Taste of Chicago: Send Foodz w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & David So

– This man looks like a lechon
pig at a Filipino barbecue. – Dog, I have never sweated so much for doing absolutely nothing. – This man is moist.
– I am moist, dude. – Wow. I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I’m David So. – We travel around to
different food festivals, where we eat all the eats. – We drinks all the drinks. – And we get all types of crazy, while giving you guys the most raw and realest food reviews in the game. – This is Send Foodz. – What’s up, you sexy mother (beep)? Welcome to another episode
of Send Foodz on Thrillist. I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – I’m David So, it’s so hot. – It’s so hot! But we out here in Shawshank Redemption, shish kebab, no we out
here in beautiful Chicago, home of the Bears, home of Kanye West! – Home of Chance The Rapper. – We out here at the Taste of Chicago, ’cause we heard they got
the most fire food out here, and I’m ready to eat. – What’re you excited for? – Man, I’m excited for – Cheesecake! I’m excited for these alligator sausages that I heard are supposed to be poppin’. – I’m actually excited for cheesecake now! – Yeah, no, he hypnotized me. – This mother (beep) he’s
like, “They on camera? Cheesecake!” – What else you excited for? – I’m excited for actually
something that Chicago people don’t really (beep) with that much. – Apparently.
– Deep dish pizza! – Deep dish pizza. I guess Chicagoans, real Chicagoans don’t really eat deep dish like that. – Yeah, you guys tricked us, man. – We about to find out. – Appreciate you.
– No worries, man. – Alright, take care. – Tim comes up to that
guy’s nipples, it’s crazy. He’s huge, that’s not even human. Hey, Tim, I’m a big
fan of yours, too, man. Hey, yo, can I get a
picture, too, real quick? – Stupid–
– Alright, alright, alright, there we go. You know what it is, man. It’s not even the fact that it bothers me that I don’t get noticed. I only get bothered when
it’s an Asian person. Oh, my god, look at this
girl’s getting all bothered. – Yeah, no way! Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
– Can we take a, can we take a picture?
– Yeah, yeah, let’s take a picture,
let’s take a picture, let’s take a picture. We’re at the Chicago Dog
House, so we got alligator– – Rattlesnake– – Rabbit. – And another alligator. Hey, you know, fun fact,
there’s actually an alligator that’s running loose out
here in Chicago right now. – Chance, the Snapper.
– Chance, the Snapper, isn’t that adorable? I’ll try the rattlesnake,
you try the alligator. – Okay, okay.
– Alright? – And, cheers! Here we go. Mm hm. – Mm! Oh, it’s hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. – Mm, that’s (beep) good, dude. – Right off the bat,
before I even tasted it, sausage got a fire snap to it. You know when sausage got
that good casing around it. – A little snap to it, I like it. – It’s got a snap to it! – I (beep) love it, but you
know what’s interesting, because I know that alligator
tends to be a little lean, the fat ratio in the
(beep) is (beep) good. – Is it? – So, I don’t know what extra
fat they put in this (beep), but it’s delicious. Hey, this is good! It’s really good, it’s really good! – Hey, no lying! No lie, no way! – Alright, so we here
at Yvolina’s Tamales, and we about to have some vegan tamales. – I have today a quinoa lentil tamale, with vegan cauliflower ceviche. – What? – And vegan red mole and vegan green mole. – So, why do you feel
like we need vegan tamales and vegan ceviche? Why, are you vegan? – I’m vegetarian, yeah. I am allergic to pork,
I can’t consume any pork or pork product. Tamales are made with lard. – Oo, manteca.
– And, of course, I can’t consume it! – Vegans are changing the world, David! – One tamale at a time. She actually did a really good job of making this look like ceviche. – It looks great, right? It looks like you would never
know this is some cauliflower when you first walk up on it. – Let’s do ceviche first.
– Okay, okay, okay. Alright, cheers. – Flavors on point. – The flavors on point, the consistency doesn’t taste like seafood. But, the flavors on point. If I was a vegan that cared
about the animals of the sea, then sure, bring me the
cauliflower ceviche. Also, shout out to black Ariel. – I’ma go for the green
mole, no manteca at all. – Okay, then I will try to red mole, or this brown mole right here. – Cheers.
– Cheers. Huh.
– That’s good. – That is good. – I like the sweetness of this brown one. Hey, yeah, but yo, man, if you vegan, and you love tamales, dude,
you got to (beep) with this. This (beep) is good! – If you not vegan! – Oh, yeah, you might not
even need the (beep) fat. – Yeah, ’cause you know me,
and my cholesterol’s high, I blame Thrillist, I’m a sue y’all soon. But, if I can avoid some lard in my food, I’m gonna do that. – The great thing about this mole, just like other moles
have, it has that nice, deep roasted flavor in it.
– Wow! – Super (beep) savory, and
that sweet tamale with it? Oh, my god, bro.
– You can’t tell, you can tell she knew
exactly what she was doing when she did it. – Yeah, I mean, definitely, because like, that pork fats not there,
the consistency of the tamale is a little different,
but not in a bad way. It’s just different.
– I don’t mind! – It’s different. But it tastes (beep) good. This I probably the best vegan dish I’ve had so far on this show. – Damn! – Boom! – I really love your
podcast on Genius Brain. – Oh, thank you so much! See that, adults like David
So, little kids like Tim. That was the first non-Asian
that has ever come up to me. I’ve made it. – Alright, so we at the
BITES asian kitchen + bar. Can we get the Japanese– – Corn dog, and– – The elote? – Have you seen the
show called Wild n’ Out? – Yeah. – That’s where he’s from. – I’m the token Asian on Wild n’ Out. – Oh, (beep)! – And I don’t know if you recognize him, if you saw the movie Up! Okay, you ready? – Yeah. – Ugh, cheers. – Boom. – What kind of mayo is on here, bro? – Kewpie mayo.
– Kewpie mayo. – Kewpie mayo, what’s that mean? – Kewpie mayo’s a Japanese mayo. It’s a little more tart,
a little more sweet, and a lot more eggy. – Tradesies, tradesies. I like to put on stuff, because you know, you get a good deep fry on something, without being too greasy, you know? Huh?
– Good elote, homey. – Mm, I like it, because
like, you’ve got the saltiness of the sausage with the sweetness of the, what sauce is that? – Tonkatsu sauce.
– Tonkatsu sauce, I knew that! A regular corn dog, you
know, it tastes like some American (beep), you know? It’s like a pancake wrapped in a hotdog. This right here, you definitely
taste the Asianness of it, the different sauces, and
immediately, yeah, that’s it. Alright, so we at the Kitchen 17 pop-up. – If you guys are a Lord of the Rings fan, apparently, the man who
owns this place is Hodor. He is, he is, (beep). – No, Game of Thrones! – What did I say? – You said he’s in Lord of the Rings. – Let’s really do that joke (beep). The interesting probably thing,
let’s start again (beep). Also, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, Hodor owns this place. Look at this mother (beep),
you’re goddamn big, dude. – Can we please get some deep dish pizza? – That’s one deep dish pizza coming right up.
– Thank you so much. – He’s gigantic.
– Hold the door. Alright, so now we about to
try their vegan deep dish. Now, Chicago I thought was
known for their deep dish, but everybody we talked to
from Chicago was like, “No! We don’t (beep) with the deep dish.” I’m glad we’re eating vegan pizza, because if you guys
remember in past episodes, I was poppin’ Lactaid pills
thinking they were gonna help me offset what the cheese does to my skin, but I was completely wrong! My (beep) is (beep) right
now, I got a lot of makeup on. I’ma just, I’ma just–
– Yeah, just go and bite it. Oo, I’ma do a Tim thing,
and I’ma eat the ass. – Yo, look, right off the bat, I cannot tell that that’s vegan. It tastes like lasagna on pizza. Whatever bootleg cheese
they’re putting on there, when I bit it, you know, it
tasted like meat and cheese. Alright, so we taking a break
from eating to pet some bugs. David, you gonna pet some bugs with me? – I’m just gonna pet you, and
through that, I’ll pet the bugs. – You feel the bug connection. – Yeah, man.
– Oo! This doesn’t look like the roaches I grew up with though, this is way bigger. – I actually don’t mind cockroaches, ’cause I used to take care
of Madagascar cockroaches in high school.
– Did you? – Yeah.
– What a nerd! – I was failing class, so I had to. – Rosy, the tarantula. – Tim, don’t do it.
– Is this the butt side or the head side? – Yeah, that’s the thorax on this side. – Oh, (beep).
– Hey, Rosy thick. And now, let’s have a snack. – Hey, no racial, this
some Asian people (beep). – Yeah, facts, I haven’t eaten some bugs since I was in Thailand.
– I’m telling you. – Sour cream and onion,
honey mustard, or sriracha? – Let’s get Asian to the max,
and give me some sriracha. – Sriracha.
– Yeah, yeah, please. – What kind of bug is that? – It’s a cricket. – Oh.
– It’s the cricket. – I love crickets. – Oh, look at that.
– Cheers. – Alright. – Alright, tastes like nuts. – Tastes like corn nuts. It’s not bad, man. When the world goes to (beep),
this is what we’ll be eating, my friends, so get used to it.
– Hang on, they gonna be eating us when the
world goes to (beep). – Yeah, you won’t like
me, I don’t taste good, I’m bitter and salty. – Oh, thank you. What is this again? – Meal worms.
– Meal worms, sonny. – Meal worms. – I like the meal worms
over the grasshoppers. – Are you serious? – Bro, you popped out of nowhere, man. That scared the (beep) out of me. – We just got to have a
random person always go, “Are you serious?” – Yeah, where’d you pop up?
– For everything. – That was the sweatiest man
I’ve ever seen in my life. – Are you serious?
– Oh, my god. – Alright, so we out here at Iyanze. This right here is some
jollof rice with oxtail, and I just googled it. Jollof rice is like, basically,
they just put a whole bunch of (beep) in a pot. – And, we over here, got
the classic jerk chicken. And I’ma tell you something right now, look at that spice crust, homey. – Mm. – Delicious looking, and
it’s under a bed of rice, you can see all the herbs, and of course, you’ve got some fried
plantains, I believe. – Cheers. – Mm.
– Mm, mm, mm. – Okay, I love me some oxtail, man. Nice and fatty, you just suck the bones. – Very smokey, I mean,
the char on the outside is amazing, man. Whatever sauce that they had on it, right when it hit that hot grill, it put this delicious crust on it. Switch?
– Switch. Cheers. Spicy!
– Oxtail’s (beep) fire. – Mm hm.
– It’s good. – You got some food on your chin. – I don’t give a (beep).
– Me neither! Mm. So, now we got some Nigerian donuts. Now, we used to the skinny,
white people donuts, but we go the Nigerian fluffy donuts, you know what I’m saying? – This looks like my ball
sack after a hot shower. Anyways, whoa, these are hot! – Yo, this mother (beep),
she thick as (beep), bro. This is a thick ass
donut, she is hot, too. Okay, ready? Eat the booty. Mm, oo! Damn. – That’s hot.
– It’s hot, it’s doughy, soft, sweet. – It actually has like a savoriness to it. – It’s super dense, but it’s not dry, like, it’s mad moist on the inside. Ow, ow, ow, it’s hot. Hey, what was you’re favorite
thing you ate today, David? – My favorite thing that I
ate today definitely had to be surprisingly, the (beep) vegan tamales. – The vegan tamales I loved. I also liked, I really liked the oxtail. – You know, oxtail, used to be (beep). Who cares, huh? – No tell us, please, tell us, David. – Oxtail used to be really cheap until white people started buying it. – Mother (beep) white
people, I love you so much! Thank you guys for
watching another episode of Send Foodz on Thrillist. Hey, make sure you guys let
us know in the comments below where we should go to next,
what city, what food festival? ‘Cause like, as you know,
we doing this (beep) every week now, so we
need suggestions, okay? And, like we’ve been doing
lately, shout out to the people leaving comments below. Shout out to Kayleigh Strong,
she says she hopes we never stop shooting these. So, aye, as long as Thrillist
keeps giving us money, we out here shooting this (beep)!

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