SPIDER SHOWDOWN! | Hot Wheels City: Season 1 | Episode 2

– Hi, it’s me, Kraven. Last time, I
unleashed my cobras. And those brothers
ruined everything. Now I have a question for them: what has eight legs and is about to destroy Hot Wheels City? (cackling laughter) (newsroom sounds) – New news. Large spiders are
attacking the gas station. (dramatic music)
(growling and hissing) – A giant spider! Oh no! – Well, that’s not good. (radio static)
Chase, Elliot. – Go for Elliot. – We need help. – One problem, Sheriff, our cars are kinda–
– [Chase] Smushed. – [Sheriff] Three words: Super Ultimate Garage. I got cars coming your way. Keep your eyes to the sky. (exciting music) – Yeah, sweet jet! Dibs on the chrome. (tires screeching) Woo, these things are fast! – Hopefully fast enough. – [Chase] Okay, what’s the plan? – [Elliot] I don’t know. Get their attention?
(horn honking) – [Chase] Whoa, that
worked, now what? – [Elliot] Split up. (exciting music) (Elliot yelling) (hissing) Hey, no free rides. (tires screeching) (yelling) Chase, how are you doing? – Oh, I’m great,
I’m just just great. Ha, you missed! (yelling) (hissing) Not so fast, spider dude. (engine revving) They’re getting away. – Not if we can help it. Come on! (engines revving)
(tires screeching) (exciting music) – [Man] I love it
here, it’s so peaceful. (hissing)
(screaming) Not peaceful!
– [Woman] Spiders! – This mud is no good. – (groans) I just waxed it. – [Sheriff] Yeehaw! Brought you boys
some new wheels. – [Chase] Woo! Dibs on the red. (Chase singing dramatically) Four wheels are faster
than eight legs. Whoa, where’d they go? (splatting) – [Elliot] They’re above us! Gotta get them out
of those trees. Follow my lead. (exciting music) – Partly cloudy with
a chance of spiders. (swishing) – [Elliot] One more. (swishing) – I want to know where all these evil creatures are coming from. – I want to know who sent them. – I want to know that, too. (sinister music) – You may have
defeated my spiders, but they aren’t the biggest
problem you’ll have to face. No, the biggest is yet to come. (cackling laughter) Ew! Where did all this
mud come from? (grunting)
(engine grinding) Note to self, eliminate all mud
from Hot Wheels City. (exciting music)

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19 thoughts on “SPIDER SHOWDOWN! | Hot Wheels City: Season 1 | Episode 2

  1. these are pretty short, but they are really entertaining, i just wonder how many hours do you spend on these

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