The 10 Cabins To Avoid On A Cruise. How To Choose A Cruise Ship Cabin!

I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers.
In this video I’m going to tell you about ten cruise cabins that you
absolutely should avoid if you want to have a great cruising vacation. Now,
before we talk about cabins to avoid what I want to point out is there are
four basic types of cabin. And irrespective of which of these types of
cabin you choose, the tips I am about to give you will all apply. One of the
four types of cabins and the cheapest cabin on board is an “inside cabin”.
These are cabins which have no windows or balcony. The next type of cabin is an
“ocean view” and these are basically cabins which have a porthole or a window. The
next type of cabin is a “balcony cabin”, with some call “veranda cabins”. These
are the most popular cabins of all on board cruise ships, and modern cruise
ships try and have as many balcony cabins as they possibly can. The fourth
is “Suites”. These can range from just big generous sized cabins
through to huge big luxurious, almost apartment-like spaces. Whichever one of
those four you choose, my ten tips on what cabins to avoid apply to all of
those. So let’s take a look at the ten cabins that you should absolutely avoid.
The first of them is one of my big bug bears, and that’s adjoining cabins. Many
cruise ships will have cabins with interconnecting doors which of course
allow families, or friends, to be able to move between cabins fairly easily. If
you’re travelling by yourself with just two of you an adjoining cabin can
be a nightmare. There can be a lot of noise. You can hear people talking. You
can hear phones ringing and televisions. It can really put a real damper on your
cruise vacation. All the deck plans will actually identify and tell you
which are the cabins with adjoining doors.
The second thing to avoid is cabins underneath the pool deck. Take a look at
this cabin. It’s a beautiful cabin. It looks magnificent. However, on the
cruise that I had on this particular ship it was a nightmare! It was right
underneath the pool deck and there were chairs scraping, people walking past from
very in the morning to late at night, at lunch time there would be parties, lots
of loud music and, because we were in the Caribbean, late at night they would often
be parties and dancing on deck which kept me awake till all hours of the
morning. So avoid cabins underneath the pool deck. So linked to that, my next tip is
avoid cabins underneath the promenade deck. Many cruise ships have a deck which goes right around the ship so people like to walk out there. People go jogging.
So, for example, in this particular cabin again it was a nightmare because it was
underneath the promenade deck and early in the morning of the be thump-thump-thump of people going running and there’d be people walking at all hours of the night
and day – and it was really quite stressful being underneath the promenade
deck. My next suggestion is very carefully look at the deck plans and
avoid cabins that are near big public rooms. So particularly things to look out
for are things like kids’ clubs, where they can be kids coming and going all
through the day and into the evening with lots of noise of families and kids excited and running about. Next to the theatre or big auditoriums where events
are held both during the day and at night, because there’ll be lots of people
coming and going. Also those can be where the excursion groups meet and are then
set off from, so there’ll be a lot of talk and noise of people coming and going from
those various venues. Another very important thing to avoid is late night
and loud venues. So take a look at where the nightclubs are and where the party
venues are, and avoid cabins above or below those because you will have a
vibration noise and that bass sound pounding away till the early hours of
the morning. So make sure you avoid night clubs and discos. The next one that’s
very important one is take a look on the deck plans and stay away from the
laundry, because either side of the laundry will be loud noise from the
machines and also there’ll be lots of people coming and going and door slamming with lots of talking people coming and going all hours of the day and, although most cruise ships
have restrictions on when the machines can start and to be switched
off, not everybody sticks to those. So avoid
cabins on either side of the laundry and just opposite the laundry. I also
recommend that you avoid cabins that look on to the centre of the ship. On very big ships there is a big promenade that runs through the middle
of them and there are cabins over looking the promenade. In some ships there are also a few cabins are overlooking things like the central atrium of the ship. I
would avoid those partly because you don’t have a lot of privacy, because
people can see into your cabins, but also those promenades are often used for
parties, parades and music recitals, and so it can be
very noisy. My next tip is avoid cabins with obstructed views where the
lifeboats and the tender boats are hosted. Often you’ll get a cheaper
cabin because your look out and your view is obstructed by the lifeboats and the
tender boats. The reason I say avoid those is particularly on an
itinerary which has lots of tendering you’ll be woken up with lots of
noise of the tenders being prepared. So it can be fairly noisy. My suggestion
is to avoid cabins near crew access areas. These are sometimes much
harder to identify and find out, so you might want to either ask in
various cruise related chat rooms or ask your agent. People often complain if
there are is a service door near them with the crew coming and going because there can be banging, lots of noise as people come on or off duty or doing room
service etc. My next suggestion is to avoid cabins that are on very low decks
either right at the very back, near the engine, or in the very front ,near the
anchor. Lots of people who travel in those cabins complain about the vibration and
noise from the engine, and also being woken up fairly in the morning as
the anchor gets weighed. Also because it’s an area often with the crew coming
and going and lots of work going on, so try and avoid those. Well hopefully you found
that helpful and it’s given you some guidance as you look at booking a
fantastic cruise and the right cabin for you. If
you liked the video I’d love it if you left a “like” and very importantly please
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100 thoughts on “The 10 Cabins To Avoid On A Cruise. How To Choose A Cruise Ship Cabin!

  1. One thing that annoys me about the use of lifts are young kids and fit adults going up or down just one level! Pure lazyness

  2. I enjoyed the video and I learned a lot however kind of humorous that after everything is said and done there doesn't seem to be very many good rooms left after you avoid all the ones you mentioned LOL

  3. This bloke sounds like he's the life and soul of the party. Been on loads of cruises and have ONCE had to be moved because of noise from a machine room next door.

  4. We prefer our balcony room on the very backend of the ship, several floors up from the engines. For us, the low churning sound is so relaxing, it’s a bonus versus a negative!

  5. I am weak 😂 with these comments and this video all I could think is where the hell am I supposed to sleep😂. What you should have done was made a list on which cabin to ask for

  6. So in other words don't go on a cruise ship,, cuz we're avoiding ALLLLLLL of the lodging SPACE,, WHERE WOULD YOU STAY????? Seriously, !!! YOU ARE ON A CRUISE SHIP NOT LAND BUYING REAL estate,,,,,,YOU ARE THERE TO HAVE FUN,, not the wilderness to die,,,,party and funnnnñ

  7. Disagree regarding laundry areas. Our last cruise, our room was literally a 3 min. Walk to the laundry and it was a gamble If machines were available or not, so if you pack light and plan to use the laundry facilities, try to be fairly close to the laundry room. It was a good 10 minutes every time we put laundry in or out.

  8. They said you can't because this is what u paid for or they always said out of room cabins so it can't be change or they exchange your room cabin but problem isn't solved. So any great ideas to counteract these problems.9

  9. Wow!… I definitely didn't think about the cons to cruising as this will be our first one. I wish we'd came across this vid before booking our room for this 2019. Just have to hope n pray our room's located in a peaceful n quiet area. Thanks for the tips!👍👌

  10. Cruise lines want booze profits, hence they will stay open till 3:00 a.m. They don't give a shit of passengers rights !

  11. My tip is book a hotel on dry land then fly off to another hotel on dry land I've found I've never been land sick yet, well not counting alcohol

  12. Useless and depressing review. Just reading this pessimestic advice makes me want to throw myself over side of the ship.

  13. Can we book a back facing balcony or suite in 9, 10 th deck, will there be any engine noise or vibration ?

  14. Geez you must be a real fun person to travel with.  You forgot to mention the cabins that are near the all day all night buffets that they have now.   I wonder if the Captains cabin is available to sleep in while he is on deck

  15. I have been on 17 cruises, starting in1965. Some of his points are valid but he is being a bit over cautious. One thing he did not touch on, which I think is an oversight, is the location of the cabin relative to the motion of the ship. The most stable area being midship, and towards the bottom. Either end of a ship is subject to more motion. However, unless you are in your cabin/stateroom 24/7, this is not really that big a deal. I am a retired travel agent and have booked many cruises for clients, by the way. These new mega ships tend to be top heavy in my opinion and the higher up you are, the more motion you will feel.

  16. Great video! My wife I and I just returned from a Carnival Cruise on the Fantasy! We had a blast! We are doing a day-by-day vlog and just posted day number one. Thanks for your video!

  17. I love his vids. BUT–I don't know if you followed these 10 tips, and all of them do make perfect sense, are there any cabins left? Wow! It seems there are big sections of rooms taken out by these.

  18. Just wondering if there would be vibration and engine noise in carnival Miracle room 5265 ocean suite side facing but last room before the back aft suites. I need to know ASAP. I have searched and can’t find the answer. Thank you.

  19. Laundry? Seriously?))) Laundry are usually located on tween deck (-1 deck) and on the decks from 0 up to 4 are usually crew cabins, depending from the ship. So what ever cabin you choose it will be far away from, laundry or engine, I can ensure you as crew member who had working more than 6 years on the different ships)))

  20. If every passenger avoided one of those cabins they wouldn't have any passengers! Be the best cruise ever though

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  22. Wow, with so many things to avoid and with all your suggestions I think is best you don't go on a cruise and stay in your house.
    And please don't bullshit, you can't choose your cabin and will only assigned to you after boarding.

  23. Basically if you’re like this guy looking for a quiet vacation with no people around, just don’t go on a cruise. No need to watch the video…

  24. Glad my first cruise is in the dead center of the ship away from all of the noise of people lol.

  25. I'd almost take a stand up cabin on a cruise ship. If you are in your room enough for the things he talks about to bug you, you aren't taking advantage of the entertainment offered on the ship. If you don't walk in, lay down, and go into a coma for 4 or five hours.

  26. Ok so stay away from; upper decks, lower decks, the out sides, the insides, the left side, the right side, stay away from rooms with doors, stay away from rooms with windows, stay away from cabins that have a room next door, stay away from cabins that have people above them, stay away from cabins that have water or people below them. Stay away from the front of the ship, stay away from the rear of the ship. This six minute video should be titled “Just stay the F away!”

  27. On one cruise I went on, I specifically asked for a connected cabin as I was vacationing with family and we wanted to be able to 'visit' without getting to dressed up.

  28. I have had three of the types of cabin he recommends to avoid!!
    They were amongst the best I have EVER had.
    On the Voyager of the seas I had one looking right into the centre (in fact it is included in this video) and guess what? There was a full blown party going on outside due to rain on deck and I couldn't hear a thing!
    On the Britannia I had a so -called 'Obstructed view'…..great view over the tops of the life boats and room half price!

    The man is simply generating click bait to raise his YouTube profile

  29. All those problematic areas should be avoided at all cost to eschew a stressful vacation. Gosh, I don't want to become baldy too.

  30. my take away ..consider your location when booking…from experience it is possible to hear the noise i high traffic areas 👍🏾

  31. Hello from the US! 🇺🇸
    Love your videos! ❤️

    Wife and I were gifted our first cruise and the cabin was right next to the night club. Yikes! There may have been a housekeeping storage closet between. I was unsure. Anyway we slept like babies. What a relief! We had some anxiety about the location, when looking at the deck plan, but were both happily surprised. We DID hear a fair amount of movement each morning from the housekeeping folks but that didn’t bother us.

  32. As a cruise ships crew member with more than 20 years of experience can confirm every word, however be ready to pay more for better located cabins.

  33. This guy went on a cruise to stay in his cabin the whole time and then got pissed off because people were doing things that normal people do on a cruise

  34. To avoid for noise:
    Underneath tennis courts.
    Underneath restaurants.
    Underneath the pool deck.
    Close to kitchen doors.
    Close to food/dishes cart routes.
    Close to elevators
    Close to main stairways
    On the pool deck. Halls too busy.

  35. My advice is to get an inside cabin. You will spend very little time in your actual room on the cruise.

  36. “Make sure to avoid cabins with bathrooms. Toilets can be very loud and keep you awake if you have to use the bathroom late at night and want to flush. Also avoid cabins with beds because they can fill the whole room and not leave much room for you to walk around. Also avoid cruise ships because they are pretty much a giant loud party all hours of the morning.” Might as well said that lol. 😂

  37. THANKS FOR THE "CABINS TO AVOID" very informative tips! I don't think I will ever cruise. So far I've only "cruised" on ships Stockholm, Sweden – Finland, for 15 hours and the nights are mostly spent on the dance floor, not so much sleep in the night. Just now I've a friend cruising on the beautiful Norwegian "Hurtigruten", just wondered if he gets a good night's sleep, anchors etc.. 😀

  38. You should stay home my friend. You are probably the worst travel companion on the world. A neurotic traveller. kkk

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  41. Another one to avoid are cabins with kids or crying baby’s the last cruise i was on I wanted to go to the other room grab the baby and throw it overboard people please for the love of god don’t bring your freakin baby onboard

  42. Well, maybe you need to stay home alone by yourself. Don't go cruising please.

    The beauty of the cruise is you meet people, enjoy all , making friends, sing karaoke to sooth your spirit.

    Enough of being critical and perfectionist. Cruising is socializing, teeming with life and sounds.

    Why would you stay inside your room that long, when there is so much energy outside.

    Actually, those who do not love the energy & action during cruise are probably grannies & granpas, and those with sluggish health, or with problems. Single old people need serene place, so they should just stay at their own room, and put earplug with soothing music, and seated in a rocking chair.

  43. You sound like a whinging girly man😳😳. Please go hiking in the Arctic, OR, the Antarctic, and you’ll be fine Sheila!😂😂😂

  44. I so appreciate how you get the topic spelled out ckearly, then a fluid fun down directly into each point! Great information, some obvious, but good reveal of what is not obvious!

  45. I had an inside cabin under the theatre on the Norwegian Bliss. It was so-so, because although I didn't hear much in the way of shifting of furniture or footsteps, the bass from the music system was quite distracting. Thankfully the last show was over by around 11 pm, so it didn't bother me too much. BUT what did bother me was that they PRACTICE during the afternoons. It's better than having a cabin near the dining rooms. Every morning you're woken up by scraping dishes, rattling glasses, and steel utensils. At least you won't miss breakfast.

  46. thank you so much, this is not my type of holiday…crowded and noisy, i end up in misery, thanks God I found your video!

  47. Patriot act episode dropped on this topic. Carnival cruises has child rape and murders go unreported, and they're too cheap to pay for lifeguards so kids also drown all the fucking time. Not to mention dodging billions in taxes. Fuck this company. Spread the word.

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