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oh he’s doing it he’s doing it what what’s up everybody this is dad city in
the kid city families with flash Ava and mom City and we’re back with another
Spidey experiment we already tested a bunch of spider gear out
well we already tested a bunch of spider gear out but now we’re back to see if
those that spider gear actually gives you super power Spidey power agility
yeah spidey sense water the web shooting
ability and the wall climbing ability we’re going to we’re going to check out
all those things and see if this the spider gear actually can do something
for you it’s important to know for kids if this stuff actually works poor we get
started if you like spider-man any like the new spider-man Home Coming movie
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any spotty superpower which one would it be
mine is all of them you ready yeah we are now going to test little
spider-man’s ability to glide so we opened up these web gliders to see
everybody in our last video but we didn’t really test them out we didn’t
see if it gives him the ability to actually glide off of high altitudes
what do you think you think this is going to help you like well we got him
on this four foot step ladder and he’s going to dive off and see if it actually
gives them the ability to fly he’s getting ready you have you done your
stretches well oh there he goes there we go stretching stretching oh
yeah tacks still showing buddy or you get
lightheaded because of the altitude now ready you’re nervous okay hold on let’s
get you this is like a UH a TV network special pitch time but first a word from
our sponsors Joe free ha ha hey wait a minute why try
to steal the shuffle alright three two one Aceveda
Muzzin not flying yet surely these must work this time give you the ability to
glide go I think that you actually may be picked up to near that time what do
you think yeah it’s okay I don’t know about this I think you’ve got a longer
way to drop in our last video we also tested our silly-string web shooter but
we also discovered that it has a water shooting ability and right now we’ve got
some new mystery minis and we’re going to test Luke a black cat already died we
are going to test our water shooting ability let’s put her and see if little
Spidey has web shooting water shooting abilities so today we’ve got lucky
headed Iron Man we got black cat The Scarlet Spider or superior spider
and a baby Hulk yeah he looks like angry baby Hulk hey let’s do it whoa there you go oh he’s a ho
spider and wait wait we’re trying to knock them off you’re not just trying to
dunk them hey you need some more peepee power
looks like a looks like you can’t get the PP out tighten the muscles you’ll
get it out just tighten the muscles they’re just
laughing at you yeah they are they’re just laughing at you what are you doing
girl look at this wall-crawling look his
spider-woman wall-crawling alright okay oh you got too close okay
I’m making everybody mad yeah yeah oh okay he got her testing his own web
crawling abilities uh-oh he’s a little wet what now oh he’s out ha ha ha ha
snowball oh that was a good spiral he did
will we get this now our spider climbing abilities enjoy what our spider climbing
ability into it Oh spider climbing up roll over I think the mask is muscle in
you oh whoa whoa whoa does his spider costume give him actual
abilities it’s the question all of us want to know you look you look like
you’re searching for something maybe maybe this is a stickier portion of the
wall what’s going on you might want to pay attention to your dog hey what you
doing hi looks like we’re trying to escape prison oh he’s doing it he’s
doing it what he’s doing Oh buddy what he just climbed the wall like
spider-man Oh powers just gave out how would I take my
spire sable this is a mechanical mask that if you move your jaw it changes
expression we’re going to see if this actually gives some spider sense get
ready here we go I’ll count to three three two one oh yeah you did it mom city’s gonna do it
three two one oh honey percent so far I think you might actually have spidey
sense three two one all right when we’re done we’re done
three two one almost 100% but it is sad alright so now I’m going to test second
spider agility and see if he can avoid these nerf bullets ready now I’ve got a malfunction. Uh Oh I’ve got Spider-Man in the corner I got little spider girls
oh one more dark one more dark oh he definitely has Spidey speed to that
spidey experiment number two remember to give us a thumbs up push that subscribe
button work what else and let me know which
advices you have do you have a spice box what rings a bell ring the bell Bell ah
become more of these videos for more family fun from kid City

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