Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

hi guys tech zilla back again quick sort of
review sort of unboxing whatever you want to call it I don’t want to say
it’s a review because the end of the day you know it’s not the phone’s not out yet so i’ll be reviewing it in more depth anywhere show you where I got it from i got it from amazon for £9.99 comes in black on black Frost and black
Frost and blue if you notice there it said wireless charging compatible so it will work with your wireless charger anyway guys I’ll leave a link in the description where i
picked up from down below this is my s7 edge and this is the black and frosted
version of it so you get an idea roughly of hows its going to look on the phone in
actual case itself sorry guy i whacked myself with the camera there packaging
straightforward nothing exciting lets get rid of that the
actual case itself this is the black on black not frosted it’s a solid back
to it nice cut out for the camera and flash you got these metal sort of rivets if you like
that don’t actually do very much just little feet i guess and you got supcase
branding on the back here this is a very matt hard plastic and does
not leave fingerprints this glossy strips here they might get a little bit
fingerprint but yeah it’s minor inside more unicorn beetle branding this is all quite rigid TPU going around
the sides and the back is hard plastic as you see the metal feet don’t come through so they’re not going to damage the back of the phone i know alot of people worry about that being a glass back and there’s the noise cancelling mic cutout at the top
power button on the side with the sort of rigded design on it and all this
ridging sorry let me move this out of the way guys you this sort of ridge here and let me bring that into focus sorry guys cameras playing up a bit there you go
ridging on the sides bottom you got the cut out there for your headphone jack USB
port mic speaker and spen and on this side you got your volume rocker up and down i’ll bring that into focus for you guys bare with me guys there that’s a bit more focused there what do I think of this case nice case good value for money and it has good lay on the table protection there and there and its very grippy in the hand nice and solid for the price its not bad at all i’ll quickly show you the one
I’ve got on my s7 edge this is the frost with black and look at the bumpers on
this see the bumpers on that sorry guys bare with me i don’t know what’s going on here with the camera it’s
going a bit mental on me but you can see there the lay on the table design on this case nice very nice and i’ll leave a link in
the description below where you can pick it up from as i said i highly recommend it for the price its excellent i’m not having issues with this and because its the frosted back
you can see the samsung logo this is a solid one that’s the frosted so it gives
you guys a rough idea of what to get and of course the bumpers are very chunky on
this the bumper corners sorry a very bumpy on this bumpy? I’m going crazy this is my sixth review i have just filmed in a in a row so im a bit frazzled at the moment
the corners are quite chunky and see that they’re so i definitely recommend it
the links in the description loads more coming up i’ve got the unicorn beetle pro
for the note 7 as well ive got more spigen cases more verus cases more S7 Edge
Case’s i got some more bose wireless headphones in ear headphones earphones if you want to call them that anyway guys hit that subscribe button check out my reviews
and give me a thumbs up if you liked the video if you didn’t give it a thumbs down
but let me know why anyway guys take care and I’ll see you
again soon bye for now

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6 thoughts on “Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

  1. Sorry not to my liking. I prefer a smart booklet case which I appreciate offers less protection but looks smarter.

  2. Hey TZ, would love to know if a tempered glass screen protector worked with this case. Seems like a really good case for the money. Also, well rated on Amazon. thanks!

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