The Bee Condo: Attract Non-Aggressive, Solitary Bees to Help Pollination

Providing a bee block in your landscape is
a great way to encourage highly efficient pollinators for your landscape or garden.
Everyone knows about the value of European Honeybees as pollinators, but our native solitary
bees, such as leaf cutter bees, mason bees, or carpenter bees are much more efficient
pollinators than honeybees. In fact, a couple hundred solitary bees can pollinate as many
flowers as tens of THOUSANDS of European Honeybees! And since solitary bees aren’t protecting
a hive, you don’t have to worry about being stung when working around a bee block. If
you provide these bees with a food source nearby and nesting sites they’ll make use
of them. The female takes pollen and nectar to the back of the chamber, lays an egg, and
seals that section of the chamber. She repeats this process until the hole is filled. She
then seals the hole to ensure safe overwintering for the next generation of pollinators. You
can find bee blocks at local garden centers, or make your own with plans downloaded from
the internet. Either way, if you want safe, highly efficient pollinators in your landscape
or garden, install a bee block today!

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3 thoughts on “The Bee Condo: Attract Non-Aggressive, Solitary Bees to Help Pollination

  1. Want to help out some pollinators? A "Bee Condo" will attract non-aggressive, native bees. These solitary bees don't swarm to defend their hives. Check it out:

  2. Thanks for posting, now I know what to do to keep them out of my deck but still around for the garden👍

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