Spider-Man vs. Venom 3: Enter Carnage – Spider-Man Ultimate 6

Even with a piece of the symbiote you didn’t stand a chance against us Parker. Not now, not ever. Whose to say I don’t have more of it Brock? Our other tells us that you are using the one sample that was left at Doctor Conner’s lab. Your other is quite the tattle-tale, Brock. We think it’s time you return what belongs to us. How unfortunate, black suited you well. Now we can feel him. He isn’t far. I think I lost a couple of ribs there. We’ll break the rest of you later. But first, there is someone we must find. He knows I’m not going anywhere. He’s just about broken every bone in my body. But. Who could he possibly be after? He should be here. It’s about time you found me. You’re the one we sensed. Who are you? I am your spawn. Our offspring? Now we remember. Our other reproduced and had you. That’s right. I can do everything you can do. Only better. You? Better than us? We will soon put you in your place. There’s no need to fight me. We could kill people together. Get some of that father and son bonding time. Kill who? Everyone. We can’t kill everyone. We are not meant to kill the innocent. Why should your bloodlust end with Spider-Man? Spider-Man is not innocent. We will kill him to protect those who are. Just as we now have to kill you. You don’t understand old man. There are no innocents. There is only death, chaos and me. Carnage. Carnage? You are nothing but a cheap, red imitation of us. And we will rip your tentacles off, one by one. Oh, I like the sound of that.

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100 thoughts on “Spider-Man vs. Venom 3: Enter Carnage – Spider-Man Ultimate 6

  1. This would have been over in a few seconds considering that Symbiote Black Suit Spider-Man is stronger than Venom ,by a lot.

  2. Two things I have to say. First thing, you did such an AMAZING job with Carnage and how he moved. Just started to get into 3D animations for my classes and I don't even want to imagine how much of a pain in the ass that scene would have been to make. And second, what did you use to augment both Venom's and Carnage's voices? Because I doubt the you sound like a symbiote on a daily basis haha. Anyways, good luck if you do ever decide to come back to this, it being both fantastic but at the same time seemingly a crap-ton of time is needed to do these. Hope you do well with whatever you decide to do though and have a great day!

  3. This was spectacular! Not only is the animation the best I've ever seen for a web series, the voice actors put a lot of depth into their characters and the writing is amazing! I definitely subbed.

  4. This is the most accurate portrayal of Carnage and Venom I've ever seen! The voices are on point and Carnage's body language is superb.

  5. Not to be rude or anything but… these people rushing you don't understand. it takes a lot of time to animate. And it's ridiculously hard to weight characters

  6. "You don't understand old man, there are no inocents, there is only death, chaos and me Carnage, and thnik of the damage we can do now man, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

  7. You might have misunderstanded me on my last comment,for me Venom always has a cringy voice which made him Venom that's why it's hard to perpotrate/copy. Had to seperate this comment due to lag.


  9. Hey everyone, thanks to the community there are now subtitles in other languages other than English and Spanish. There are now subtitles available in German, Greek, Indonesian, Portuguese and Russian as well.

  10. 0:26 Class Russian!!! Thank you for translating into Russian, and that spider from the game is a spider man 3. I realized that even better it's done in a terrible game.

  11. this was awesome you are amazing with your work for a person that i assume did these in home by himself however this is just an assumption and i just want to say that if i ever create a group or a business that gets a chance to make animated spiderman films i will definitely consider hiring you to help with the work of the animations

  12. That’s epic but I really want to see the next episode of venom v carnage and I like that venom said i will rip your tentacles off one by one

  13. I remember watching this episode… It was actually uploaded on my 9th birthday! 8/29/2006 is when I was born. This episode was great then, it's even greater now! I'm about to turn 13 years old in two days. I am stoked to see Ultimate 7 in September.

    It was a truly great memory, patiently waiting for the final chapter…

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  15. SPIDER-MAN and VENOM go up against CARNAGE in the epic conclusion to the entire Spider-Man Ultimate Series in Spider-Man vs. Venom 4, WATCH IT NOW!


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