Spider-Man: SPIDER-VERSE takes New York Comic Con

*crowd noises* *dramatic music begins* *dramatic music* *music and vocalization* *music before more funky* “Fire” *funky music* *music changes* *slow music* *crowd starts laughing, music stops* Spider-Man: NO! *laughter* *music starts up again* *dance music* *dance music with a steady increasing beat* *music begins to crescendo* *dance beat changes* *dance music* *cuts to romantic music with rhythmic snapping* *romantic music with rhythmic snapping* Green Goblin: GOBLINS IN LOVE! Green Goblin: It’s a match made in hell!
*rhythmic snapping continues* Green Goblin: Yes!! *Mary Jane screaming, music changes to a darker beat* *Mary Jane screaming and Green Goblin laughing* *punch noises in rapid succession* *Green Goblin yells, Mary Jane screams* *Mary Jane unintelligible*
Green Goblin: Bring her back! Green Goblin: NO! WHY?! Green Goblin: Stop It! Green Goblin: AHHHH!!! *music continues* *music gets softer* *cheers* *one man laughing* (off screen): Yessss!! Green Goblin: Alright Doc Ock, let’s bring this party. Green Goblin: There was the time we beat the Spider-Man. Deadpools All Together: Spider-Man Suuucks! (awkward fade out) Spider-Men All Together Strongly: DEADPOOL SUCKS! YEAH! DEADPOOL SUCKS! YEAH! *baby cries in the background*
Green Goblin: These guys may be bigger menaces than Spider-Man! *music starts up again* *music continues* Green Goblin: HEY! WHAT GIVES? I thought I killed you? *Green Goblin screams* Gwenpool: You’re Gwen? I’m Gwen! Gwenpool: Only one can survive! Gwenpool: Hey! *music changes, becomes more bouncy* *music continues with female vocalization* *music cuts and fades to crowd noises* *music begins with the punch*
Green Goblin: Owwww! Green Goblin: I deserve that. Green Goblin: Ahhh! Green Goblin: NO! NO! *Green Goblin making noises of pain* *crowd noises cut out, music only* Sean Ward: If you like this video, make sure you subscribe. Sean Ward: Cause we do new superhero stuff every single week. Sean Ward: Browse the channel for lots more from New York Comicon! Sean Ward: Shout outs here for KJBT123, Sean Ward: Legendverse, Jonathan Ruly and Mr. Awesome E. J. New subscriber alert: Moonlight, Leonardo131Playzgame, Caleb Shay and Black Ray Drummer. Sean Ward: Are you a new subscriber? Sean Ward: What was your favourite part of this video? Sean Ward: Let me know in the comments and I’ll shout you out!

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100 thoughts on “Spider-Man: SPIDER-VERSE takes New York Comic Con

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  5. Step one – skip to 1:03
    Step two – Playback speed 0.25
    Step three – watch until spiderman saves the day

    Slo-mo ass clap.

    You're welcome.

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