Is that snot or paint I can’t tell What ‘s up fam! She wants no part of that hug Bye Addie Aw look it she’s waving. Bye! Addie say bye! Bye I’m gonna miss you guys. I’ll see you in two weeks. Okay. Look at all your birthday presents. Have a safe drive Are you taking Addie with you? Okay! Bye Addie bye, babe! Love you! What’s up fam! So Tommy and Kayden are leaving this morning, as you guys saw and Chris has to drive them. Halfway back down to their house, and they’re gonna get picked up. I think by their Grandpa. At the halfway point and then Chris is gonna drive back up here, so he’s got about a six-hour Drive today and in the meantime, we’re gonna do some Halloween crafts. Yesterday, we went to the pumpkin patch and Contrary to what most people do. We don’t get pumpkins when we go to the pumpkin patch. Weird, I know. But I did promise the kids that we would be either painting carving or both And today seems to be really good day to do that. So, I’m headed off to the store to buy some Pumpkins for them to paint slash carve, and we have some other fun ideas in mind as well. We’re about halfway to the halfway point so I picked them up on Friday after school Drove all the way down back up and then typically I don’t drive back at all when they get picked up They normally are picked up straight from our house, but because I am making them up multiple times this month I am just trying to make things a little bit easier So I’m going out of my way a little bit more to accommodate that so I’m driving them back half way. We’re almost there It’s not too bad of a drive and the boys are pretty occupied with with iPads right now So it’s not it’s not too bad for them either just a heads up They are partnered with the emoji movie and Sony Pictures to make this video today. What have you guys got here a baby, puppy. Yeah. Yeah? It’s Gramies! can we keep it? Aw it’s so cute! Adilyn loves puppies a little too hard She wants to squeeze it and hug it and call her mine, and Addie knows where to go in this house playroom you guys ready to go home? Yeah, we have a fun day today. I had fun you guys. Love you. Happy Birthday, okay? Hi everybody today, we’re going to watch the Emoji Movie and it’s going to be fun! Cuz the people that made the movie is a fan of our YouTube channel if you’re watching it Welcome I already saw the Emoji Movie. they haven’t, but we get to see you on TV, yes, so This ones my favorite but let me just tell you a little some parts. Hi-Five and another girl are in Candy Crush and Hi-Five ate a lot of candy and he said oh I’m never going to eat another piece of candy again then he spits out the candy corn and then Gene says don’t you do it Hi-5, don’t you do it. it’s all ready been in there once and then he ate it Come on guys let’s go. You can come too! Look who joined us! I want movie snacks! We got movie snacks. What’s in here. I’ve been dying to see this movie Lilia saw this movie with your dad. Did you see this with your dad? Um, my Grandma. Oh your grandma her grandma took her to see this movie. She has been literally talking about it non-stop We were waiting for it to come out and the Emoji Movie actually reached out to us And they sent us the link to watch it, and there’s so She’s so excited because ever since she saw the movie She has been looking it up like on YouTube and watching like little clips of it and stuff like that It’s literally been watched laughs repeat watch laugh repeat. watch laughs repeat again again and again and again, and she’s been telling me oh
Did you know that this happened and this happened like I literally probably know what half the movies about because she cannot Stop talking about it, and I’m actually really excited. I heard really good things about it Mamama Get me out of here Have you guys seen the Emoji Movie?! just come out here and do the emoji pop with me! They sent us a link to watch it, and you can watch it anywhere anytime But where you watch it in our living room today for our movie day today But I will have a link down below for you to get your copy of the emoji movie today You can download your own version of the emoji movie your own version I mean, it’s all the same version, but your own copy yeah, of the emoji movie you ready We’re gonna paint our faces. Then were. I was about to say that! I got some face painting because you guys know we do our family costumes every year. We were literally this Close. it was his idea. What were we gonna be for Halloween? I was trying to get to be emojis. yeah he wanted us to be emojis this year for Halloween The only reason we didn’t. is because the way that I envisioned it like we would have had to paint our faces and Addie’s too young for that so we couldn’t I don’t know it wouldn’t be a good one for this year But we were literally it was like Second second place for us like we were this close to being emojis But since we can’t be it for Halloween I went ahead and got face paint, and I’m going to attempt to paint their faces today To have some fun because why not which one are you gonna be? Jailbreak!, okay, so we’re gonna start setting up for the movie right now. Do you guys have your pumpkins? Yeah, you know like can we watch the movie with the pumpkin Sure, we have a link. (Cue sassy Lilia) I don’t I don’t I’m gonna watch the emoji movie with my pumkin ….Okay So we’re gonna play it through the download link I just find it so much easier when they have this download links Then you don’t have to actually look for the DVD, and it doesn’t skip so many benefits I think this is gonna be the next movie for us. That’s playing on repeat Are you guys ready to watch the movie? YESS! Not me! Oh, okay, Not Landon. Oh, you don’t have your pumpkin oh? (cue sad violin music) my pumpkin is right there 🙁 Oh, are you better now? AHHHHH!! That’s Smiley. ahah Pizza. Addie is enjoying the movie. (Emoji Movie plays in the background) That was the best movie ever Did you like Landon? Do you guys want to be emojis now? Yes!! Good pick of the flick tonight. You know that means?….No. Good job. That was good. That was by far probably one of the best movies I’ve seen and I’m not just like saying that like I literally mean that that was a great movie I don’t know the last time they actually sat through an entire movie that wasn’t in a movie theater They sat and watched that whole thing and now they want to paint their faces like an emoji . He wants to be the devil emoji. Who are you gonna be? Gene, it’s already later than I expected it to be they definitely enjoyed that so we’re gonna get to painting their faces now Look I’m painting this. We already got face painting mess over here, then you in the paint the pumpkin What was your guys favorite part? I liked the part when we finally found out it was the dad that gave Gene all his emotions. Oh that’s a good one. Mine too! I liked that one too You don’t wan to be poop? Okay, what do you want to be? and you know what it was also What it also teaches people. What?
that You should always be yourself. No matter what yeah, so I I think that was really good really really like that Be true to yourself speak truth to yourself. That’s right. Okay here goes nothing guys. Don’t do this at home I’m not an artist We’re getting red! Emoji number one I’ll be available for hire starting next month. Just kidding don’t hire me. Okay. Who’s next? You’ve got half of high five here are some of those things. I don’t know what I’m suppose to do for the middle all maybe like Who are you? You’re meh? Huh your meh Gene show me your meh face! Lilia! I don’t think I’m doing that bad. I think I’m doing okay. What do you guys think my doing? Okay? Yeah. and we have jailbreak! If only we had purple hair. How’s that for getting in the Halloween spirit? It is way later Then I thought it was gonna be it’s already creeping up on seven o’clock, and it is a school night But I promise these kids we’re gonna paint pumpkins. So here we are last-minute painting pumpkins And you can see how well that’s going for us, so we’re gonna quickly paint pumpkins really quick Then we gotta feed these kids and wash these kids. Ugh it’s one of those nights! I need a wipe. Honey, I don’t think a wipe is going to take any of that off. Yes it is. You know what there’s no fun in clean play right let them be little cuz it’ll only Happen once in there lifetime. It is that time of night, hairs going up I’m surprised. I made it this far without it, honestly. these baby hairs keep growing out of nowhere. What is that?It looks wild is that snot or paint? I can’t tell. glitter paint. two down two to go How’s it looking? Oh? She’s like I want to do that. She want too. Next year, baby girl. Before! After! Where’d your eyebrows go! mmmn I washed them. You washed them off? Wanna go nignight? Your body language says yes, but your head says no nightnight! You gonna end the vlog for me tonight Addie. Man we had a fun day today! But I am exhausted literally. I’m in so much pain I know I don’t usually complain about this because I’m just not a complainer like I really don’t (I hope you feel better Jess 🙁 ) Like that I don’t like to complain about things but I don’t want people to think that I’m like never in pain either as you guys know I have that back pain from the lack of my core muscles And it gives me this excruciating back pain especially on days when I’m like extra active not that I was like extra active today But I did more in the evening that I normally do in it. I’m feeling it. I am in so much pain I just want to lay down and go to sleep so luckily. It’s Sunday I don’t have to stay up and edit tonight until tomorrow I should to get my video up like early tomorrow because I do have a lot to do tomorrow – But my physical health, I think is more important than that right now So I’m just like I don’t want to be a complainer like I hate that I hate when people complain But I’m gonna be that person tonight. I am in so much pain. I just want to cry and fall asleep, so So, that’s what I’m going to do. That’s it for this video guys make sure you follow us on Facebook snapchat Instagram I’ll have those links down below. you’re gonna help me end the video? Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah Yeah, oh And we’ll talk to you guys tomorrow for our next video. Good night, can you say bye? Say good night. Bye bye say bye. Bye. Just look at me like I’m crazy. Bye. Bye. Bye

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