– Hello! (package rattles) Not a glitter bomb. (package rattles) Not-a-believe you! Not a glitter bomb. (whimpers) Which way do I open it? If it’s a jump out snake
thing, like a peanut can, oh, help me God! (screams) (heavy thud) I almost broke my glass. (laughs) You’re the worst person. (laughs) Oh, there’s a whole bunch of them! Who are you? (groans) Oh, it’s like that barrel
of monkeys situation; you barrel of spookies! Get off of me! That was scripted, okay. I’m not pouring these into my hand. I know they’re fake; what if one’s real? That’s a lot of legs;
that is a lot of legs. You’re the worst. Kit! I see; are you all attached to each other, like a monkey in a barrel situation? (laughs) Hi! Oh, they’re attached. Oh, ’cause you wanted
me to pull out this end! I see, you thought I was gonna do this! (shouts) I knew it was, there it is again! Wasn’t a glitter bomb. Billy and Jack: stop it. Put those back in there. Thank you for the
experience, loved it, oh man. Get in there! I think this is the first
gift I’ve ever gotten that I’m gonna throw away the package, and what’s inside of the package. Trash; what are these? Oh, you had to put something
sweet in there, didn’t you? Tiny little cute magnets that are blurry. They’re blurry in real life. There’s a spider in here, isn’t there? I hate you guys! Can we get an instant replay
on the reaction, please? From Billy and Jack. (sighs) Thank you, Billy and Jack, I
loved the magnets, that’s it. Oh, this one’s heavy! “Nothing scary inside at all.” Oh, that’s heavy! (laughs) Chicken flavored chips! You got chip flavored chicken? Didn’t think so. (loud rattling) I live an elegant life. I don’t know why I’m
still holding a knife. I’m prepared! Twisties; when I was a kid,
those were something else. Oh, I don’t trust you. New Zealand hat? Exceptional Melt fresh coffee; espresso? Ooh, trying that tomorrow! Is it caffeinated? I can’t try that, I’m so sorry. New Zealand chocolate bars. Guarana energy drink; isn’t that, like, the bad thing that’s in Redbull, and they just put a
whole can of it in here? I can’t have that! It says one can max daily, that’s it! You shouldn’t have any more. Uh oh, is 1,000 milligrams
of caffeine bad? What is…what? Honey! Yes, dear? Look at that! These are from Amber, Lucas, and Nicholai. Everything in this box
was made in New Zealand, other than the hat. Thank ya’ll so much for
the amazing box of snacks! Thank you for being people of your word, and not putting creepy crawly things. This is from Leah DeWitt. DeWitt! What, what, what? These are called A Thousand Words. Before I show it to you, go
follow everything on here, absolutely everything,
even the stuff on the back! Oh, nothing on the back. A Thousand Words, isn’t that beautiful? It’s made of words, 1,000 of them! What? This one’s mine. (chuckles) Word! And then, this one’s Autumn’s. I think mine is made
from, like, quotes of me. Let’s see if I can find a good one. (laughs) I make myself laugh! “You never realize how
much unicorn stuff you have until you realize you have a
lot of unicorn stuff. (laughs) I’m funny! Leah, thank you so much,
these are incredible, and you gave me a good laugh; I loved it! From Kayla Nichols! If I had a “Kayla” nickles
every time she sent me socks, I’d thank you. Bob socks, Bob socks! All my socks are developing holes, I just, for the life of me, can’t figure out why. (chuckles) Kayla Nichols, thank you
so much, I love the socks. I always need socks. “Please be aware of surprise spiders.” I’m always aware! Always! Kathy Sutterweit; Sutterweit! Oh, it’s shady in there,
that’s a shady package! Ravenclaw pen and the nasty
suckers, the nasty ones, the ones with the nasties
in it, the scorpion. Thank you, Kathy! There were no spiders in there,
and that’s all that matters. Butt/face. Oh, I always get my soaps
mixed up, you’re so right! Before I go any further,
who are these from? Laine Peak. Thank you so much! Chipotle grasshoppers! Ya’ll know me so well, there’s
two things I love in life: chipotle and grasshoppers. Gross. A hand-warmer mug for left handers: me! Another one for right handers! I can double-hand coffee, now. I guess this could be left handed too, if you don’t want to drink out of it. There’s no note, but thank you. Oh, surströmmings! Leanne Decoke, thank you for… I love it! Okay, we’re gonna play
a little game called this was the package holding up my camera, I asked ya’ll to guess,
and see who’s got it right. It’s a working title. All right, let’s see. Okay, so Duct Tape is strong. Uh huh, wow! That’s enough Duct Tape! Instant coffee. Ooh, aw! It’s a little mug; I think
it’s a unicorn whale. Little pops for Autumn. Glitter glue, 24 karat
gold Pikachu, and then… It’s a narwhal, got it! Now I know. These are from Aiden Hammond, and he said: “I tried to make the
package as hard as possible for you to open”. Good job, you did it. And then he gave me some Pokemon cards. Okay, I’ll take any of
these as acceptable answers. Let’s look in the comment
sections of Facebook and YouTube to see if anyone was even close! We got one, okay! Sherri Marquez on
Facebook, who’s a top fan, thank you Sherri for being
a top fan, thank you for everything you do, I appreciate it. Sherri says “what’s in the
box challenge: hot stuff, something fragile, candy,
and something you can wear”. Literally zero. (chuckles) Oh, no, you got a little bit right! You got candy, something
fragile, I want more specific! Thank you, Sherri, you were close. Next up, dramatic zoom in! Tanya Price. Tanya Price, who’s also a top fan and a valued commenter on Facebook. Oh, Tanya! Says “my guess is next week’s
box will have some sort of coffee cup, a shirt…” Dear Jesus. “…and snacks”. You got coffee cup right. Tanya, I’m gonna screenshot
it, so far you’re the closest. If I can find someone who
says anything about glue, automatic win, okay? Thank you, Tanya Price, for
participating in today’s game of what’s inside the box? (laughs) Kerrington Dawn Libby on Facebook says “I think the box holding up
the camera contains snacks, hand drawn artwork, a little
Bob Ross, or a new coffee mug.” Everyone’s getting coffee mug so far. Kerrington, I’ll screenshot your comment. Natalie Paris on Facebook
says “I think the box will contain snacks and handmade stuff”. Thank you for the comment, though. Allison Ensein said “I
think there’s gonna be a candle in there”. There’s not. Amy Valez, who’s a top fan on Facebook, says “snacks and treats”. You’ve gotta be a little
more specific than that! Stacy Cholin says “snacks,
Ravenclaw something, also, there’ll be a
unicorn toy for Autumn”. Stacy, you’re ahead in the race! Not for Autumn, but these
are for Autumn, and it’s a “poopicorn”, it’s the
closest thing so far. Let’s go to YouTube, shall we? YouTube comments! Tiara Milas on YouTube says
“I think it’ll be one Bob Ross thing, or something for Kelly and Autumn”. Close. Bridgett says “in the box,
there’ll be at least one note, air, and a surprise for all of us”. Clever! Knitted scarf, Sofia Solario? Wrong. Rachel Ni says “Bob Ross, cereal, artwork or something homemade”? Nope. Zandman says “I think
there’s something to eat, a picture, a drawing, or
something terrifying”. “Unicorn pin,” ooh, Izzo, close! Okay, I didn’t read all
the comments on Facebook and YouTube, ’cause there’s a bunch, but everyone’s saying Bob Ross stuff, you’re all wrong, everyone’s wrong, but I’m gonna say Stacy Cholin
won with the unicorn toy for Autumn, it’s the
closest, most specific thing I could think of. Congrats. (laughs) We need a new box! Stacy, I’ll get ahold of you, okay? I’ll have my people
call you; I’m my people. This is the new package,
what do you think is in here? It feels hard right here, soft right here, smushy, and then hard. Make sure you comment below
what you think is in here, I’ll read the comments, shout
you out if you’re close, if you’re the winner, I’ll
also shout you out, okay? That’s how this thing works, and then I’ll send you something. Thank you to everyone who participated. Moving right along! Sweet galaxy, bro. (chuckles) Thanks. Aiden, by the way, thank
you so much for the gift, I loved it! Everyone loved guessing,
but they were all wrong. Mandy Howard says “I’ve
become obsessed with trying artsy stuff since watching
your Bob Ross videos, so now I have to deal with the
consequences of my actions”. I’m assuming she made me a bunch of stuff, which I’m excited about. Catnip cocktail. Kit! Where does the ball go? Not up there. That’s what catnip smells like? Oh, good lord, you sent
me so many paintings! You’re lying, you did not do this. What? Ya’ll make me feel bad about my art. That’s really good. “Are you watching closely,”
oh, that’s from The Prestige! I’m part of the bloody
act, you fool! (chuckles) This is cool, I love this so much. If I can see you kissing
your wife’s leg from behind the stage, then so can the
blokes in bloody rows 3 and 4! That was a bad Michael Caine
impersonation. (laughs) That was super awesome, love that! The Prestige is my
favorite movie, by the way. Shut up, you’re talented, get out of here! Me, Gloria, and Autumn. That was one of the
Easter pictures we took. How are you so…shut it! Hot glue art, what? That’s great! Kit. Kit! She don’t care; I care, I love it! Please don’t tell me
this is paint pouring. After I just did a paint pouring, and it was bad paint
pouring, I’m so sorry! It’s fantastic, as
usual, Mandy’s fantastic! Mandy, Mandy, Mandy, Mandy. You’re extremely talented, stop that, you dirty little dooter. That’s a candle. I love candles, I burn them
all the time, let’s burn it! A whisk for your head. (loud buzz) More tea. Hello? A B for Gloria. A little unicorn headband,
that’s cool, I’ll wear that. Open glitters. What, this takes me back! Strange Brew, I remember
watching this when I was a kid. Absolutely love this movie. How did you know? Who is it from? I don’t know! It’s from Veronica Brown;
Veronica Brown, thank you so much! These are from Jenny and the
kids, KY Cup Lady on Facebook. KY Cup Lady! It’s for Autumn; little
tumbler, love that. How do ya’ll make these? Gloria; I really like,
that kind of looks like the paint pouring thing
I did, but really good. Oh, it’s got the card that
was stuck in the ceiling, shout out to everybody who knows that! The dice, love it, knitting,
origami, Ravenclaw, balloon animals, Bob Ross,
Poonicorn, Starbucks, Jordon, man, and “jear
desus” at the bottom. Jenny, plus kids, plus thank you! Before I open this last
gift and contemplate combing my hair, every single
week we take ad revenue that we make on YouTube and
Facebook, and we donate it to a charity of ya’ll’s choice, okay, the hand movements have
nothing to do with the story, so just ignore them. This week, Cassidy Cox on YouTube
said “you should donate to an underprivileged elementary
school for supplies and school stuff, since school
will be starting again”. I love that idea. Cassidy Cox, I appreciate the comment. I’ll find a way, and we
will donate to help kids get school supplies, since
school’s coming up soon. Gross, for the school thing. Gross, I don’t want to
go back to school, no! If there’s a charity ya’ll
want me to know about, or a charity ya’ll want us to donate to, just put it in the comment
section below, I will read it, my hands are actually going
along with the story this time! There they go. Aiden Plute, thank you
so much for the letter. Your favorite video is
the nice hotel video? (laughs) That was a good
one, I do miss Cuban coffee. So much Andes mints! B’loonies! (laughs) I haven’t done these in forever! You have the little straw,
and then you make a balloon out of the, yep, we’re doing that. (laughs) Thank you for the post
card; I will sign it, and I will send it back to you! I’ll sign it three times. What? Look at that, look at that frame, too. Jear desus. Aiden, thank you so much,
I will hang this up. I love it! Kit, look, it’s me! Thank you so much, I love
it, I love it when ya’ll send me hand drawn stuff; I’ll set it up in the office today. Who’s cleaning up the mess? You’re a cat, okay.

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