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*fake cough* You know, in the future, if you’re gonna steal cars… Don’t dress like a car thief, man Who are you? You a cop? Really? You seriously think I’m a cop? A cop in a skin-tight red and blue suit. You know you’re-you’re-you’re…. You got a mind… of a true scholar, sir I-I-I was going more for the guys who do the luge Good thinking, good thinking Use the window, get out the window There you go, you got it Woah Crotch! Just let me go Is that a knife? Is that a real knife? Yes, it’s a real knife My weakness, it’s small knives Just let me go Anything but knives! Oh it’s so simple That was cool, man What the hell is this? Webbing that I developed myself, I don’t think you really want to know right now… Come on, let me go! Wait, one sec-one sec-one.. second… Knock it off, man! Come on, let me go! Stop it! That isn’t funny! It is kinda funny, man Come on, help! Shhhh This could’ve gone a lot worse Now, hold still Oh! Boys in blue here! Yo I got him! Freeze! He’s not going anywhere You in the tights, don’t move! Serious? Who are you? No one seems to grasp, the concept of the mask Freeze! I just did 80% of your job, huh? And that, that’s how you repay me? Alright, well that was fun Bus! What are you doing? Hey watch out, I’m swinging here, I’m swinging here!

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100 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man – Taking Down the Car Thief Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

  1. this spider-man was cool but it really feels more like a 2-3 years exeperimented and confident Spidey than the unexperimented young spidey in highschool that discovers his powers. And an other remark, I really think that's this Spider-Man really could be the PS4 Spider-Man in the past

  2. Criminal can afford an over $10,000 decoding device
    but needs to steal a car…He could've saved up another 10k and got
    a nice subaru, fuckin idiot XD

  3. 1:05 Everytime I want to surprise someone 😂
    1:54 When I found the suspect, and then my teacher/parents is coming 😁

  4. People that think THIS is what Spiderman acts like don't know squat about Spiderman, sure, he's funny but Spiderman isn't a jerk like he clearly is shown here

  5. So know one is gonna point out the fact that the cop is just shooting recklessly with the criminal in the back ?

  6. How did he get in the car? Surely he couldn't have known exactly which car the thief was going to go after before he did it, and the thief had to use a piece of tech to unlock the door. Only possibility is that another door was open. But then why didn't the thief hear him? No car door shutting sound or anything? Spiderman just appeared inside of a locked vehicle.

  7. And this is why I prefer the new Spiderman. Spiderman isn't supposed to be dark and edgy, he's friendly in the neighborhood.

  8. Wait….. Spider-Man was in the car before the criminal was on the car so technically Spider-Man was the one that stole the car

  9. Such a bad cop. Who the hell fire his gun (repeatedly) at someone when someone else, who obviously is not a threat as he is webbed to the wall, is behind the guy he is shooting. He could have killed 2 people instead of waiting for backup while he had the situation under control, as nobody else is armed.

  10. ¡¡Tobey Maguire It Will Always Be The Authentic Spider-man Forever Greetings From Chacabuco Argentina🎥❤👍👏💪✌❤💙!

  11. I know a lot of people hate Andrews version of Spider-Man, but man I’ve always had a soft spot for it. I used to watch this movies all the time in like middle school and partially elementary school. I think there’s a lot of personality in his character and I love that.

  12. Eion really a cop a cop dressed in a red and blue suit your a u know eion I was going more for the friendly spider man Eion good thinking good thinking Eion out the windows Eion whoa

  13. Friendly spider man Eion my weakness in small knife is that a real knife yes it’s a real Eion oh no my weakness in small knifes

  14. When people try to be the 'grammar police,' like who gives a crap. Not everyone on the planet, speaks or writes in English.

  15. The movie is good, but it can be better if it was played by Original Spider-Man and his true M.J. Tobey Maguire & Kirsten Dunst.

  16. My personal categorizing of the three spiderdudes.

    Toby Maguire: Chaotic with differing energy and emotions.

    Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland: The cutest beans.

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