The Butterfly Is Michelle Williams! | Season 2 Ep. 9 | THE MASKED SINGER

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100 thoughts on “The Butterfly Is Michelle Williams! | Season 2 Ep. 9 | THE MASKED SINGER

  1. this show hyped the butterfly since the first episode and it sucks that they did not let her make it to the finale; everyone is MAD!

  2. Thingamajig only stay because Nicole like him and its stupid. I'm sorry but he is weak because he can only sing slow ballad and he sound bad in anything else. Butterfly should be in final 4 with Fox Flamingo and Rottweiler

  3. I'm starting to think a lot of these contestants on this season were based on guesses from last season. Someone guessed Michelle Williams as Lion last season and now she's on this season. Patti LaBelle was guessed as Bee. And so on.

  4. This is my way of last night. Butterfly vs Fox = Fox. Thingamajig vs Tree = Thingamajig. SMACKDOWN! Butterfly vs Tree = Butterfly. Tree is revealed

  5. Everyone, stop being so butt hurt about singers being voted off. The audience might’ve figured out who Michele Williams is the butterfly, also the girls and Robin Thicke finally caught on to who she was and hit the nail on the head

  6. I am so proud of you Michelle!!!!! Your journey just really took on a new direction since your unmasking and I really love this segment even more than what you said last night on the show, WOW!!!!! Love you so much! Love the show guys!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am a DC3 and Michelle fan forever!!! She did so good on this season of Masked Singer!!! Push THROUGH Tenitra!!!

  8. She deserved better, I hope she continues to make more appearances. I feel like she thinks people don’t love her and appreciate her talents. But she’s amazing and has such a beautiful voice 💕

  9. She said she hasn’t worked since last December what? Beyonce start a reunion tour or she can be a judge on AGT they just fired two ladies

  10. Michelle if you read this I have two suggestions 1. Start a YouTube channel 2. Start a clothing line with super cute clothes since you like Nicole’s clothes

  11. Its almost like once they pretty muched figured out the person..they get eliminated..No matter if you can sing…its about can I figure out who is the "Masked Singer"

  12. The Butterfly was my favorite , i didn't want her to go home 🙁 . I knew it was Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child . And she can sing , what a amazing voice. I love you so much Michelle .

  13. I didn't know her before this show, but this was the most depressing unmasking. I just felt so bad, she deserved more.

  14. So glad she had this opportunity to show who she is as a very gifted artist. Not glossed over vocally in a chorus of other singers. I was pleasantly surprised to hear her pure vocals. Sorry she got voted off. Continue to let your light shine, Michelle.

  15. LOL the headline. Not many people would have been surprised, infact lots of people called it. She's such a wonderful, humble person and has an amazing voice.

  16. What a wonderfully beautiful talented butterfly spread your wings black butterfly you have a destiny all your own child

  17. Wait. Michelle really sings. She's a singer. Just that down the road, BEE, got huge. 😍😍😍😍.
    Love you @michelle_williams

  18. I knew it was her she killed every time I'm glad she was able to show the world how amazing her voice is 💕💕💕

  19. I'm sorry but she a talent of her own without Destiny they needed her. If she could get the right writers too feel her voice she could be on top.

  20. I'm bummed 😔.. they got rid of the best singers! Michelle & Patti…come on! I like Thingamajig, but like Fox better..come on Wayne.. win it!

  21. Apparently putting one of the judges in your performance slideshow is all you need to advance. She was one of the best and lost.

  22. I was crying the whole night and while she was getting unmasked but Michelle if your reading this my sister said you left destiny’s child because you said you weren’t as talented as Beyoncé you better TAKE THAT BACK YOU HAVE THE BEST VOICE IN THE WORLD.And you really inspiring to my I don’t care what people think of you but I think of you as an angel I LOVE YOU butterfly…😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  23. She is so Talented man! I hope she will work in the future with the right team and producers who gonna pusch her more. She deserve it because she is a nice woman and realy talentend! People forget her because she didnt had a huge role on Destinys Child. Beyonce and Kelly Outshined her all the time. She need the right Music, she was always the spirutal one but for some reason her Music never Catched me.

  24. Michelle I'm going to need you to…………………….


    I've never heard her sing THIS GOOD BEFORE..

  25. I don't understand why she says she has no confidence that girl can sing. She has beauty style and grace I'm gonna miss you Butterfly

  26. Why is Jenny McCarthy the only one able to make credible guesses. Is it in her contract that they the rest must sound like fools?

  27. Im so proud of Ms. Williams pottery in motion. View this program first time Dec. 5 2019. The program is uniquely extraordinary haven't viewed anyrhing like this in many decades. Thanks!

  28. She should not have gone home! I like Thingamajig, but she completely outsanged him in the last episode!! Sad to see her go!

  29. In another unmasked interview I remember someone also saying they didn't have to wear makeup under the mask. She was wearing makeup when she was unmasked. Is this proof the show is rigged? They know ahead of time when they are leaving?

  30. She sang and performed with Beyoncé, they were part of Destiny’s Child.

    If Beyoncé was on this show, her voice would be too distinctive and recognizable so she wouldn’t last long.

  31. Can y’all not have the name so prominent?! I haven’t seen the episode yet and now it’s SPOILED 😡😡😡

  32. She so totally out sang thingamajig it was stupid…We all saw them say we cant lose him before they eve competed..this was a fix….I know he is victor Oladipo an NBA guard for the Indiana Pacers who is btw injured right now..Limping..Easy to see…..Which is y hes not playing for the Pacers….Also anyone else notice her finale was at least 30 secs longer than his was? He finished weakly….

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