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crazy he should everything what’s up everybody welcome back to kit
city today we are doing another gear game this time it is Spidey edition into
the spider / into the spider verse yeah all kinds of spider-man character by the
way we are playing for the kid city championship belt the current holder is
little flash the gear game is where we roll the dice we move around the board
we try to collect three items of superhero gear which is a mask in this
case weapons which includes a spidey fist web-shooters and a piece of a
costume which is like the shirt or like a full costume those weapons have
special powers when we play the game for example the mist will knock out a
tile and send everybody the other direction when you gain a web shooter
you can choose another player and still an item from them when you get to a
green tile you can pass through the middle and that middle contains a shock
strike Miles Morales spider-man action figure which we’re gonna open up in a
box and see how that plays into the game let’s do it guys this is the Miles
Morales shock strike spider-man he’s got this she hit the button his eyes glow
we’ve also got this that comes with it and it’s got two functions this button
moves him around C will move them around there in this button so this is the
shoot button and this is the motion button and you guys need to know that
because we’re gonna put this on the game board somewhere on the game board and
you’re gonna be able to control this spider-man to shoot still a gear peace
from to go now we ready to start the game
youngest to oldest Ava there she goes as she rolls a 2 1 2
she’s on orange then you get a sure yeah because this does not count even though
she’s wearing her Spider Girl costume that doesn’t count she still has to get
3 pieces of gear 1 2 3 red piece oh she just knocked out miles 3 and she is
gonna collect the first piece of gear oh that’s a little let’s get you the bigger
shirt so we’re gonna switch out this kids shirt for the adult shirt here and
she’s got the game verse spiderman t-shirt very nice guys here we go
Ava’s turn 1 2 3 oh she went across that doesn’t do anything yet because you have
to get the you have to get the gauntlet for it the remote control for it to
control it so you can’t stay there and keep going across if you want okay so
she’s gonna go across come on champ 3y chip another blank one there she goes
oh she got three one two three good I’m glad you didn’t get that
spider-man mask I’m gonna try the volleyball sir one alright one psycho 205 G one two three four five
oh she picked up a yellow web shooter she get the Miles Morales web shooter
you can save it mmm Ava is in the rain with a weapon and four one two three four he’s got that
mozz Morales muscle suit three I’m in second place now nice I like it still but the kids did is that a song the dude
did it dude oh my goodness he’s he’s getting rekt three all right y’all think
I can hit one again be amazing I’m gonna stop three okay now I’ve got it
one two three I’m gonna stay because I need that got
it okay whoa we got five all right David go five you gonna stay are you gonna walk across
she’s gonna walk across listen listen if you roll it to next time you’re the
winner three one two three all right skillet hey number 2 oh she gonna do it she’s gonna do it three two three
every day I need a – you need it – yeah all right this is how Becky didn’t one
time he said may the force be to I got a rusty Force One ah two AH three
I’m passed up that mask I needed those shoes coming out of that big old Spidey
dress oh she kicked it one two three four five and she picks up some Spidey
fists now that you have Spidey fists at any
point you can punch one of the tiles and remove it and that means everybody has
to go the other direction okay Oh red and he gets a six five man we are coming
up empty you get a two and you got nothing – is too late all right
may the force be I got nothing so may the force yeah may the force just give
me anything one you ready week four where she okay you’re all blue are you are you gonna
break it she wrecked this she has removed this
you guys can go this way but you can’t go past the purple so you gotta go the
other direction if you want to go all the way across the board okay okay I
need it you need a one what you can go one listen you can go either direction
one or you can go to okay one any picks up this Spidey Grinch man has that’s
right yes good move Ava okay alright isn’t
interesting now interesting she rolls a 2 so which way do you want to go no you
can still go that way and that would be a way to get across the board by using
the bridge the the invisible bridge we ran out of tiles here too that’s pretty good move Lord I’m gonna
keep going this way okay one two three Amos turn okay
she’s meant she’s landing on every single space that has something oh my
goodness okay one two three four to five oh she
got okay so she got the spider Gwyn web-shooter and she’s gonna steal
something from somebody she’s got something to spare over there Oh would
you instill oh sure she’s going to take the big spider verse shirt and she’s
going to leave now oh all right after some wailing and gnashing of teeth we
have worked on a trade to where Ava has this shirt and mom city’s weapon mom
said he’s carrying now the Spidey fists and the dress shirt there it is baby are you serious so sorry and she rolls a
four one three four okay four on the orange all right he
needs a weapon to win it but it’s way over here three now where are you
starting blue you can also get a green and go across together with him she
rolls up one okay five excuse me sir one two three one 200 now you get to control him now
okay Ava do you want to use this now to steal someone’s item okay you need a
mask to win it okay so look we’re gonna access who do you want to steal from okay go take Spidey Grinch mask look at
that oh she’s still shooting him oh he’s going crazy he should everything
oh my goodness little flash is going to present with
also good attitude the kid city championship belt oh he gave her a kid
city championship hat if you watch more Gear games we’ll give you a link right
up here check out our ain’t no skier game that one was great

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