Termite Control : What Do Termites Eat?

My name’s Tyler Royce. I’m with TNT Pest Control.
We’re talking about termites and what they eat. Termites will feed on roots, wood products,
bark. A lot of people use bark for landscaping around the home. I recommend not using any
bark around the home, ’cause when it is touching the ground, I have seen termites that’ll…that’ll
come up and eat…eat bark products. Any type of wood product, ranging from pianos to books
to newspapers, boxes. I’ve done a few jobs where, there was a storage unit. It was all
fully concreted with boxes in there, and the termites had worked their way up through the
concrete and was eating all of the boxes and newspapers and books. Any type of cellulose
wood product the termites will…will eat. And, they really like wood products that have
a moisture content in it, they’re really attracted to that. Anything that’s an easy meal for
’em, that’s very high in content and moisture they…they will feed on.

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