Spray foam insulation nightmare: What can happen if it’s not installed correctly (CBC Marketplace)

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75 thoughts on “Spray foam insulation nightmare: What can happen if it’s not installed correctly (CBC Marketplace)

  1. I gave my wife a spray foam breast enhancement while she was asleep. I used the triple action foam. She woke up and is a 44 ddd.

  2. The W5 journalist wasn't in the house during the cure time and he immediately got a headache, so that's just BS about them being chemically sensitized during the cure time.

  3. In a nutshell, you've got issues with (trace amounts of common solvents in nearly every product you purchase) My god, let's call the lawyers

  4. I bet the trailer that they are staying in has urethane foam in it. This is a new revelation to me and I used to spray urethane foam, what a shame… great insulation that could be harmful to people!

  5. In the last few weeks , I refused to have my house weatherize or insulated because I have asthma. The the process was free to me because it was through the city. I knew without a doubt I shouldn't have it done and now I'm glad I did not. they never told me I had to take a week off from work, nor did they tell me I could not stay in the house. All I pictured was a bunch of holes in the walls and men walking around in white suits and goggles. The mess was more than I could handle, so I declined.

    They also told me that I could not have my house rewired after this process.

  6. EASY FIX: Install exhaust fan at one end of the attic, and fresh air intake at the other end of the attic.

    However, I am no pro and have no experience with this stuff. I just think if the attic has an exhaust fan, you wouldn't notice anything in any room under the attic. I could be wrong, but if it was my house, that would be my first action.

  7. it was not heated write when being sprayed happens every time I c this problem my bosses house same problem and we Ben doing this 4 30 years

  8. Why spray foam when you can use an all natural product called fiberglass? No cemicals, no mixing or spraying…

  9. People seem to have forgotten the Chinese Sheetrock Scandal. Those chemicals are listed in the sheetrock. Look into that millions of homes were torn down or still haven't been tested.

  10. 19:00 were sorry they got sick but they paid for it so basically it's not our problem. but we added in our contract about the safety hazards now

  11. Come on two months later and the family is still having the same problem? It's common sense that it was an error of the installer, their screwup!

  12. I deliver with truck like 10 tanks of this they call great stuff Foam that is hazardous material A and B tanks to state of Wyoming.They use for oil lines from Alaska to Texas.And is great for temporary use as they due to keep pipes straight for welding.But will newer spray in my house.All foam as the Polystyrene (C8H8)n <<< are radioactive. If I haul in my trailer 10 tanks in case they opens and mix will close that much road like miles and cleaning will be over $20.000 then you know how bad it is. All load was 41.000 lb.Thanks God no more to take that load.

  13. Using a non-vapour permeable foam such as this would not be allowed under the 'Building Regulations' (Part L) in the UK.
    We build very differently too; many American houses are just sheds!
    All loft insulation must be vapour permeable and the loft space requires specified levels of ventilation too, to avoid condensation forming on the roof tiles, which has been proven to rot the tile battens!
    Thank goodness we have more regulation than the US, but isn't that the same old problem with America – less regulation gives more profits, and these companies are making lots of money, that's all that counts in the US! SICK COUNTRY!

  14. My brother "discovered" spray foam 20 years ago. He DIY and learned well how to install it right. Know your chemical soup.

  15. Nice fear mongering. "Are you SCARED?". How can I really assume this is good journalism when you are using 1950s horror movie theremin tracks as the lead in to the test results? Very few facts. Very much scare tactics and delivery. Is this an issue? Yes, Is this blowing things out of proportion as a risk? Damn straight. Is it done in a very one sided way, yes it was.

  16. These pansies cry and whine and bicker instead of going up in the attic and pulling all the foam out they go by a camper instead I'm doing the work themselves they let their home just go. What a bunch of losers all they had to do is do the work themselves and take the damn foam out!

  17. My friend's gun shop just caught on fire from a lithium battery exploding and the only thing that saved the shop from burning down was the foam insulation so this stuff could go either way it could be a bulletproof product if installed correctly. My advice would be to do some research into the company and see how many complaints they've had before using them

  18. Lhess Chemicals the better…for sure this Foam is pure chemicals therefore, you will be breathing that for life.and if not, long term cancerigenous chemicals. You save on Hydro to spend with the Hospital.

  19. I can tell you guys EXACTLY what is wrong here. The INSTALLER/S applied additional layers of insulation BEFORE the PREVIOUS layers were CURED. In other words, it WAS NOT ALLOWED TO DRY. Subsequent layers applied SEALED IN the UNCURED INSULATION. The Company that sold the service, as well as the UNTRAINED applicator/s are LIABLE. PERIOD.
    In the US, we have a choice, one choice is pulverized NEWSPAPER- blown in wet, allowed to dry, NONTOXIC.
    Get an ATTORNEY.

  20. drawn out and melodramatic like bollywood: how is mixing spray foam important, and what does it release into the air, etc?

  21. SO clean out the attic… Work on it everyday util you get it all out.. cut your losses and charge it to the game.

  22. Install a couple high volume air mover fans in the attic. One bringing fresh air in, the other pushing out…..it will cure out. Place 5 gal buckets of activated charcoal up there as well. Sell your camper…

  23. I work with this everyday, after a few minutes it sets up 96%. It’s all the the way cured in 24 hours. Whoever sprayed it probably sprayed bad foam, maybe due to spraying it too fast to where it doesn’t set up correctly. That’s what I’ve learned.
    Also maybe it didn’t get aired out correctly, but when we scrap foam after a day or two the foam smells a little bit, but nothing bad. Also it’s great for helping the stability of the house


  25. If they can't smell anything … make sure they stay inside for a couple of hours with the windows closed … at gunpoint if necessary. Make sure you video everything.

  26. Half of this is total bs, i was an applicator for over 5 years and there was not one complaint about the foam regardless of how thick it was. Its easily the most effective insulation, if it's done correctly of course

  27. Love that the couple traded up the cheap mold infused home for an even cheaper formaldehyde infused chinese trailer.

    Not gonna be any problems there… and on a side note; you ever wonder what happened to all those discount FEMA trailers from hurricane katrina?

  28. of course the foam manufacture company is not going to want to pay for the removal… big money, these companies will go out of business if this happens to often.

  29. Spray foam that smells like sulfur is a kind of cheap products, who ever installed is either THEY DON'T CARE ANY HEALTH HAZARD OR THEY ARE JUST ONE OF THOSE COMPANY THAT WANTS ONLY A PROFIT

  30. With all the hilariously dumb stories I hear coming out of Florida, I would find it very difficult, at any price point, to give someone the responsibility of mixing chemicals and spraying there.

  31. This foam is only meant for filling gaps under the window cavity etc…it smells like Epoxy Glue it basically can get you high…

  32. So we build using flame retardant plywood, shaft wall, etc…and use flammable materials for insulation…ummhhh

  33. There's no need to add this to walls. Add it in the attic – and properly R-valued batten for the walls. Remember, walls are where your wiring/plumbing live. And you may need to visit in the future.

  34. Jeeeezus Christ! Spit it out already! We get it! Something went wrong with installation. Just tell us what exactly went wrong and dispense with the cliff hanger horror stories! 🙄🖕🏽

  35. The elite corporate globalist assume no responsibility for anything. Long term injury, the disposal of their products..you name it. They just laugh as they roll in the $$$. They've made money destroying the earth and the health of life on it. Good example is cell phones, EMF and coming 5G. The ABC agencies are complicit.

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