit down there and let the dermatologist
tell you what to do. Just tell them your situation, you’re frustrated,
tell them, look! I need something stronger. Stronger than 4%. And they’ll do that. if they observe your skin and they see that
what you’re saying is true, they’d do that. Let’s move on. let’s talk about the non-hydroquinone products. I don’t know, I’m always very hesistant to
talk about these because at the end of the day, hydroquinone is considered the gold standard
in treating hyperpigmentation but these are out there. This is azelaic acid, it’s known to be very effective, it’s even prescription
strength (you can’t get
it over the counter) but it doesn’t contain hydroquinone
it’s considered very safe.It has a high safety profile. The next one is Arbutin, it’s medical name
is Deoxyarbutin. this is considered very similar to hydroquinone and can be gotten over the
counter, it’s considered the most effective over the counter skin lightener. Let’s move on. Kojic acid! A lot of you have heard of kojic acid. This is second best in terms of effectiveness. I know they sell a lot of kojic acid creams
on Amazon, ebay, online stores…I don’t know if I trust them. The next one is licorice extract. This is considered the safest. So if you’re super cautious, this is your
friend. the last but not least
is Ascorbic acid. This by the
way cannot be used alone.

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14 thoughts on “Skincare l Ways to Treat Dark Spots on LEGS l Mosquito Bites – Hyperpigmentation 2017 -Dermatologist

  1. Hey hunny,
    I have used over the counter Hydroquinone for mosquito bites on my arms and legs and I have notice that my arms are FAIRER
    Can you help?

  2. T I M E S T A M P —– Agenda 0:24
    Basic Principles for treat dark spot 0:34
    Your Routine 4:03
    Essential Products 6:51
    Hydroquinone Based Product: 8:02
    Non Hydroquinone Products 12:09
    Exfoliants/ Cream Penetration Enhancers 16:14
    Creative Concealments: 21:14
    Case Study 22:38

  3. Hi Rita!!! Did you say you have a doctor in Boston who performed the chemical peel?? What is the name of this doctor??

  4. Does this work for a ten years old girl? My daughter has lot of dark mosquito bite scars in her legs and hands. Please suggest specifically for her. Thank you in advance! 😍

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