The Amazing Captain Spider-man

That should do the trick. Thanks Cap! No problem, Peter. I’m glad to help you with your project. When will this cloning machine of yours be completed? I’m almost done with it. Just a few more debugging here and there, I should be able to get this working soon! Alright, I’ve gotta go now. See you kid! Bye Cap! Hmm… I think this should work. Let’s give it a try. HOLY SMOKE!!! I did it! I’ve made a clone of me and Cap! Greeting, it’s my greatest honour to meet you, my creator. Dude, this is unbelievable! What should I call you? Captain Spider-man? Spidey Rogers? You can call me anything you like, father. Dude, I’m not your father, I am, but I mean… we are more like bros, you know what I’m saying. Dude, let’s go hang out in the longue. I have so much to talk to you about. Dude, do you have any move with that shield? Show me, show me! Yes, father. Woahhh! That’s fricking AWESOME!!! It’s great to have a clone of myself to hang out sometimes and I would.…WHAT THE HECKK!!! Greetings, father. Holy crap! What happened? Where on earth did you guys come from?!! You created us, father. Oh no, no, no! I forgot to turn the cloning machine off ! What am I gonna do now? ! Yes indeed, father. What are we going to do now? Do you want us to conquer the world? No! Of course not! Why would I ask you to do that? No! Do you want us to kill all the Avengers and THEN conquer the world? NOO!!! Stop thinking of conquering the world! But can we conquer the world though? What are you guys doing? Hey, stay away from me! Can we? Can we? Can we? What! What! Oh..phew.. I must have fallen asleep just now…thank God it was just a nightmare. But it was kinda funny though… Father is asleep. Good. There is no one to stop us now. Let father have his sweet dream… While we take over the world for him !!

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100 thoughts on “The Amazing Captain Spider-man

  1. i think there should be the Avengers vs the Spider-Vengers (My idea of the spider-man clones of the avengers) for a all out battle, Captain america vs the Amazing Spider-Man, Iron man vs The amazing Iron-Spider, Hulk vs the Amazing Spider-Hulk, etc.

  2. That was very good. You've created a alternate scenario with in the Marvel Universe. There is no Pokemon or costume parties. Perhaps you are not a disgrace to Marvel after all.

  3. You know that somewhere in the vast spider verse that this is actually happening at some point, we’re just getting a small YouTube version of it

  4. So… you made an animation where Spiderman… intentionally… made a cloning machine of sorts…
    It's based off a different continuity I know… but yeah… Spiderman and clones don't mix

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