Spider Vs Wasp In Battle To The Death

COMM: This battle between a spider wasp and a wolf spider marks the start of one of nature’s
grizzliest fights for survival. COMM: Spider wasps are so called because they hunt spiders, not because they are an arachnid.
The spider wasp’s sting is one of the most painful insect stings known to man. COMM: Its opponent is known for its agility
and speed as well as having great eyesight. COMM: Striking with its venomous stinger, the wasp attacks the spider over and over
again, paralyzing its prey. COMM: But the ordeal is far from over. COMM: Dragging the helpless spider back to its den, the wasp lays its egg in the spider’s
abdomen. COMM: Making the unsuspecting spider a living host. COMM: Ultimately, the parasitic lava will
consume the spider from the inside out.

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35 thoughts on “Spider Vs Wasp In Battle To The Death

  1. Abispa López obrador,..y morena ,.. arañas prian mc ,. La lucha sigue les enseñarán alos marranos como es lo bueno del progreso ,..y no lo egoísta de codiciosos y muérete ,..

  2. i watched a spider fight a wasp in my house once.the spider won.though it was kinda long.they fought for hours,but the next day only the husk of the wasp remained.

  3. I came here because I just watched one of these guys drag a spider back go its nest, and I went on a quest to find out exactly what sort of wasp it was. Really cool

  4. My mom knows about how big Australia spiders are and she fears spiders and yet she is forcing me to move to Australia with her

  5. You do know that there are other species of spider wasps right? "Spider wasps" are not a species, they're a family (Pompilidae)

  6. This wasp egg is unfertilized because it picked on a small spider. The egg will hatch as male wasp. If the wasp egg is fertilized, she will look for a bigger spider to support a female offspring. Female larvae is more demanding when it comes to protein source because female wasps are twice larger than the males.

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