Taylor Rose Williams Missing For Weeks? Mother Lied? | Semaj Crosby A Peek Into The Past

we never never saw a child we never
heard a child nothing but clearly the house looked like there were kids that
lived in it so I was assuming that the kid is in daycare or maybe the kids with
a family member a friend so she can get her apartment cleaned out you know moved
to but if you’re telling my fiancee that there’s a child in the bathroom and he
hears water running well that that’s a little sketch and then you never loaded
a child up into the car when we went to leave that’s another thing to thinking
back now it’s like huh three sources now tell us it has been weeks since
five-year-old Taylor Williams was last seen a big conflict with what mom is
telling police investigators say her mother a naval petty officer is no
longer cooperating with police so I want you to hear the conditions
that some Semaj body was found and I read this in one article just so you know
that the depravity of the people that are hiding this information about this
little girl what happened to her maybe that has surfaced and unconfirmed
reports about the condition of Samaj body when she was found
can you confirm any of the allegations that there were roaches in her body that
there were abrasions to her face I was there during autopsy and there was
an insect bites on her faces and insects taken out of her ears and nose hey it’s ickedmel and didn’t I just
make a video the other day where I said the parents right here we are again
hundreds of people searching ponds trash people taking off from work the
community reaching out many of them were going through alleys backyards and going
in and out of abandoned houses looking for Taylor or looking for clues that
could help find her I spoke with some of those volunteers one man even took off
work to come to this neighborhood to help search for that child he said
that’s how emotional this story made him like I said on Facebook it’s time that
these people be held accountable whatever happened to this child this
woman this mother needs to get the same charge before we get into the details
let’s get into the description of Taylor Rose Williams five years old it was
reported she was missing eleven six which now could be weeks that she’s been
gone she is a black female brown eyes black hair three feet tall fifty pounds
in weight Jacksonville Florida county Duval and it was reported that she was
last seen wearing purple and pink pajamas last seen wearing pink and
purple pajamas Taylor’s disappearance has launched a massive search let’s talk
about the inconsistencies okay on Wednesday when I got the notification
for the Amber Alert on my phone I was like oh man let me make this post on
Facebook to try to spread out the information I posted here on YouTube
also let’s try to spread out as fast as I can maybe we can do something well one
of the or one of the articles I read stated that the mother noticed that the
daughter was missing at midnight and then called in the morning the news
coming a day after she reported her own daughter missing telling police Taylor
disappeared from her bedroom Wednesday night I have to give a shout-out to
brandy on Facebook then notice when I first posted this that it made no sense
the article that I was quoting said that she noticed Brianna noticed her daughter
missing at midnight but called in the morning today investigators collected
evidence at her mother’s home as neighbors canvass the area handing
out flyers but when pressed about inconsistencies with her story
investigators say Williams stop talking morning midnight those terminologies can
be confusing when Taylor’s mother says that she last saw her Wednesday morning
at midnight so let’s just stick to the actual numbers in time there was one
report that said that at midnight 12:00 a.m. when she saw her daughter as when
she saw her missing so my logical assumption is that most of the articles
are saying that she last saw her at midnight so she probably put her to bed
and as this one article states she put her to bed around midnight and in the
morning when she woke up as well she noticed her missing around 7:00 a.m. so
I’m not sure if this is where the inconsistencies came from or did
something else happen while she was being questioned by police Sheriff would you call the mother a person of interest? so at this again nothing’s off the table now this mother Briana of Taylor Rose
Williams is in the Navy and it’s been confirmed also the woman you saw in the
beginning talking the woman that helped him move in the fiance she described the
mother as well the place that they were in before house was messy and the
child’s mother was behaving strangely she also stated that it honestly looked
like she had been recently evicted or something because it was not well lived
in if there was a child there it was also old food all over the floor
underneath the couches there was trash everywhere it reminds me of semaj crosby
community coming together to remember 16 month old
semaj crosby child’s body found inside the family’s home to where baby is found
in a couch the tiny home now condemned investigators say was filled with
garbage in cockroaches the Department of Children and Family Services which
investigated the family at least twice before visited the home just hours
before semaj died as we segue into semaj Crosby I just have to say thank you to
Tasha for some of the links you provided also salute to Lonard
for calling out of his job so he can go search for this girl
Taylor the way our society works he’ll probably be fired but salute to you I
have six grandkids and I know how it feel i feel it so i just got tired of
seeing it on the screen and i’ve decided to do something about it semaj crosby
multiple persons of interest which i’m going to make a post tomorrow there’s a
lot that i have there’s a lot of stuff that I have but sherry Gordon the mother
biological mother you got Darlene Crosby which has a past with CPS or DCFS
you also have Lakerisha which has a past – Crosby you have the aunt Tamika Sims
which I’m still investigating a little bit because she was outspoken so I have
to look into her and a minor which I happen to know the name but it hasn’t
been named here which fits into a lot of people’s theories now if you take a
little closer look at this article it says that you said there’s no doubt in
my mind that they’re one of the five individuals in some Semaj house is
responsible for what happened to her I believe that they are other individuals
that know exactly what happened well other individuals though that’s a good
question make sure you check them out on Facebook but there’s a guy named Wesley
I’m not accusing anybody but I’m just saying there’s a bunch of people in and
out of that house Wesley was the paramour meaning girlfriend or recipient
whatever you want to call it of Lakerisha and he was named an alleged perpetrator
in two two-child investigation involving one of his children with Lakerisha seems
like a lot of people have a weird interesting past in that household
Darlene Crosby which is the mother mother whatever you want to call her
from 2016 or 2017 Darlene was named as an alleged perpetrator in a child
protection investigation for physical involving her grandchildren well maybe
it’s just allegations maybe it’s just who maybe just maybe there’s just smoke
where this fire other family history Darlene Crosby with DCFS in a parent
role due to allegations of an adequate supervision and was a head of household
in a service case open from neglect for neglect from March 1993 to June 1993 and
a preventative service case from April 2010 to April 2011 also you have a
history but wait what’s this Wesley Sykes the one that with Lakerisha
has a documented history how did semaj end up under the couch I
don’t know you don’t know yet you were there was 4 woman at that house the day Semaj went missing. 4 grown woman 1 if not more of those 4 grown woman know exactly what happened to Semaj and exactly how she got under that couch. I can tell you with 100 percent certainty she did not get under that couch by herself. Can you name those woman? Absolutely the 4 woman that were at that house the day the 4 grown woman the Semaj went missing was Sheri Gordan Lakreshia Crosby, Darlene Crosby, Tameka Robinson they were all 4 there all there kids were playing and dancing in the yard Okay y’all kickin it chilling a for a minute ya’ll had to be cause yall dancing all outside. I told you we was in the yard all the kids were in the yard. They kids were out there dancing, when I came up they was listening to some old dance music. You feel what I’m saying. It was Tayana, Jamarion, Tekresha, Sheri, NuNu was in the car her and miss Darlene. Sheri was lean up on the back of the car. Tiana, Lakresha dancing in front of the kids got them dancing and jermarian Now you saying nobody asked about her nobody said
Sheri never said she was missing and she wasn’t no where around right? Nothing! nothing! I swear she wasn’t interacting with nobody outside. She was leaned up against the back of Miss Darlene car on the phone Texting. So about 5:30 or 6 o’clock no about 5:30 this is when y’all be
ready to pull off and everything y’all had enough time to still pull off and go
look for her look for her by the time she called that 911 call at six
o’clock the thing about it is we didn’t know she called them yet. Because when we pulled back up I was like did you call the police yet Sheri? Right now mind you that’s a little after 6′ 0clock they was finna go search so i was like I think ya’ll need to call first so there was a bunch of going back and
forth different news media organizations saying they are cooperating then other
people saying they’re not and what happened was is basically they lawyered
up so basically if you want any kind of information talk to my lawyer according to the media everybody cooperating with the police I can tell you that absolutely for that is not the case Everybody, all 4 woman have, they have attorneys. Any questions? And all 4 aren’t cooperating? All 4 are not cooperating. All four have lawyers? They all have attorneys. so it sounds nice when you say it
cooperating but once you lawyer up we already know that’s a wrap you know
you’re protecting yourself you know what you got to do talk to my lawyer let’s
talk about the polygraphs Can you reveal the polygraph? There was a couple of polygraphs given and there was a couple of polygraphs failed. Can you repeat that? There was a couple polygraphs given and there was a couple polygraphs that were failed. However, a polygraph is not admissible in court. All that is, can be an investigative tool And there some proven facts of a false polygraph So he said there were a couple polygraphs given and a couple
failed he didn’t get specific in this video and it’s not admissible in court I
think if they had something more sustainable in the polygraph they might
have publicly announced what exactly was it that they got wrong but I will play
some audio for you from somebody that was polygraph and they were told they
failed one test And they said well Tamika she didn’t fail like that she failed a question on there and we just can’t tell you anymore. So I want you to hear the conditions that Semaj body was
found and I read this on one article just so you know that the depravity of
the people that are hiding this information about this little girl what
happened to her. Information that has surfaced and unconfirmed reports about the condition of Semaj’s
body when she was found can you confirm any of the allegations
that there were roaches in her body that there were abrasions to her face. Um. I can confirm that. uhm I was there during autopsy and there was insect bites on her face and insects taken out of her ears and nose. Thank you. So there was this one part of the Q & A asking about the conditions of
the home which I heard was really bad and you always have these nutty
conspiracy people that are just like yeah the cops planted the roaches I was
just like shaking my head I was in that house the night we searched it when we found baby Semaj. But do you know the condition? oh yeah. It was said the house became deplorable because of the trash or threw everything out. It was already deplorable? Right? Before you took the clothes out the bag? cause when they set the ??? on the table they said roaches started flying. No. No police did that. They said police did all that, they said police dirtied the house. whenever we search the house we do not
bring roaches into house. So there’s a few more things and by the way if you
check the DCFS documents they was multiple reports of the place being
dirty even before this incident happened so the cops didn’t come in there and
plant trash and plant roaches there was a really good question that somebody
asks is why were the kids still in her custody and this guy said that the CPS
services they don’t remove children because of a dirty home. and child protective services had been called why were the children still in her custody? I’ve got the answer for that because DCFS they do what they can do they don’t take kids out of dirty homes. to me that’s totally not excusable
because it was more than that than just a dirty home if you look at the twenty
two page document from DCFS it was a complete failure now I wanted to share
with you this theory that was going around to the situation that apparently
people in that area know about where they say the mother Sheri was lured out
and then that’s when her daughter disappeared or something like that
check out this clip it was told that Kresha and them called Sheri in the house they said that one of the kids had took money out of her purse so that’s what lured her into the house and Sheri said when she came back outside her baby was gone. there’s time there but it’s hard to nail down. And Sheri told me that night that somebody told her that one of the kids got into her purse so she goes in the house and she does see her stuff thrown around and she was putting her stuff back in. and then when she came back out her baby was gone? Sometime in there yes. but the time the time is not there it wasn’t
like she walks back out and now there’s no baby. There’s a huge time so I wanted to enough on this
last bit I am completely exhausted you gotta excuse me so with the given
history of all these people especially Darlene but there’s a lot that you don’t
know especially the minor that’s not named which is another very questionable
person but Darlene the grandmother when she was a child she was abducted it
states here that Miss Cynthia Crosby 23 her and her daughter Darlene were
standing on the sidewalk when the man grabbed a child jumped into a car with
two other men and drove away police reported minutes later the car returned
the child was handed back to another woman and the child returned to her
mother that’s a pretty strange story if you’re
gonna steal a child why return them and this whole entire family and all these
people that seem to have a history of children having misfortunes and I’ll end
up on that have a good night comment down below let me know your
thoughts I see potential subscribers

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  1. I hope Baby Taylor Williams is found soon. This is a really sad situation. Her mom has stopped co operating with police and the rest of the family hasn't seen them in a long time? I have so many thoughts going. 😨😨😨

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