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100 thoughts on “SNEAK PEEK – Spidey Lures Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man – “Superior”

  1. Someone please tell me that superior spider needs spider arms, can everyone tell me why he doesn’t use spider arms

  2. I hope ghost spider, miles, and anya corazon are in this episode too.
    I would be cool to see all of them fight venom

  3. So is the full episode out or is this just a clip? Also kinda big spoiler to upload a vid that clearly shows Peter is back in his body

  4. Man I can't believe that the Superior Spider-Man Arc is over kinda went by too fast. I hope Peter keeps the upgraded stuff

  5. Then again I'm not sure how peters gonna explain to the avengers and everyone else that it wasn't him in "a troubled mind" and "critical update"

  6. The lack of an accent and just the way he says "where have I heard that line before?", yeah peter totally got his body back. Thanks for spoiling it Marvel HQ.

  7. True or False?:
    Anything Tom Holland is doing with Spiderman is WAY better than what Disney is doing with him.

    Edit: (Answer: *TRUE*)

  8. Since Symbiote will most likely end up back with Eddie Brock, I hope Anne Weying appears in this series to talk some sense into him.

  9. Why do they still make spider man a teenager ? He’s like 25-30 in the comics, and if your gonna make spider man a teen atleast depict him better

  10. Looks like it's the real Peter. Thank God they did superior spiderman correctly, I was afraid they were going to mess it up.

  11. I hope Oc gets his normal body back or an android that looks like Peter and starts swinging it as superior again

  12. That would be odd because in the actual comic, otto was still in control of peter's body and didn't get separated until facing green goblin when he kidnaps anna maria.

  13. I just finished watching the episode. I was so, so, soooooo satisfying to watch. No spoilers, though for those who don't watch on a certain website where the quality of their CARTOON is so amazing it makes you want to KISS it. (And no that wasn't a typo, and yes this is a clue to what the website is called, that I watched it on maybe. I don't want that amazing website to get banned or anything like that)

  14. I just finished watching the episode and after that, I looked on Marvel’s Spider-Man on Wikipedia and went to the episode description of the next episode titled Brand New Day. The description says that Peter is getting his life back on track, but how do think he does that exactly?

  15. Ok you guys want to know why this arc ended so early? Well I didn’t read the issue of the superior spiderman comics but I think it’s really dark so in the show they kept it kid friendly and something more simple

  16. All these characters are actually from different universes of Earth, (Earth-12041), (Earth-616),
    (Earth-1610) and so on where they collide. Makes me wonder if he is going to meet One Above All after the Goblin Arc or another arc after that?

  17. Thank, thank you so much for this. I love the Superior Spider-Man it is great to see these new series.
    Please don't cancel superior spider-man I love the series so much!

  18. nice to see they are doing some of the old comic stories of the past few years with a new take. to bad the art is garbage compared to the 90s spiderman and ultimate spiderman

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