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– Hi guys! It’s Jordan and I’m here with my sister! – Audrey from AllAroundAudrey! – And today we’re going to be doing the Tangle Tongue Twister Challenge! This is a paid promotion for Zuru, so thank you to Zuru for sending us all of these Tangles! And this is going to be really exciting! So let me explain what Tangles are. So Tangles are a really fun fidget toy. They come in four different styles and six colors. So the different styles are metallic, sparkle, classic, and crazy! So you can collect these, break them apart, connect them with other different styles, which then creates a unique experience every time you play with it! It’s really fun! – So you can really
explore your creativity with Tangles because, as for me, I like to wrap them around my wrist and it’s really cute, and it’s fun to play like when you’re on the go, just like fidget with, break it apart, and you just put it any way. You can put it as a bracelet, a necklace, a ring finger, too. Or you can even tangle your sister! – What?! – Woo! – Ah! – Playing with Tangles actually helps you relax and focus. So that’s really great for if you need to study for a test or
actually take a test because it helps your mind think better. I love using different fidget stuff so this like the perfect thing for me. I always use this when I’m studying or doing homework. (giggle) Because you’re just
constantly fiddling with it without even realizing. Life hacks! So Tangles are all about being creative so Zuru has actually launched a Tangle Tongue Twister Challenge! Which we’re going to take on today. I love this big ball of like Tangles. I’m just like woo! If you want to try the Tangle
Tongue Twister Challenge, like how we’re about to do, make sure you ask your
parents for some permission, have them help you film it. – And have them help you
upload your challenge video to the Zuru Tangle page on Facebook. – Also we’ll leave a link in
the description box below, and you’ll have a chance to win the Ultimate Tangle Prize Pack! – Woo! – All right, so let’s start the challenge! So the first tongue twister is Two totally tough toy tongue twisters taught thrifty throngs to tangle and tried twice to tie twenty times the tangle! – (laughter) – That’s where it says twangle. – You try it now! – Two totally tough toy tongue twisters taught thrifty tongues
throngs to tingle and try twice to try twenty twine the twingle. – (laughter) I’m going to try it again and see if I can beat your score. Two totally tongue twisters
taught thrifty throngs to tangle and tried twice to tie twangle! It’s your turn! (laughter) – Twangle! (laughter) Two totally tough toy
tongue twisters taught thrifty throngs to tang and try twice to tie twenty times the twingle. – Let’s go on to tongue
twister number two. – Fixing frosty fangles tied twice tightly to fringle a fanjangle then (indistinct speech) two Tangles. (laughter) A fajangle? – A fajangle! A fajangle my Tangle! (laughter) Fixing frosty fangles
tried twice tightly to frangle a frajangle then to try to (indistinct speech) try to twist two Tangles. Woo! Yeah! – Fixing frosty fangles tied twice tightly to fringle and fajangle then turn twelve turns trying to twist two Tangles. I did it! – Okay. – Your turn, fajangle. – I’m going to try again and see if I could beat her. – That’s going to be your new contact in my phone is a fajangle. – A fajangle? Fajangle. Fixing fast fangles tied twice tightly to fringle a fajangle (indistinct speech) to twist two Tangles! (laughter) – You said twenty tweaked, not twelve! – (laughter) I just read- – Did you just dab? – Yeah! (laughter) Like a boss! Like a boss! – Okay, round three. – Kooky cookie cajangles caused the (laughing) Cookie cookie cajangles! (laughing) Okay. Kooky cookie cajangles called the (laughter) – Kooky cookie cajangles! – Okay, try it again. – (inhales sharply) Kooky kooky! – Kooky cookie cajangles caused a classic clamoring calamity
while tingles with Tangles and churning church changles. Cajangles. – Chanzangles. – Chazangles! – Kooky cookie cajangles
caused classic clamoring calamity while twangling with tingles and churning cheery (indistinct speech) (laughter) – Faster, ready? One, two, three, faster! (inhales sharply) (indistinct speech) (indistinct speech) (stuttering) chazangles! (laughter) – Chazangles. – Chazangles! Today we heard some
pretty crazy tangled words such as cajangle! – And fajangle. – Or even chazangles! So comment down below sort of your own Tangle words. – (sighs) It’s like a massage! (laughter) I like the bumpy ones. – I like the crazy ones! Because they have like smooth like, right here. – They have a mix. – They have like smooth and sparkly and like bumpies and all
these different stuff. It’s really fun. So we completed the Tangle
Tongue Twister Challenge. Comment down below how you think we did but now it’s time to step it up a notch and add on some crazy tongues. – Ah, yes! – So we have some crazy gummy tongues that we are going to wear and try and see who can say the tongue twister the fastest and the most clear. – This is going to be really hard. Audrey’s going first! – (indistinct speech) – (laughter) Gobbling (indistinctive speech) – (gurgling) – (laughter) All right, this looks hard! – (gurling) (laughter) (indistinct babbling) – Garbling gargoyles. – (indistinct babbling) – Gobble, gobble, goblins. (laughter) Really? Gobble, gobble, goblins? Gobbling gorgyles
gobbled gobbling goblins. Wow, that was hard. Okay, it’s my turn. (indistinct yelling) – I know, it just looks
so fat in your mouth! – (squeeling) – Private? – Pirate! – Private? – (indistinctive yelling) – Pirate! – (indistinct speech) – Pirate private? – (screaming humorously) – (laughing)
Property. – (screaming humorously) – That’s it? (laughing) Yours is short. – This round we’re going
to use saltine crackers. – Das! – This is going to be hard because it’s is going to make your mouth dry or it’s going to like fling everywhere. So Audrey’s going to go first. Let’s go! Okay. I’m scared you’re going to fling it on me. – I wish- – Wait I- (laughter) – I wish- – (laughter) – (indistinct speech) – (scream) (laughter) – (indistinct speech) (laughter) I wish- (laughter) (indistinct speech) – I wish you were a fish. – (indistinct speech) – In a dish. (laughter) (clap) Oh yeah, like a boss! Okay, my turn. – Careful when you’re laughing because you breathe it in. (laughter) – (indistinct speech) – Back background? Black background? – Yeah! Brown. – Brown black background? – Brown, brown! – Brown background? – Black (indistinct speech) background. – Black background? (laughter)
Brown black grounds. I’m so good at this. My turn! The last round is marshmallows! (indistinct babbling) – If notice is notice? – (indistinct babbling) – I don’t know! – (indistinct babbling) – If you notice? – (indistinct babbling) – If you just noticed. (laughter) – (indistinct babbling) – If you notice the novice? – (indistinct babbling) – This notice? If you notice this notice? – (indistinct babbling) (laughter) If you notice? – (laughter) – If you notice this notice if you notice. – (indistinct babbling) – You will notice? If you notice this notice you will notice? – (indistinct babbling) (laughter) – What?! (snickering quietly) – (insdistinct babbling) (laughter) – That this notice? – (indistinct babbling) – Is not worth noticing! If you notice this notice you’ll notice that this notice is not worth noticing! Yeah! – Wow! – That was a good one! Marshmallows in my mouth this time. Ooh. (laughter) – You’ve got a long one too. – Okay. (laughter) (indistinct babbling) (indistinct babbling) – I wish to wish the wisp of wish? – (indistinct babbling) – I wish to wish? – (insdistinct babbling) – The wish you wish to wish? – (excited shriek) (indistinct babbling) (laughing) – The wish to wish of wishes? – (indistinct babbling) – But? (laughter) – But! – But? – (indistinct babbling) If you wish? – The wish. – (laughter)
The wish. If you wish to wish? For more wishes? – (disagreement) (indistinct babbling) – If you wish to wish? – (indistinct babbling) – The width? – (indistinct babbling) – The witches witches? Wishes? – But if you- – But if you wish to
wish the witches wishes- – (indistinct babbling) – A witch? – (indistinct babbling) – I don’t wish the wish
you wish to which to wish. – Now say it again. (laughter) – I wish to wish the wish you wish, – (laughter) – But if you wish the wish the witches, I will not wish the wish
which you which to wish. – (laughter) – Something like that. – Yay! (clapping) You did it! Woo! So that was it for our Tangled Tongue Twister Challenge. I love Tangles. I love how bright they are and like the different textures. I challenge you guys to take the Tangle Tongue Twister Challenge and make sure you have
your parents permission in order to upload it to Facebook! – And also if you’re doing any sort of food tongue twister challenges, it’s always a good idea
to have a parent around. – Thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video, give it a big thumbs up. Subscribe to this channel, turn it from red to gray! And click the bell icon so you can be notified next time I post a video! And we’ll see you all next time! – Bye!
– Bye! (playful banjo strumming)

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