SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME Official Trailer (2019) Tom Holland Movie HD

Thank You spider-man That was so good Hey, sorry, I’m late. Happy. You look nice. Thank you. You too. Thank you. New dress? Yes, it is, how’d you know? What just happened? Planning a trip? Mhm. Going to Europe It’s a school trip Let’s get your passport Peter Parker here to pick up a passport, please mini toothpaste. Let’s pack your suit I I just want to go on my trip with my friends Europe doesn’t really need a friendly neighborhood spiderman You look really pretty. Therefore I have value? no, no, that’s not wha- I’m messing with you. You look pretty too I just want to spend some time with MJ. I think she really likes me dude. That reminds me of the first time i fell in love. I had just finished my coffee So nice to finally meet you, spider-man You’re Nick Fury. Put some clothes on. Let’s go for a ride. Is he going to be ok like that? Might want to turn him over so he doesn’t swallow his tongue I think Nick Fury just hijacked our summer vacation Awesome! You got gifts Parker, but we have a job to do. Are you going to step up or not? You’re all alone. Your friends are in trouble. What are you gonna do about it? You don’t want any part of this Who is that guy he’s like Iron Man and Thor rolled into one. He’s no spider-man What is it with you and spider-man what he looks out for the neighbor? It has a dope suit and I really respect him sup dickwad

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34 thoughts on “SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME Official Trailer (2019) Tom Holland Movie HD

  1. "What? He's a cool dude! I really respect him."

    (Talking about spiderman)

    (Looks at peter)

    "Sup dickwad?"

  2. Spider-man spider-man
    Dose what ever a spider can he can feel he can slap he has no time for a nap…..

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