Sniper Services llc – Bed Bugs treatment in Texas, Oklahoma & New Mexico

bent bug treatments is an extremely
extensive process at sniper services llc we take pride in all our work and ask
our clients to do this short list of preparatory work to help our technicians
be as thorough as possible this will help ensure the success of the treatment
all clothing blankets curtains any washable fabric and dressers closets or
other areas in the apartment must be washed in hot water and dried in a hot
dryer then place them in a tightly sealed plastic trash bag please make
sure if you use drawstring bags they are tightly sealed due to
cross-contamination all laundry must be done off premises
all non clothing items from the bedroom that do not visibly present a bedbug
such as toys baskets and clocks that cannot be washed or sprayed with a
chemical including any items stored in drawers need to be placed in a non
sealed bag we will seal it for you do not include books stuffed animals or
pillows switch plates that cover light switches or electrical outlets need to
be removed from the walls all hanging pictures or artwork need to be taken
down from the walls after the bed frame is neatly disassembled the mattress and
box spring should be leaned against a nearby wall these items must be 100%
completed before the date of the scheduled service otherwise the tenant
will be responsible for all associated charges the items that are not able to
be treated with a chemical or covered in a mattress protector such as a recliner
or sofa will be out of use for 10 days requiring the protective seal not to be
broken the items that were washed in a washer and dryer need to be put in a bag
and sealed and left sealed until the treatment has been completed.

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