The Fighting Westerner – Randolph Scott

Subscribe To SannaBlue YouTube! you Hey anybody home don’t let him scare you son are you the sheriff not yet I expect to
be before this case is over right now deputy sheriff takes another dog my
sudden headon oh you Larry I always call everybody with the first name saves talk
let’s come in and fix need only about three days but I used to live around
here in this father come to fix fire 60 years ago what are you doing here expect to land a
job with mr. ballot uh-huh got any paper to show who you are
ESMA letter of introduction Sonny’s got to be mighty careful on a murder case seems alright you like sourdough
biscuits sure do is that Adolf Boggs body in there how’d you know news is all
over Tonto basin when I guess folks P the whole lot
better about it knowing I’m on the case several of us spoke to me about it I ain’t able to locate there another
saucer second you get a nice day make your coffee out of a cup well I know
what’s not a man was he I don’t know course a him and me and Jim Palin we
boyish together but I ain’t see days off more than 50 years wouldn’t recognize
him for dead they killed him up there to mind catched him under the stamp mill so
you were born around this part of the country no all our folks come out here
together in a wagon train oh man better that’s a Jim’s paw was
kept to the outfit what kind of man did Jim turn out to be
oh he took after his Paul didn’t mingle with people and there they both live
like a couple of Amish that’s the kind of man I’m gonna work for why did you
leave your texts well my and my father hadn’t argued the
old man battered over sectional and moondust
Oregon Ben they ever said what brought you back why went broken got a kind of a
Hank and to see the old place I figured that Jim Ballard give me a job
what do you see me well how did you seem to be getting along all right when Jim
wouldn’t see me I went to see the sheriff about a job figured that was
more mile on any huh well sheriff said huh somebody’s well beyond the county
one words another put me on his deputy was short imaginal how about one lucky
thing he put me on when it did and very next day this fella in here was murdered
hey I’m right on the job hey there’s more biscuit that noise what noise in there you better go see my job gone
and Larry can’t you see my hand just fall or see yourself probably just the
wind yeah you punking hell this is my
headquarters but I’m figured on moving up the Ballard place where I’d keep an
eye on things karna VIN Hill you would hear this
morning what’s his birdie well he says
everything points that Jack Parsons feathers the killer sheriff’s got a
posse out trailing him now you’re asking a lot of questions are you a city
detective no just a mining engineer at their passion was a mining engineer too
when I catch him that reward money’s gonna come in my handy I wouldn’t count
on that a reward money too soon maybe you’re asking the wrong man
Lane you find you kind of picture partner to put on that bear poster
I’ll bet you I can get some money important clues how did you pick Jim got
a picture of Jack washers yes where’d you get it
he’s my brother-in-law this thing’s hitting my sister pretty hard I’m not
sure I’d hear that your family’s mixed up in this son cuz I don’t mind to shine
to you I guess because it make me think of my boy sees his mother died when he
was born I raised him he had a smile just like yours slow easy you could tell it he wasn’t
that girl the funny had in him and he was one of the first game list with when
they had that squabble over there and French sent me all his medals oh so I’m just normal fellas you got to
talk a reckon you knew but then you think of me with a great big strong
first up justice plays narrator run just like me listen dad I’m sure jack bosses
didn’t kill ball will you let me work with you a few days to see what we can
find out why don’t see anything again who’s living at the ballot place just
him and his help up to a few days ago that a whole passel of relatives show
them while I’m working there I’m positive I can find out a number of
things that’ll help us it’s a bargain you can help me over some of the details
I’d better be checking in to the ballots I’ll see you later Larry when you meet
me over there don’t hurt anybody you’re working for me okay I won’t know you
from Adam well I’m the best a whole lot different he was Hey what are you up to I want to see your boss mr. Bhalla
do you know GU you know see anyone is different
you come you like the same as Kabbalah I’m a mining
engineer oh oh well come in enjoy your name sir Lawrence Sutton I’m mrs. bog
mr. Ballard’s housekeeper have your letters of introduction I’ll find out if
mr. Bhalla conceived he’s an invalid you know perhaps you’d like to glance
through these credentials to make yourself comfortable
sit down thank you I tell you I can’t stand it any longer
akward whining you know what we’re here for
he said he was dying twice and for us I wish he’d get it over with you weren’t
my sister I’d like to poke your one right on the jaw at least you could have
a little respect for Uncle Jim he doesn’t need anything to me except
you’re willing to share in his estate I’ve got a hunch that Rita you and I are
gonna get the most of it that Rita what’s the matter with her I don’t like
her and I never did I think he’s a pretty good cousin I got an idea about
that murder I don’t want to hear it mr. Ballard will see you now this week come in sit down won’t you I see by your credentials you’ve had
experience in handling radium I was at the extraction plant at Denver for over
a year John is it true that the Acme company just
sold a gram of radium for $37,000 that’s correct one of the New York clinics
bought it well that is encouraging oh by the way I
must apologize for shooting at you while ago but since the murder I am a little
suspicious of strangers so it was you well that’s all right you miss me we’ve
had unpleasant experience I suppose you know that my former engineer Parsons
he’s wanted for murder I heard about it from the deputy sheriff
then a great personal loss to me not only was a doubt Bob my partner for many
years but he was my closest friend I understand you will have to work alone
I’m incapacitated can’t leave my bed I appreciate it if you do your work as
fast as you can I’d like to know something of results before I go I know I can ask your confidence don’t
discuss anything with the household excuse me mr. ballon I didn’t know you
were busy I’ll come back later come in John mr.
Sutton this is John Paul glad to meet you mr. Bourg your mother
showed me up here oh yeah he’s good enough to act as my nurse John you’ll
night show mr. Sutton to his quarters in the laboratory all right I’ll look over
your properties and if there’s anything I don’t quite understand
may I come back and discuss it with you anytime I will always be glad to see you
thank you sir good luck mr. Paulson’s test looks very favorable
maybe he extracted some of the radium in stolen how order think so well this goes
into the stamp mill yes but if you’ll excuse me I can’t go in there that’s
where my father was killed I’m sorry so I have mingott’s David your
horse no thanks I’ll do it myself later much obliged for showing me around not
at all and I help you don’t shoot lady I give up what are you
doing here I’m going to do some work on the mine from mr. Bauer
well I’m reachable at his knees you must have thought I was very silly drawing
colonel you who do you think I was anyway well we’re not trusting anybody
around here the last few days so I’ve been told
I’d like to get out of here but I don’t want to offend my uncle
wait he might cut you out of his will I don’t care very much for that remark
then we’re even I didn’t enjoy the Welcome you gave me either
let’s start all over again I’m willing would you think you’d better take your
gun with you I don’t think I need it I’m not afraid anymore in fact I feel a
little better with you around gee I hope nothing else happens what does that mean I don’t know I think it’s just a cheap trick to scare
us away all the excitement seems to center around Rita she found the note
and she was the only person who saw the man ride away from the mine
maybe mr. Ballard has some enemy who’s out for revenge I’ll go tend to your
cattle and leave the melodrama alone Oh mr. Sutton do we really have anything in this
radium I’m sorry miss flora mr. Bhalla has asked me not to discuss his business
with anyone except himself oh so you’re the cagey type if you want to put it
that way mr. Parsons thought there was almost a million dollars with the radium
out there you might have been right and again you might have been wrong well
that makes a pretty nice for one heir but it gets them to rather small figures
when it’s divided among three don’t forget is leaving something to the
board’s I don’t really be before we can market I don’t know if there’s nothing
else you want I’ll see if mr. Ballard needs me don’t let them upset you I can’t help
good night good night is a bad interesting toy oh no do you
want to keep it I just wondered why you wanted it I thought you were only
supposed to work for mr. ballon I am oh I see
Rita’s just a hobby well don’t let it pull the wool over your eyes maybe I
like wool pulled over my eyes stick them up chef got you dead to
rights sleeping on the job oh no you didn’t catch me sleeping son
pretty good sorry yeah let’s decoy taking any chances that black rider
bumping me off what are you doing in this cabin
well bunking down here now I thought it should be down to headquarters watching
Bugs Bunny well I did kinda hate to leave him down there all wrong but
duties duty and I just figured if I was gonna solve this murder
not to me right here on the job well there’s plenty happening around here all
right I need any new clues for me I got a
couple of things take a look at this note Jack Parsons didn’t write that I
know his handwriting looks like a good piece of evidence and you can sheep in a
handwriting the fella that wrote that to cook got anything more
John Boggs horse isn’t it the staple you can’t tell me is out hurting cattle at
night I wouldn’t push that far he’s got a bad eye what’s the chance of
sending this telegram by George I was just thinking there was time that I send
a telegram I’ll get this this off the first thing in the morning well good
night dad good night son Oh be careful that black rider Fred hello as the best people say fancy
meeting you here I was looking for friends he isn’t in his room what made
you think you’d be down here welcome spying at in from the window murder
wants to question all of us last night miss vida where were you when the noise
the stamp never started I had been with my uncle and I had returned to my room I
was in there alone when I heard it that’s right dick I saved the both of you down there at
the mind where were you when it started I was with mr. Sutton in the laboratory
what were you doing there I couldn’t find my brother in the house and I was
looking for him she was you Larry yes no way you’re going to say you would
voyage in second year this is Jim the holiday I couldn’t get them out there
all the time miss Fossey me I know but when is she
she died my mother laughs all right dunya where were you I was up here with
mr. ballon where are your horse last night it wasn’t in the stable
no must’ve broken loose and going down the past year and you I was in my room
sewing Shawn appears to me you’re a right 50 woman mrs. Borg I hope so
I always tried to be well you’re all got pretty good alibis and I can’t point the
finger of suspicion at any of you right now Jim I’m going to ask you a kind of a
delicate question did you ever figure that maybe one of your own kin might
have done it John it may wheel out of that top drawer
please you think it unnecessary to kill all of
you there is a clause in my will providing that should any of my ears die
before I do that particular inheritance will not be divided among the survivors
is it necessary to humiliate her son coach Jim I didn’t mean it that way my
dear I wanted to equate everyone with the
facts of my will is there any reason why I should stay longer no Rita meet at the
stables a few minutes if I mentioned in this will I’d like to
be cut out of it right now I don’t want anyone around here to think that I had
and do get upset Joan nobody is accusing you of anything I know that you wouldn’t
but I prefer it that way well that’s all we can do here Jim I’ll
be seeing you at the world themselves these children can’t be an
inside job you’re wrong Tex noe we’ve got to be
clearing out of here and go find that parson feller I thought we had aa no
you’re kidding all right you’ll go get him I’m staying
here now now listen you son this ain’t no time for us to bust up if you think
we better stay here we’re staying there’s no doubt about it
well we stay for a couple of days but then if we don’t catch him I’ll have to
go out and find him yourself now what were you born I’m going out
with Rita for a while no you could be galavant no no with her when you got all
this work to do well I’ll be back for the time you get back from the village
who’s going to village aren’t you taking Fritz down and calling on the karna I
nearly forgot that I was come on growing up and have another visit with Jim
Ballard how you getting along with him fine
yeah we were swapping stories this morning about old times you know Larry I
had the wrong idea about him he’s all right when you gonna understand mill
disconnect those motors I meant to do it myself this morning but I was just
counting on doing it so long come on boy don’t you think we should get out of
that place can’t have to finish my report are you sure it’s worth it I have
to do it how much longer will it take four or five days then are you leaving
I say so where you going over the turnaround see my sister and try to land
a job with the black your mind where are you going back to Texas inside of so my
dad an idea that’ll probably get me thrown right out of the house
what is it your laugh will you no of course not
for a long time I’ve been thinking of getting a ranch on the island of Maui in
there why in Allen’s yes What’s Wrong Abed
nothing only the idea just sort of surprised me what are you gonna raise
pineapples the boy does read the labels on Tim can no kidding
where’d you get the idea out of a book no I was very last minute this is one of
the best stock ranches I ever sold we can live all through looking profunda
proposing a business partnership I don’t think it over you’re hurt badly someone took a shot at
me not very good with a gun though must have been the fall of the horse to knock
me out did you see who it was no there aren’t any Parliament must have been
some distance back in the trees you’re thinking make it done yeah sure hey wait go with em horses hold the
stables name then come here sit down I want to talk to you all right
what’s up I have just about made up my mind it’s time for me to arrest somebody
oh you’re gonna arrest John bored you got the wrong man somebody shot in this
afternoon I just took him over to the house why dump gone him now that’s gonna
upset all my plans you know that makes three if that they’re varmints got oh he
isn’t dead it was only a superficial wound what it was only superficial
oh that’s what I thought you said thing like that can be mighty dangerous you
know Larry you’ve got to stick more on the job
there’s too much killing going on around here too much shooting the sheriff’s
mighty sure did you see the sheriff no I I talked to
him over the phone when I took what was left of bitch down I guess he must have
been a little upset over Fritz’s murder well he seemed to get more excited when
I told him that somebody had made away with the aid of gorgeous body stolen
reckon so it wasn’t there when I got down why didn’t you tell me that
yesterday big it was anything to get excited about it one to get shitty him
anyhow do you have to do that jump you will go
on with your work why’d you taste the coffee mrs. Borg it’s terrible here at night isn’t it and
I’m sure your uncle doesn’t demand that you stay here mr. Barrett once here mrs. Borg why haven’t you put an
electric light the household is conducted according to the wishes of
your uncle this place makes me nervous fling yacht pull down those curtains then you think we should go on with the
work we can’t make much headway with the facilities we have what do you recommend
if it were my place I’d tear down all the buildings get rid of the antiquated
machinery and build a modern plant that cost a lot of money I’m sure you’d be
well repaid for it if you take you over a year to do it about a year I won’t ask
that long you’ll have to be satisfied with conditions as they are hey you
don’t mind leaving that lamp lit I got a lot of work to do tonight are you going
to your room now not for a while you can’t fool me I know you ain’t
staying down here just to keep me company did she say good night errs my
hearing going back on me don’t pay attention to her she doesn’t like having
us around here I thought I recommended you to turn in
early I’m going just waiting say good night to you and I don’t like those
circles I’ll take them off with cool cream and now you roll along now and get
your beauty sleep you ain’t got a thing to worry about groans you got me and
later look after you Thanks nice of you to say that oh you’re on our mind there
most of time good night good night you all more’s connects together he had another customer to take down to
the village we got our way on foot but I got his horse outside cuz there looks like he takes something he’s been
asleep for hours reckon he could have been fooling us
last night wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t in order suppose you go through mrs. Boggs room
and see what you can find out wouldn’t do any good didn’t both you and Reid it
saying it when you see that killer you were a good size
Oh mrs. ball would have to do was put on a pair of boots and a heavy coat under
that black cape and she had answered the description run along now mr. Murdoch you ought to be ashamed of
yourself well I am I am i hey I know you ain’t
mixed up with these crimes mrs. Borg but a two-digit duty well I
hope you haven’t upset the rest of my belongings oh that’s the real old stuff
I shouldn’t love you any after the way you’ve acted but we do have a drink oh I
never touch it yeah Sarge um I’m on duty okay looks like money Lane I stopped no
won’t you change your mind hi I don’t care for it yo mrs. Morgan
I’m just plumb sided you catched me certain things this way oh I know you
didn’t want to do that it probably was mr. Sutton’s idea at times I wonder if
he rarely is a mining engineer he seemed so interested in this household well it
wouldn’t surprise me if you found that he’s connected with that Jack Parsons
who Larry well you’re plumb crazy well I’m probably not an easily taken in
there you are mr. Murdoch he turned your mission board I’m pretty hard to fool
put anything over on me god I’ve been working night and day on this vacation
oh yeah well sure I just well I just got to keep my strength I’ll be seeing you find anything no you know what she’s
trying to do what she’s trying to make me think you’ve done it you don’t
believe it do you no you didn’t do it did you mr. ballot wants everyone in his room
I’ll get the rest of them oh he didn’t want to see you mr. Matano all right
I mean it some of the tortured myself with anybody you know Larry hoofprints our guess your
Shamus finger prints everyone I’m different I’ve got a collection of all
the horses in this neighborhood including listen and as soon as I get to
checking up on these prints that killer is just the same as catched tell ya I’m
getting riled up when I get riled up somebody’s got to land in jail but Tamara you know her horse no no I
thought but I guess I’m wrong now okay son you don’t have to lie to me there’s
something about that horse shit up stretching what is it he belongs to Jack
Parsons Jeff portion what makes you think so I used to ride him myself
well it’s funny I didn’t recognize him last night it was too dog looks bad
larry was the only feller that could have been at a halt and learner’s
I tell you couldn’t have been jack why not because Jack never would have tried
to kill me I hate to admit it dad but I think we’ll find Jack but he won’t be
alive whatever give you that idea just a hunch of mine maybe we shouldn’t
talk about it until I’m sure Oh a fella rode up here with this
telegram well you think of it I think it’s gonna
fix you up fine wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see you
like the sheriff after this is all over well I am and you ever want a job advise
deputy just let me know where’s Rita she went inside the house
to see mr. Ballard I thought Rita was here waiting for him I’ll get it for you Sutton’s been all over the place the
last four hours trying to find him Sweden where Lee a safe place are you
sure he won’t be able to find her if she starts yelling he won’t find her I just
told the sheriff they’re in he’s coming down here with some of his men
thanks Tex but they can’t do any more than we’ve done I don’t know what to do
let’s go up there at the house and unrest everybody in it if we use some
strong tactics maybe we can force a confession oh no I won’t get us anyplace
it might take the revenge out on Rita very safe does the only thing I care
about do you think somebody could have took her away from here no I know who’s
behind all this but we’re trapped we can’t make a move see you that is looking for somebody I’m
looking for mr. Murdock I’m mrs. Vallon I am a deputy sheriff
Murdock mind go in my cabin where we can talk things over excuse me ma’am
I always have mr. Sutton my assistant deputy in on these conferences you mind
going in and I’ll fetch him she’s here who’s here Rita
no mrs. Ballard I got her killed over there in my cabin this is completely
unnerved me but I try to do exactly as you’ve asked me to you go into the house
alone we’ll be watching the rest of it still the same neat housekeeper mrs.
Berg what are you here for you haven’t been
here for 30 years and we got along alright and I don’t doubt it mr. Ballard
always seemed to be very fond of you where is he he’s not here go up and tell him I wish
to see him he’s not here you’re not going up there
this is Bob get out of my way you’re not going up there to make his last hours
miserable he’s on his deathbed I tell you oh I know what she was talk to him
for the only reason you are you came here about the money the money that you
think you’re going to get out of him but he doesn’t want to see you and he won’t
see you and you’re not going up there done jump me out ring yeah
you know better than that mr. ballot your wife is here mrs. beragon he’s not my husband he’s Adolf Borg
isn’t he your games F bog take me out of here please
artex arrest mrs. Borg and John and link out to when they’re gone you stay here I
got to go get him do you dare stop what are we doing mother
there is a chance your father can escape through the house to the mill he may
need you go down man you want me to sign this mr. Sutton don’t you there’s
nothing in there that you haven’t told me you killed Jim Ballard thinking you
could take his place so you and your family would have his fortune you saw to
it that no one would be able to recognize Ballard’s button you had
either John Allen yet take it away from the village you did away with Jack
Parsons when he became suspicious of your schemes you fixed it up so Parsons
would be suspected of murder tried to frighten away the Valladares by
appearing as a black rider and putting that note at the gate failing in that
you started to do away with them and me your family and Ling yet have been in on
the whole scheme with you you had your son make out had been shot
on of Ling yachts raises when you attack flora and whenever you left this room
you had one of them fired from that window so it would appear to all of us
that you were here you still want me to sign this sit down listen to me give me your gun with one bullet let me
be along for a few minutes and I’ll sign this leave a note
so you can find Rita I don’t want this state of Nevada to kill me I can attend
to that myself you can’t escape paying for what you’ve
done Rita means everything to you doesn’t she
she’s far more important than what happens to me whether you ever see her
again depends on yourself you’ll tell me where
Rita is before we’re through or out oh don’t threaten me you could kill me
I’m not afraid of death now mr. Sutton what is your decision I promise you I’ll leave the note hello hello it gets judge breaking oh
you’re the bailiffs what the judge on hello judge
oh you’re the clerk well I’m getting doggone tired of talking to everybody in
that courthouse you put the judge in and be quick about
it this is ticks Murdoch sheriff talking you know you talk to me it’s a dog gun
madam hello hello judge yeah has the jury brought in a verdict
on that they’re Borg’s and silent a shit 20 years that’s fine I’m just writing to
some friends of mine four waters he’ll be glad to hear that
yeah yeah be sure that somebody don’t talk to you in the parole in that gang
especially not Chinamen made a lot of threats again me if I could already
understood him yeah yeah well goodbye judge Hey and good night come on Larry suppers ready right there yes we’ll have to buy takes a typewriter
I going to read his handwriting what are those sourdough biscuits mine
CAI you know Appalachia what their Hawaiian poor we’re sitting on top of
the world

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