Termite Control : How Do Termites Protect Themselves?

My name’s Tyler Royce. I’m with TNT Pest Control.
Today we’re talking about termites and how termites protect themselves. The best protection
termites have is their nest and their shelter tubes. They’ll actually conceal themselves
in mud tubing that they pull from the ground, and they’ll actually build up shelter tubes.
They do have soldiers, too. They have front pincers, so they will defend themselves with
the soldiers. Termites will just try to…their best defense is staying away from other insects
and building those shelter tubes and keeping to themselves. Termites, another way they’ll
protect themselves is they will….they build their nest pretty far…up to thirty feet
deep in the ground. So they will build that nest pretty deep so they are secluded and
away from other insects and other threats and predators that’ll try to attack ’em.

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