The Parasite Island Finale Episode | December 6, 2019 (With Eng Subs)

Beta company,
beta company. Sir, we still have no response
from Colonel Salvacion’s team. Listen here. – Lieutenant Felipe.
– Yes, sir. Get your men ready ASAP
and same with this unit for the El Cuerpo mission. I want you to pull out
immediately! – Sir, yes sir!
– Sir, yes sir! – What are we going to do?!
– Follow me! – They’re here!
– Come on! Get inside! – Princess! Get in!
– Lia! Hurry! No! Hold the door! Lia! What’s happening? What’s happening to them? I think it’s the cold
temperature. We should leave while
they’re still weak. Let’s go! Careful, Melba. – It’s them!
– Jessie! Janelle! Sunshine! – Princess!
– Dad. – Ma.
– My son. Something just happened. What is it? We were attacked by
leech people at the plant. You too? We encountered some
on the way here. Are you sure the
queen leech is dead? Mister Andong said that
when the queen leech comes out, the other leeches
will follow her. Everyone that’s been infected
will return to normal. And if the queen leech dies, the other leeches will
leave their hosts and die. Jessie, Queenie could still
be alive. The golden leech inside her
could still be alive. She’s right, Jessie. Leech people are still around. Queenie has to be alive. That’s impossible!
Queenie can’t be alive! Nobody can survive after
losing that much blood! And nobody at the
mansion will cure her! Wait, wait. We can’t stay here too long. Let’s go to the port.
Come on! Right! Let’s go! – To the other side, quick!
– Come on! Oh, no! Warren! Queenie? Oh, where are
you guys headed to? Did you really think
you could escape? You’re alive? Want to know how I survived? I am the queen! You can’t kill me!
I’m unbeatable! You! Are you a new member
of this family of traitors? No! I’m not! Go! Get him! What now? The Salvacions!
One big happy family! Are you happy because
you thought I was dead? – Princess! No!
– No, Queenie! And here I thought
you were my ally. But even you betrayed me. You’re just like your father! Don’t bring Princess into this! You traitor!
All of you are traitors! Have mercy! We’re not traitors! We never promised
to go with you! We never broke any promises! It’s you who betrayed us!
You turned against our family! You know what, Jessie? You’re really something else. I actually thought you were
the only good person among the siblings! Turns out you’re a murderer! I’m not a murderer! I didn’t even succeed in
killing a monster like you! Do you really want me
to kill you? – Grab his mother!
– Don’t, Queenie! – Get his wife!
– No! Queenie! – And his daughter too!
– No, please! – No!
– Let them go! Jessie, do you want me
to kill your mother, your wife, and your daughter
right in front of you? – Don’t!
– Queenie, don’t! I beg you, Queenie! Just let us go, Queenie.
Please have mercy. Please let us go.
We’re your family. Family? I’ve never felt I was ever
a part of your family! You never treated me as your
daughter! Not even once! I was always a failure
in your eyes! Meanwhile, this good
daughter-in-law of yours is still your favorite
even though she left your youngest son?! That’s not true!
We’re all treated equally! Do you know why this old hag
likes you so much? That’s because you’re so good
at sucking up to her! Speaking of suck-ups, bring those two to me! – Queenie!
– Queenie, don’t! These outsiders are also
a couple of suck-ups! No matter what you do,
you’re still outsiders! And now… I will become your queen, and all of you will be
my servants! Mommy, don’t! Please stop all of this! You’re rebelling now?! You keep defying me! I raised you and
took care of you! I gave you everything, and yet you still defied me! That’s because you’re doing
the wrong thing! You’re evil! Let go of Princess! You’re a worthless daughter! If I can’t make you
obey as a human, then I’ll make you
obey as my servant! Mommy, don’t! Within an hour, you will all
become my servants! Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Jessie! Jessie, behind you! – Dad!
– Sunshine! Dad! Queenie… Please let her go. – Princess is your daughter!
– Dad… Go ahead and try! I’ll kill both of you! Queenie, stop this! Queenie, she’s your daughter! – Auntie!
– Queenie, no! Auntie Queenie,
please don’t do it! That’s enough, Queenie! The queen leech is gone. El Cuerpo will finally
be at peace again. – Yay!
– We’re here! Ma, did you miss
El Cuerpo? – You bet!
– No wonder you wanted… …to go home immediately. This place has grown on me. Despite what happened, I’ll never abandon El Cuerpo. Ma’am Daria! Melba! Lia! Welcome home, ma’am! Erica! Isay! I’m very happy to see that
you’re back to normal now. We owe it to your sons. We would’ve completely
turned into leech people if not for them. And because of that, we have to prepare
a delicious lunch for them. Let’s go to the kitchen. Help me with lunch. Warren. Do you miss her? It seems like it was
just yesterday. The golden leech could’ve
infected someone else. Why did it have
to be Queenie? You’ll get through this. I’m here if you need
someone to talk to. But if you want
a drinking buddy, you can talk to Jessie. – We’re all here for you.
– Thank you. – Right?
– Yes. Sir, I’m Zinnia Gutierrez
from BBN News. – Can we interview you?
– Of course. Is it true that you convinced
people to invest their money on the Gold Rush
pyramid scam? Yes, I did. But I didn’t mean any harm. I thought it was a
legitimate investment. What will happen now that
your investment project turned out to be a scam? I’ll face any charges they’re
going to file against me. – Thank you, sir.
– Thank you. Papa, I’ve missed you
every single day. But I know you’re glad because Warren, Gary, and I
are all getting along, which makes Mama
very happy, too. Thank you. Even though you’re gone, I know you’re still
watching over of us. Don’t worry, Papa. We’ll keep an eye
on each other, especially Mama. I love you, Papa. Warren. Gary, you did the right thing
by taking responsibility. Well, it’s my fault for
trusting the wrong people. If they want to throw me
in jail, so be it. I think the victims would rather
get their money back than throw you in jail. You’d be acquitted if you
return their money. Where will I get
the money, Jessie? I owe them millions. I’m broke. If Mama agrees, we can sell the
pharmaceutical company. You inherited half
of the shares. It’s yours, too. We can also ask Mama to sell
our mansion in Manila as well as our property
in El Cuerpo. I can’t let you do that. Don’t worry about it. We won’t let the people
lose their trust in you. As what Papa told us, it’s important
to keep our integrity. I’m so proud of you. I can finally see how much
you love each other. One good thing about what
occurred here in El Cuerpo was that it brought you
closer to each other. Mama, did you hear our
proposal to Gary? Yes, I did. I’m okay with it, but… What is it? Warren, aren’t you going
to do something? Will you let Gary take
all the responsibility? Can’t you ask the police
or the military to help us out? Don’t worry, Gary. I’ll do everything I can
to catch those who tricked you so they can return the money
they stole from everyone. Okay, let’s call it a day.
I want to rest. Okay, Mama. Love, we don’t want
to be late. Let’s go home. Mommy and Daddy will
get married again. I’ll be their flower girl. You’d like that, right? I asked Janelle
to renew our vows. She agreed. – Really?
– Wow! – That’s great!
– Congratulations! You should get remarried
in El Cuerpo. Janelle, we went through a lot. I lacked so many things
as a husband. But despite everything, you still forgave me. You welcomed me back. And because of that, I ended up loving
you even more. Now, in front of God,
in front of everyone, I promise you that
I will prove to you that I am worthy
of your love. Jessie, I believe that
everything happens for a reason. All the obstacles we
had to go through only made us stronger. You and me. All that made me realize
how much I love you. I will choose you everyday. You are the only man I will
love for the rest of my life. I would like to
propose a toast for my son, Jessie, and
Janelle’s forever happiness. Cheers! – Cheers!
– Cheers! Hello? Okay? Okay.
Alright. Thank you. Okay, bye. Does anyone here
own a tablet? Let me borrow. – Thank you.
– What’s going on? – What happened?
– Did something happen? I have good news. This morning, the
police arrested two suspects who
were the mastermind of the Gold Rush
Pyramid Scam. 5 billion pesos was
retrieved from John Pedello and
Miguel Sunurin Jr. Thank goodness they
finally caught the people who
scammed you. Yes, Mama, yes. Your name will be cleared. – Finally.
– Thank you. Warren, thank you so much. – Jessie, thank you.
– No problem. Mama, of course, thank you. Let’s drink? Thank you so much, Warren. we never would have caught them. But of course, what’s the use of him
being a general if he can’t help us? – Wait, what?
– Am I right? – Have you been promoted?
– Yes! Finally! Congratulations! – Thank you so much.
– Wait a minute. – One, two, general!
– General. – Wow.
– It suits you! Thank you! You deserve it, Warren. It’s long overdue. You know what, I think luck
is on our side now. After everything we went
through here in El Cuerpo, blessings are finally
pouring in! – I agree.
– I have some bad news though. Huh? What is it? So your mom is leaving
your dad for good? She had the divorce
papers mailed to my dad. Ironic, isn’t it? Her, ghosting my dad and divorcing him. She didn’t even bother to
come here and face him. I feel for Gary. Well, it’s good that
it happened. They haven’t been seeing
each other for a while now. I think they’ve parted ways
a long time ago; it just wasn’t official. Perhaps, they just weren’t meant
for each other. Are you okay? Of course I am. I still believe in love, and in forever. You’re so corny.
It doesn’t suit you. It’s true! Sometimes, people search
far and wide for love. That’s why they fail to see that the person they’re
meant to be with, is just in front of them. Miggy, it’s best that you forget about whatever’s on your mind
right now. I’m not yet ready. I have dreams that
I want to pursue. But if you’re willing to wait… This is for you. What’s this, Gary? Read it. Thank you so much for helping
me accept my mistakes, and for giving me the courage to patch things up with
Warren and Jessie. I’m in a much better place
now, thanks to you. I hope we get to know
each other more. Please smile, because you look so
beautiful when you do. Ma’am Daria’s really
happy now, isn’t she? All her wishes came true. Her children have finally
made peace with each other. Your family’s whole again. I bet Mommy would still be here
with our whole family… …if those things
didn’t happen to her. That Golden Leech made a
victim out of so many people, including Mommy and TJ. Good thing the leech people were
able to turn back into humans. But those who died
are gone forever. Well, wherever TJ is right now, I’m sure he’s with his dad. And I bet they’ve already
made amends there too. And as for your mom… I hope she can finally
rest in peace. Well, like what Grandma says,
life goes on. Why am I even crying? We’re supposed to
be celebrating today. As they say, as long as
you’re still breathing, you should never stop hoping. Besides, we’re all
here for you. Thank you, Lia. The Salvacion Pharmaceutical
Corporation is hereby assigned to Mr. Gary Salvacion
and Mr. Jessie Salvacion. The Hacienda Salvacion shall
be divided between two donees, to wit, Mr. Warren Salvacion, who shall be assigned
its mansion and plantation; and Ms. Melba Dimaano, who
shall be assigned its rice mill. Thank you, Attorney.
You may go. – Thank you, Attorney.
– Thank you. In case you’re wondering
why I asked him to reread my Last Will
and Testament before you, it’s because I wanted to
change something in it. Since you don’t agree with how
I want to divide our properties, I figured I should
just ask you. Warren and Gary… Since you never gave me
the change to explain why I decided to divide
your inheritance that way, I’ll tell you my reason now. I know you three so well. You have your own strengths
and fields of expertise. And you each have your
own weaknesses, too. But if you work together, the strength of one
will benefit everyone. Warren, the reason I decided
to give you the estate is because
you’re a soldier. You’re strict and disciplined. I’m sure you’ll manage it
excellently once you retire. And since you’re used to
being in the service of others, I know you’ll be able to
help more people in El Cuerpo. Gary, you’re a
gifted businessman. But brains aren’t enough
to run a business. You’ll need compassion in order to arrive at
a balanced decision, and that compassion
will come from Jessie. His personality will perfectly
complement your ambitiousness. With you two working together, I’m sure you’ll propel
our company to the top. That’s why… …I don’t want to see you three
fighting over your inheritance. You’re brothers. That’s what matters
more than any material thing
in this world. So, I’m giving you the chance
to discuss and decide who should inherit what. Mama… You’re right,
you do know us well. But I’ll accept whatever
you think I deserve. – Thank you.
– To be honest, Ma… I just got upset
at you and Jessie because I felt like I always got
the short end of the stick. But I understand now. I know you just wanted
the best for all of us. We love you, Ma. We love you so much. I don’t care about
my inheritance. What I care about is our family. Oh gosh! Finally! – My boys agreed on something!
– Of course, Ma! Ice candy! Ice candy! Ice candy! Sir, would you like
to buy ice candy? Mister? Ice candy? Sir, are you okay? Sir?

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