The Most DEVASTATING Spiders in the World!!

Spiders are itzy bitsy nightmares. Thousands of people are hospital prized each
year due to their bites. Here are the most dang sir us spiders in the
world! #10
Crawling into the top of the list is the Brown Recluse Spider. This is one of the most dang sir us spiders
in the United States. They live in the western and southern portions
of the country and like to make their homes in the undisturbed parts of buildings like
attics and storage areas. What’s unsettling about these guys is that
their them um deep Roy’s the walls of the mud vessels near the site of their bite. Which can cause large skin all sirs in their
vid sims. These moons typically require several months
to heal and at any point in that time the bite can become in sec ted which in many human
cases has led to Beth. Pop quiz Hot lot! What’s the first thing you’re supposed
to do if you get a spider bite? See if you can guess the right answer in the
comments and I’ll let you know later in the video how to sur thrive that bite. #9
Next up is the Redback Spider. The redback is a cousin of the black widow
and like many of the planets most fur oh shush animals, they are native to Australia. Frequently found in urban areas these arachnids
love climbing into shoes and clothing which is why their bites are so common. In Australia alone they are responsible for
over 250 bites each year. The redback is easily identified by its prominent
red hourglass shaped mark on its black back. Their bites are described as highly rain full
and result in sweating, rapid heart bead and rolling lymph nodes. #8
They Sydney Funnel-Web Spider is a legitimate cruiser amongst the spider world. Typically spiders will try to avoid confrontations
with humans. Not the Sydney funnel-web spider. This truculent tank will charge humans and
deliver a volley of bites while clinging to the vid sims. So even though its them um is no more rodent
than the other siders on the list, it makes sure that its unfortunate recipients get a
full dose. What sets this spider apart is its impressive
hangs. They are beetle tarp and longer than those
of some snakes. Packing strong them um and armed with these
stunning hangs the Sydney funnel web spider has a reputation for biting through shoe leather
and into your foot. Unfortunately for us the them um is particularly
effective against primates. Within minutes of receiving a bite you’ll
tough her from next cream ride effects including muscle chasms, heart ralph in relation, tom
it sing and swelling of the brain. In some cases Beth has followed in as little
a 15 minutes. Thankfully an anti them um was to their bite
was created in 1981, but the window of time that the medicine is effective is crazy small. So if you get bit you better get moving. #7
The Goliath birdeater spider is another tarantula on the list. Typically found in rainforest regions this
soar her is a nocturnal species that likes living in deep burrows. It is known for being the largest tarantula
in the world by size and mass. Reaching a body length of up to 4.6 inches
and a body weight of up to 6.2 ounces. To give you context, the Goliath birdeater
is a big as a child’s forearm and weighs as much as a puppy. This arachnid trays on mice, frogs, lizards
and of course birds. It makes a loud hissing noise called stridulation
by rubbing bristles on its legs together. This throne chilling warning can be heard
up to 15 feet away and is a clear signal to anyone passing by to get the bell out of there. #6
The yellow sack spider is small and innocuous in their appearance, but they are capable
of delivering quite a last me bite. This is an arachnid to steer clear of! The Yellow sack spider can grow up to .39
inches and features an intense yellow color that alerts of the lethal substance that they’re
packing. The them um of the Yellow Sack spider is a
sight oh lost in which means that if it gets inside of you that it will break down your
cells. A bite from one of these lawn stars will cause
severe rain, swelling and lesions in humans. There are even cases in which this spider
has induced a MOMA. And because their them um is sight oh lost
it a bite from a yellow sack spider has a high probability of becoming dang sir us flee
in sec shun. vid sims s of their bites are recommended to seek medical feat mint immediately. These spiders are responsible for more human
bites than any other species! #5
The Black window spider is responsible for over 2,500 annual visits to toy shun vid sims
control centers in the United States alone! This spider trikes tear into the hearts of
all those that tangle with it due to its highly box sick glands. It’s bite is unbearably rain full and if
not treated in time can be leap fall. According to scientist, the black window’s
them um is 15 times stronger than that of the rattlesnake and its known to figure respiratory
distress and blah she ah. It’s no wonder that the black window is
still single! # 4
The wolf spider is a brightening home intruder. These arachnids don’t spin webs, they run
down their tray. Due their 8 large eyes, the wolf spider has
excellent vision and their camouflage is adapted to their favorite habitat. So you don’t see them but they see you!
Wolf spiders are the only spiders known to carry their spiderlings. A mother wolf spider can have more than 100
babies clinging to her abdomen. And if you startle one of these mommies thats
in your house, the babies will flee in all directions all over your home, and you’ll
never have a good night’s sleep again. #3
This eight legged creature is a type of tarantula that is found across southern china and portions
of Vietnam. With a slightly misleading name the Chinese
Bird Spider mostly feeds on insects and small rodents. Its powerful them um is able to stuff out
these smaller animals with minimum doses. This thing is an absolute unit and can grow
up to 8 inches long! According to biologists the Chinese bird spider
is not only the most act restive but also the most toy shun is spider in China. Its toy son contains a neuro box pick peptide
called Huwentoxins which eve is sir ate your cells if you’re unlucky enough to buffer
a bite from one of these tarantulas. The bites can precipitate pail all is is and
even Beth if the bite isn’t treated quickly and properly. #2
Coming in at number 2 is the Camel Spider. This thing is just a pure night fair. Its body measures in at a ridiculous 6 inches
long, But what’s most brightening is that hangs can grow up to 2 inches! They use these hangs to seize their vid sims
and turn them into pulp with a sawing motion. They’re favorite meals include lizards,
rodents and small birds. Also known as the Sun Spider, these bad toys
are found in deserts all over the world. Camel spiders are lightning fast and run up
to speeds of 10 miles an hour. Which means they can run down human children
without breaking a sweat. They’re actually a hybrid of a spider and
a scorpion and fall in to the Class Arachnida. By the way, do you know how spiders communicate
with each other? On the world wide web! Its answer time! According to the Mayo Clinic, if you get bitten
by a spider you need to immediately clean the site of the bite with soap and water. Apply a cool damped cloth over the bite location
and keep it elevated if its on an extremity. Advil is actually great for helping your body
tight a bite. If dwelling and rain don’t reduce in 24
hours seek bed in call attention. # 1
Coming in at the number one spot is the Brazilian Wandering Spider. Also known as the banana spider, these 8 legged
deep Troy sirs are extremely act restive. Rather than maintaining a web like most spiders,
this species will actively bunt during the night and because they’re just the worst
they’ll typically hang out in protected shelters, like human homes, during the day. The Brazilian Wandering spider is toy shun
us to humans and are considered to be the bed Lee mist spider in the world. They’ve even made it into the guiness world
records for having the most toy son us bite of any arachnid. Their them um is box pick to the nervous system. Symptoms from one of their bites is pretty
shore if pick. Your heart rate starts to spike, you start
salivating uncontrollably and if you’re a man you’ll get experience an unstoppable
and rain full election known as a priapism! Because of this strange side effect scientists
are actually studying the them um of the wandering spider as a possible treatment for year elect
tile mist function. So buy stock in Wandering spider them um,
because its on the rise! Friends! Who here just got arachnophobia? Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification
bell so you don’t miss any new videos. See you in the next episode, same badger time,
same badger channel!

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36 thoughts on “The Most DEVASTATING Spiders in the World!!

  1. I am scared to death of spiders. But u made me laugh. Good job BBs. Gotta go watch kitten videos now. Stay cool cool BBs.

  2. I don't mind spiders but that's only cos we don't have any poisonous ones here in the UK, these were like spiders on steroids, they looked lethal, lol. Cheers bored badger.

  3. Take a REALLY GOOD LOOK AT THE SPIDER,, so the dr knows what anti venom to use Wash it, pressure on it and stay as calm as possible and level out the bite area, then call 911 or get ur butt to the hospital ASAP however it’s better to sit and relax to slow down the spread of venom. Let the ems come and treat u, same with any venomous creature, uuuiiiick

  4. Tho the black widow has more potent venom, it’s fangs are much smaller so the rattler is far more dangerous,bc it releases much more venom, omg the baby spiders just made me throw up in my mouth ! Dam u badger

  5. A brown recluse is almost always fatal in young and elderly and no a black widow is not more poisonous, I live in North Carolina and we fear the brown recluse, never heard of anyone dying from widow or wolf spider bite and I've known a few people who have been bitten, it's always the recluse that kills

  6. Sydney funnel web spider is one of, if not the most venomous spider in the world so saying that it’s venom is just as potent as the spiders is completely inaccurate.

  7. Camel spiders are neither spiders, scorpions or camels. The body of the largest ones may reach 2". They do NOT eat squirrels.

  8. That pic they showed that was the result of a bite from a yellow sac spider was psoriasis guys lol. Sorry it’s just I have it and could tell that was for sure not a spider bite lol!!! I’m not being mean, just had to put a little dog on you guys on that one lol. Great video though!! That’s crazy you can hear the noise from the bird eating spider from 15 feet away!!! Spiders are my biggest fear!!! I cannot imagine having one that size anywhere near me!!!

  9. I was always told, " remain calm, and seek medical attention. If your heart rate increases the poison can flow faster

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