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Well that was something. I’m sorry, I thought he was going to arrest me at one point. Nah, I wouldn’t have let him arrest you. What happened to your face? I’m gonna tell you something. Oh. ok. I’ve been bitten. so have I. ok ok ok ok ok, I gotta tell you this one thing, I gotta tell you this one thing. And it’s about the vigilante and the car thief. Alright? Oh. Ok. No no no no no. Don’t. No. Ok no. Forget that. I’m not gonna talk about that. I’m gonna talk about me. Ok? What about you? It’s impossi… I wish i could just… I can’t. It’s hard to say. Just say it. Say it. What, What. What? Ok. (Web Sling) (Web Recoils) You’re SpiderMan! Shut up! Gwen? Gwen… You’re father wants you to come in right away. Ok. K? Yeah. Gwen! I’m coming! (Spidey Sense) (Sirens) Oh, I’m in trouble.

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100 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man – Web-Sling Kiss Scene (4/10) | Movieclips

  1. It’s confusing to talk about this movie, some people underrate it, other overrate it, 6/10 for me 👍🏼

  2. Dayam that "shut up" get me so bad. Andrew is gorgeous. My favourite scene, i love this movie.

  3. and then… She got pregnant by Norman Osborn 😐

    sorry, I just watch a video about that comic

  4. Ok they cute and all but at 1:21 where is gwen going tho that’s not the way back in to the building..oh that’s right it’s so it’ll be convinient for peter to do his web thing on it.😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. 1. Does anyone else also hope the web would rip her skirt instead of just drawing her close to peter?

    2. I prefer Spiderman to keep getting rebooted just to see how Peter would reveal his true identity to MJ (or other love interests of his) in various ways

  6. do you know what i like from this movie series…
    that spiderman didnt need stark tech to become better super hero

  7. Don't believe what u hear on the news!

    Andrew and Emma never split! There was no "breakup" u can tell its obvious they are still together after all the proof and signs that are posted and leaked on social media like Instagram and Twitter.

    The truth is. Stonefield is alive and still together and keeping their relationship private due to paparazzi and media, its their private life! Let Stonefield live! Hope Andrew and Emma can be married soon and all these cruel and nasty rumors can end.

    BTW the SNL writer and rumors about Andrew with a model was a lie! The Rita Ora and 2015 split rumors were also fake news too!

  8. That “no no no” SO CUTE!!! There so many cute things about this scene I just my heart! The reason their chemistry was so good was bcs they was actually dating like Ah my heart!!!

  9. My question stays… Could the fukin stupid MCU SPIDEY.. CAN he recreate such EPIC SCENES… WITH SUCH EPIC MUSIC..😮😮 ACTING CASTING…. Naah he could never bring this sort of FEELING in my heart right now😔😔😔

  10. Peter: “I’ve been bitten…”
    (bitten by radioactive spider 🦠🕷)

    Gwen: “ So have I”
    (bitten by love bug ♥️🕷)

  11. andrew was the best spiderman and i totally do not like tom holland playing the character. no hate to tom but honestly, the feels are just not there whatsoever. if you look past the horrid direction of this movie, these actors were literally the best. also, i cry every time one of these ends up in my recommendations cuz dammit i miss this movie.

  12. All the stuttering got gwen to do it 😂😂ok ok ok ok ok !!!! What what what!!! Guess he still weird the only difference is he's "Spider-Man " shoud've been call "The Amazing Stuttering"

  13. I don't know why I really want a guy to just slam me against a wall and kiss me hard but I've never had a boyfriend.
    Ok I know I am crazy.

  14. You know why her father wanted her in right away is because he had a cam on the roof and saw them kissing but the cam was at a diffrent angle so he web that's the reason that I made up😁😁

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