Supergirl 4×05 Promo “Parasite Lost” (HD) Season 4 Episode 5 Promo

– You have to keep feeding. – [Agent Liberty] You will become invincible. – [Alex] Supergirl, time to rumble. – [Kara] On it. – [Agent Liberty] You can absorb any alien’s abilities. – [Supergirl] Why don’t you pick on
someone your own shape? – [Alex] This is one monster
she can’t fight. – [Narrator] Supergirl all new
next Sunday at 8/7c on The CW.

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100 thoughts on “Supergirl 4×05 Promo “Parasite Lost” (HD) Season 4 Episode 5 Promo

  1. Okay okay toinghts was really good I loved seeing kara in what looks like Iron man if I so myself jk.i also loved seeing the dynamic between Lena and bareny it was really nice in my opinion can't wait for next week episode.

  2. this episode was awesome. the actor who played manchester black was amazing and can they nominate chyler for an emmy she's literally the best actor in that series. that woman is amazing. i apologize for a comment earlier that i didn't think they will give this show a season 5 hell they should give it a season 5 and 6 and seven. keep bringing good actors.

  3. Like what the Batman says in Justice League : Unlimited when the League are busy fighting the Amazo.. "it's a package deal.. you get our strength.. but you also get our weaknesses.. " hence, the Kryptonite..

  4. why does he remind me of cicada? first oliver's and barry's future kids are gay and now this? the arrowverse parallels tho

  5. Another great episode, although I still cant believe Mercy and Otis are dead.
    I know you shouldnt have high expectations from the antagonists of the first half of the season, but they were killing it.
    I dont remember Mercy being this relevant in any other movie or tv series, not even the ones from the DCAU.

  6. I love how these superheroes can be so powerful that they have to find ultra silly ways of nerfing their abilities…😒

  7. I really hope they do justice for Parasite. The DC shows have been disregarding the characteristics and tendancies of their villians. For the superheros they have done a decent job but they really need to work on villians especially in Supergirl. The only show of DC that has done an amazing job with the villians is Gotham.

  8. i felt like this episode was a complete filler, they need to reduce the number of episodes for these shows, it gets boring

  9. I feel like supergirl is trying too hard to tackle politics and social issues in a way that lacks any kind of grace or meticulous thought into how it will affect the shows plot and characters

  10. Wait so if he has Kara’s powers can they use kryptonite on him?? and kryptonite won’t work on Kara ? I’m confused

  11. "This is one monster she can't fight."

    Is it though? Cos for the last few seasons, it seems like there's been a whole bunch of monsters and situations Kara's basically been completely helpless against. Somehow, of all the heroes on the CW right now, Kara is consistently written as the weakest and the one who frequently needs to be helped/saved by other characters.

  12. Yes! This is what I wanted to see with Parasite in season two! This is how he should be. I can't wait to see this episode!

  13. Manchester Black is one step closer to being his awesome comic book self. Glad Fiona survived long enough to force Manchester back into his old ways. Also hope he gets his powers.

  14. Really throwing Kara through the ringer this season huh? Kryptonite, energy sucking parasite, what's next? Another coma?

  15. I mean no offense, but how in the world can this shit of a show survive for 4 years, while they canceled Constantine after just one!? I guess it really is the station thing, too bad Constantine wasn't on CW.

  16. So Jessen is a meta human?.. because if he’s an alien too then it would be contradicting for Agent Liberty and his crew to keep him on board.

  17. They should of kept the grave twins a liitle longer hope they not done with them. Im excited to see that guy who was supressing Supergirl to take her powers

  18. I hope the doppelganger has more substantial role than just a fleeting glimpse at the end of the episode.I am really dying to see more of her.

  19. So… they made a whole new suit for Kara just to have the green K poisoning resolve in one episode? Color me dissapointed…

  20. Can we talk about what kind of bullshit the whole armored-suit plotline was? They could've just sent her to earth-1 and she would've been fine. Would've been a lot more logical and believable than Lena somehow cooking up some iron man armor that even has Supergirl's symbol on it in no time.

  21. Kara should tell Lena she is Supergirl. They are so cute when they work together. Lena is Karas hero and Kara is Lenas hero

  22. I think the writers are kinda taking the piss here, in all the episodes I've seen, when there's a baddy or something, Kara seems to get hurt. What are they trying to imply here? A real life (alien) Kryptonian on earth who wouldn't be as strong as in the sci fi world? Or are the basically trying to say that she's weak because she's a female? Because when I've watched Superman, yes he does get beat, but most of the time, he puts up a good fight and all that. I'm not saying that Kara is weak but in previous episodes when I know she could of easily thrown some of those bad piece of shits, what happens?! She gets taken down. I've only watched two episodes of season 4 so far and I already hated that she never punched the guy in his face, (you know, the one who was working with his sister to kill the aliens) that pissed me off. I know it's not real, but a real life alien who could kill a human easily would probably kill or hurt you if tried to hurt or kill them. In real life, she would of man handled him rather than save him from his fall from the motorbike. Ugly weirdo, thinks he and his sister is all tough trying to hurt my Kara

  23. I dont know whether I missed few details from the last episodes, but how about Superman while the atmosphere was filled with kryptonite? did he survived it? because it almost killed Kara.

  24. Oh great, Kara fighting off another parasitic foe. And she tries punching him, which leaves him open to take her powers away.

    Btw, Alex or somebody else should know they fought off creatures like this before in Season 1 & 2.

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