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-So we’re from So we do online food safety training courses.
And so, we’re interviewing people, and just asking food safety related trivia questions. -So I’ve got to try to guess them?
-Yeah. How many times do you need to fold toilet paper to keep your hands clean? -[Confused Look] How many times do I need to fold toilet paper?
-Yeah. -I don’t have any idea, I don’t know. I’ve never been asked this question. Can I phone a friend on that one?
-[Laughing] How many times should you fold toilet paper to keep your hands safe, clean after using the restroom? -[Laughing] We like to finish up with some baby wipes in our home. Four times. I would say…once. Or none at all. I have no idea, once? I have never heard that before.
[Laughing] [Laughing]
I have no idea. Four. Um, a couple. At least four. Three. Four… Maybe like…I do it like six times. Just… no mess.
[Laughing] Eight. I don’t know. I’m probably overshooting and causing waste
to the environment, but I want to make sure the job’s done. I way overdue it. A dozen at least. That’s gross. Ten times. Twenty times. As many times as you know you won’t get dirty.
[Laughing] I’m sticking with a dozen. I have no idea. What if you don’t fold? -There’s options, what other things would you do? -I guess you could scrunch it into a ball, umm… I don’t know though, what would be the right
size for that. I don’t know. Is it safer to fold or scrunch?
-Umm, I’m a scruncher, so I’m going to go with scrunch. Should you fold or scrunch? -Fold. Fold. It’s neater. Folding increases the pad and… makes a larger surface area. I’m going to go with fold. To fold. Fold, I would say fold. Whereas scrunching creates gaps. Scrunch. I scrunch. It’s actually a trick question.
You can’t really keep your hands clean, so that’s why we wash our hands thoroughly. -Oh, you sneaky bugger, okay. [Laughing] Okay, I was like I didn’t know there was some prevention that I could be taking. Have you ever heard of the Fecal-Oral-Route? -No. [Laughing] No, I have no idea what that is. Oral Route? Umm…Uh, something to do with… …uh, poop. [Bell] Could you describe in your own words the Fecal-Oral Route? -Ha! That’s the full system purge! Do you want to elaborate on that?
-Umm, [Bell] Where you’re sitting on the toilet
and you’re holding the trash can in your lap. [Snickers] How do you think it would get there?
-Uh, just by not washing your hands properly. [Bell] -Yes, that’s right. That’s right. [Music]

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9 thoughts on “The Fecal-Oral Route | Food Safety Talkabout

  1. Ewww WTF are there people that actually think that by folding more times makes it clean???! The second I heard that question I already thought you getting poopoo on your hands no matter how many times you fold it.

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