Termites strike gold

My research is really about finding
new mineral resources in Australia. The problem is that
we’ve got 150 years of exploration and most of the easy to find resources
have been found. So what we need is new tools to find these
resources, and there’s plenty there, and we need to be able to find them
in a cost-efficient way. So my research is using termites
and ants, other insects, to get below a surface layer
of transported material which is hiding our future mineral resources. I’ve done a lot of specific research at some
sites in eastern Western Australia, where we’ve looked at gold deposits particularly, and in these particular sites
we’ve found that termites can reveal the gold deposits
beneath cover and they can find these gold deposits where the evidence is
four or five metres below the surface. The novel part of what my research really is,
is the ability to use smaller nest and nests of termites and ants
which traditionally wouldn’t have been used because they look like they are
not made up of that much material and what I’m finding is
that they’re still able to go down and vertically transport useful
amounts of material for us. Well, from here we want to look at more
different types of termites. For example there are
subterranean termites, which build big nests in the base
of root balls of trees and other areas. And, these nests are just as big as
the nests of mound forming termites, however their below the ground.
When they forage they little earthern sheaths over branches and food sources. Now, what my recent research has been showing is that this material is very similar to the
material of these large termite mounds and so there’s the potential of using
a whole new group of insects, of termites, for this research.

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2 thoughts on “Termites strike gold

  1. svp, Quel est l'appareil utilisé pr détecté des traces des différentes métaux incorporer dans les les insectes ou qui indique les traces, présences des métaux dans les insectes (concentration des métaux). Mes remerciements et mes salutations

  2. Is it really true that there is presence of gold in a part that termites live ?? Thanks for response 😊

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