Staff Eats Insects to Test Potential for Animal Protein

let’s go into the bugs now for a while
now we’ve been talking about the future of uh… animal protein and the
potential for insects to be a an important alternative source both in
terms of how much energy is required to create x_ amount of protein blah blah
blah we did in order from thailand unique dot
com we paid for these bugs they were not given to us on the bonus show we’ve got
some chocolate covered silk worms that will try let’s open up lewis the bag of
mix bugs salted mixed bugzilla news outlets given
the chocolate any have always remember you’ve got a hold everything up
communities are these are boiled and dehydrated com romance and uh… sultan slightly salted i believe okay some pretty gnarly looking things
in here do they have paprika i don’t know what this is a looks like the head
of something i’m just gonna go for it okay gearing up lewis is trying to bug is insulting assault is it it tastes like um… okay not very good no first resort is pretty disgusting the lewis’s trying but clearly it seems
to be some type of wings krithika do you mind if any of you know one eat the
wings i’ve heard about that are not the time
you want to grab one and maybe head back over to your station to try it uh… modern odor framing as it’s
probably a cricket so we’ve got someone removal going on
with removing wings with surgical precision and infinite time and the time taking it
back with him soloist describe what else appears to be
in there’s some big type were right here so
i guess i can give this russia you’re about for sending you’re in charge here ballistic tasting bliss trying that was ok okay and that’s our look so it’s been a time
now and given the time show you guys got one of these uh… uh… cricket against yellows will lose kid with a lot of what
it was metallica not used all three it’s crunchy do you actually it’s quite nice is their
extensive person enter lavender the defense i can’t tell if there’s any person them
but there’s a little lavender there is one hundred years thing in or even though there isn’t all right and then so what else do we
wanted to do we uh… do we want to open up the other bag the grasshoppers let’s go to grasshoppers ok again why we
eating bugs a lot of questions the reason is so much discussion about the
sustainability of animal protein going forward so the idea is if bugs what was
pulling out a grasshopper if bugs are going to be the future of
sustainable animal protein we want to see what that’s like so this
is kind of the main course the savory dishes on the bonus you will be going
with the with some some chocolate bugs so they say you’re supposed to take
off the legs i’m going to do that now probably this guys looking at me on the giant allright lewis is going for
it this is incredible ladies and gentlemen mark this down as an incredible
dangerous injury from what i hear this is supposed to be like the most pleasant of what we toward a
delicacy of sorts louis going for it but who is doing louis shocked i think i hear a lot of crunch i hope
your microphones picking up that crunch fascinating louis give us a sense of what’s going on
his eyes rolling back not necklaces that shoppers find it’s
the most mind a lot of everything really yeah would you think it would be good if
it was like a with sabi grasshopper i think was sabi would definitely a we definitely kick things up a bit yeah alright anything else you want to do
with this guys in the times in the limelight granddaughter the time taking a grasshopper louis
handing it to him all right well let’s look at you might
want to hear that was going on rebel looks a little
too big of a conference but uh… this is incredible guys i think we’re
gonna have to cut this short the second here no we gotta go another
day people asking if but these are pesticide
free yeah i believe that these are the only
ingredients here are these are naturally raise thailand grasshoppers dehydrated boiled and uh… salted
lightly salted the short run this grasshoppers really actually pretty
good you like the rest after it for a buck is pretty good interesting
he may just be the grasshoppers head okay crunchy and reproductive okay so guys let’s wrap up here if the move in the future is towards insect protein as a form of
sustainability nutrition and positive fact on the environment r_u_ based on his experience comfortable
exploring that going forward we need to have the heavy seasoning and uh… proper cooking techniques and the time yet i think uh… if we had some spices
to this too could be treated over the textures terrific so on the bonus you know we will break
out the deserts of course which will be chocolate-covered silk worms and we’ll see how that goes
in and that might be about all we can take of this i think it will have to
wrap it up nothing so ok let’s take a break coming up next great interview for
you guys plus a lot more things i want to talk about after that interview stay
tuned big picture of the day thanks for watching hi to everyone on
the live stream base but that hot flashes if the package
is paid the david had mentioned and david
mcintosh on

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68 thoughts on “Staff Eats Insects to Test Potential for Animal Protein

  1. Why did David not try? :(:(:(:(

    I am all for society eating bugs instead of intelligent animals like Pigs and Cows. I wouldn't mind trying a grasshopper.

  2. everyone that tried insects says grasshoppers are tasty.

    I need to try them one day i guess. But dont you normally take off the legs, dust them with wheat, and then fry them in a pan with oil and add some selected and mild spices, like maybe paprika or rosemary? That they are boiled and then freeze dried and only slightly salted doesnt seem right to me.

  3. Why is protein such a huge fucking deal? If you eat enough calories, you'll get enough protein. Beans, vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds… enough protein! Why even consider animals and insects?

  4. it has been established that humans digest insect protines easyer and more eficciently than mamalian protine, its natural for us humans to eat insects.

  5. Its funny how David is persuading Louis & Natan to do this and then laughing AS they do it. It takes me back to my childhood when………never mind.
    *calls therapist*

  6. I think the answer is to feed the cattle, pigs and chickens these repulsive insects and then we'll eat the tasty steaks, bacon and chicken fingers.

  7. To be honest, pink slime sound more inviting to me. I ate a grasshopper when I was twelve, still can remember the horrible taste.

  8. Could probably get away with eating bugs pretty easily if we need to. We haven't really had an extended experience of cooking them as we have with our large meat animals… And who says they need to be ate on their own? Put them in a pasta or something! xD

  9. I did this when I was a sophomore in High school. We got extra credit for eating chocolate covered grasshoppers in biology class. I did it but I don't remember what they tasted like. I wouldn't do it now though.

  10. I dont see David eating any.
    Actually, people born with PKU issues, must not eat one of the proteins in insects or it will bring on developmental problems.

  11. you know, i totally agree w/ adding some different protein sources besides the usual beef, chicken, pork, etc. and i really believe in becoming as sustainable as possible but–the same problems we have now w/ our most popular livestock, may very well occur w/ switching over to/adding bugs as protein to our diets–or may already be happening w/ the "naturally-raised" bugs from Thailand, as it sounds like they've already started farm-raising bugs.

    see, my concern is that once this moves beyond foodie/hipster/organic/natural/gourmet circles and into our mainstream…harvesting beyond capacity/population, factory farming (w/ all its various issues), trying to "improve" on them in some way, etc., etc.–all these things may very well pop up again and will just be back to square one, basically.ย 

    to sum up; yes, i believe adding bugs to our diet and scaling back, a lot, on our usual meat choices would be a great idea, but to be careful that opportunistic for-profit only businesses and entrepreneurs (nor demanding consumers) don't get carried away and cause several more species to go extinct.ย 

  12. personally, i'd be up for trying some ants or grasshoppers (w/out the heads..or tail end) but id probably refuse any kind of larvae/pupa/worms

  13. Nothing wrong with bugs. What I don't and will not eat is ground beef. There's a reason that you have to cook it so thoroughly, that's the only way you can eat a shitburger without it killing you. I can't even watch people eat burgers. I would eat a bugburger though.

  14. you can get all your protein from a vegetarian/vegan diet. all 9 essential amino acids can be synthesized from beans and corn.

  15. FWIW, locusts are actually Kosher (I was surprised to learn that, years ago, especially since shellfish are tref).ย  Is there much difference between a locust and a grasshopper?ย  They look as if they're related.ย 

    I happen to love shellfish, and shrimp have always stuck me as being rather worm-like; crabs have always seemed rather like spiders.ย  –The same comparison goes for lobsters and crayfish.ย  Scallops are one of my absolute favorite foods, but bivalves and similar shellfish are really kind of gross (and, yes, I DO eat raw oysters on occasion).

    Speaking of "gross":ย  Have you seen an episode of one of Bourdain's shows in which he shares MAGGOT TACOS (!!) with his Mexican friends?ย  Even he had to admit that maggots are vile-tasting.

    On another note:ย  Given that insects are dependent on many of the crops that humans eat, I'd imagine that they're likely to have been contaminated by the pesticides that we apply to crops and therefore may not be all that healthy for us to consume.

    Oh, and back to the crickets?ย  The latest thing that is being pushed is cricket flour:ย  That way one can incorporate the high protein content into ones meals without actually having to go through the motions of eating bug bodies.

  16. Bugs would be probably much better then farmed poultry that are full of chemicals and stuff in disgusting cramps living conditions that are inhumane!

  17. bugs have been an essential part of the diet of many cultures (obviously). I was introduced to chocolate-covered grasshoppers, crickets and worms back in the '50s at school USA. It's all in the way you approach it.

  18. OK.. many of the ones in cans or package wraps tasted so different than those selling on the street (in Thailand) which are soooo delicious and tastier. Unfortunately, ounce for ounce, they're expensive than the price of meat. Grasshoppers (huge kind) are my favorite. Once you got over the idea that they're insects; a big bowl of them bugs, a jar of beer, a football game and you're going to have a great time.

  19. Fuck this, I thought you were going to TALK about it, not fucking do it on camera. Not watching. Thumbs down.

  20. I am sorry, but this is dumb. There are a myriad of plants that contain essential amino acids. Purslane is amazingly high in omega-3. Goats and fish can be raised on far less food per unit of meat than cows.

    There is a wealth of other options out there. The only people pushing bugs are either 1) those who follow any trend and happen to have been co-opted into this one and 2) the global elite who think it's funny if they can trick us into eating bugs.

  21. Davie Boy. You have been swallowing men's sperm for a long time. Has that made you healthier or wiser? Isn't it the best source of protein?

  22. Considering that most Americans consume about 5lbs a year of bugs ground up in flour and corn in everything from chips to pancakes, eating bugs sounds weirder than it actually is. Most people would find the idea of drinking horse milk or gorilla milk unthinkable, but it is just our habit of drinking cow milk that makes it seem less strange. I'm pretty sure that when bugs get even more into the American diet, it will be as ground insect flours mixed in with things we already eat.

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